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List Your WooCommerce Shop Products on Google Shopping in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to selling products online, Google shopping is one of the best choices for online retailers. A well-known fact is that more than half of all e-commerce purchases begin with a single Google search. Additionally, WooCommerce merchants prefer to sell their products on the Google Merchant Center because of the vast scope of customer traffic. Furthermore, the Google Merchant Center offers worldwide online merchants the opportunity to list their products on the Google Search page. Starting with search, Google provides the most convenient search options to eCommerce merchants, such as image search, voice search, text search, and many more, to ensure the best user experience for users.

Furthermore, WooCommerce merchants can also take advantage of the various benefits offered by the Google Merchant Center and can list and manage their products from their WooCommerce admin end. Additionally, as mentioned in the title, online WooCommerce retailers can sell their WooCommerce inventory on Google shopping within these easy three steps.

Establish a Google Merchant Account:

The very first step to listing WooCommerce inventory on Google is to set up a Google Merchant Account. Online vendors can visit Google’s official merchant center to create their merchant accounts. The pre-credentials are a Google Account, a legal eCommerce Business Website, and other details for confirmation like developer email address, business name, etc.

Set up a Google Developer Account:

The second step, which comes after setting up the connection between Google Merchant Center and WooCommerce shop, is to set up a Google Developer Account. The reason why the developer account is needed is the API. The connection works based on APIs to turn every manual action into an automated one.

Online vendors can enable the Console API from the Google Developer Account. After enabling the Console API, save the same for the next step.

Set up the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Plugin:


This is the last but most important step in setting up the bond between Google Merchant Center and your WooCommerce shop. After completing the above two steps, the eCommerce merchants will get the required credentials like Google Merchant ID, Console API Client ID, and Client Secret.

In this final step, the WooCommerce online retailers will need the most advanced Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping integration module. The module will need the above-mentioned details to make the products listed on the Google Search Page.

After successful installation of the WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Extension Plugin, the WooCommerce admins can enter the merchant ID, client ID, and client secret in the General Settings tab of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector.

The above three steps are the basics of connecting WooCommerce shops with the Google Merchant Center. Furthermore, there are a variety of benefits that eCommerce merchants can take advantage of by selling on Google Merchant Center.

With the help of Google Analytics and Google Ads:

Along with listing products on the Google Search page, online merchants can take aid from Google Analytics and Google Ads. Google charges eCommerce vendors a very small fee to place their products at the top of the search result list.

Free listing:

The other handsome benefit of selling on Google Shopping is the free product listing on Google. Google recently launched an updated merchant policy. According to Google’s free listing policy, merchants can add their products to the Google merchant center at zero cost. Furthermore, online retailers can also add their products to the top of the search page by taking advantage of Google Ads.

A Targeted Customer Base:

The most compelling reason for selling on Google Merchant Center is that Google has the biggest customer audience in the online eCommerce industry.

As per the official Google reports, billions of searches are done every day on Google. So, for e-commerce merchants, it always sounds solid to present the products in front of a huge customer community like Google’s. Likewise, selling on the Google merchant center is beneficial for eCommerce vendors. Furthermore, online retailers can manage various options about the Google Merchant Center without visiting the Google Merchant Center using the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module.

Features offered by the WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector:



UTM Parameters:

The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin offers a special feature for adding UTM parameters to the listed feeds. WooCommerce online retailers can easily create UTM parameters to track customer traffic on their feeds.WooCommerce merchants can find the option for UTM parameters in the general setting section of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin.

Cron-Based Feed Management:

Additionally, WooCommerce sellers can create Google Feeds right through their WooCommerce admin panel. Moreover, the admins have a variety of options like currency, language, shipping policy, shipping methods, and much more.

Furthermore, the most amazing fact about the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration addon is that the module comes with richly loaded cron jobs. The Cron Jobs are specially tailored to take away almost every manual job by converting them into automated Cron button tasks. In simple words, the admin can update, delete, or manage their Google Merchant feeds with a single click from their WooCommerce shop using the WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector module.

Product Listing Tab:

To ensure peace of mind for WooCommerce online retailers, the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration module offers a separate section for product listing management. The admins can enable or disable products from the Google Merchant Center by clicking on the buttons designed for the promising usability of the module.

Moreover, merchants can easily edit the attributes of the listed products on the Google Merchant Center right from the Product Listing tab of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration module.

Product Status Synchronization with a Single Tap:

Along with all of the useful features, the WooCommerce Google Shopping connector plugin provides WooCommerce online retailers with one-tap product status synchronization options. Merchants can now easily show and update the product status on the Google Merchant Center.

Furthermore, the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector module is a no-code solution for WooCommerce merchants. The merchants can easily manage multi-platform selling without having any coding or technical skills.

One-Time Payment Module:

Starting at the top of the benefits list, the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration addon comes with a one-time payment and lifetime usability structure. Moreover, the module Knowband offers a free technical support period of 3 months to manage everything from module installation to product listing.

Multiple Shipping Template Options:

The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping connector module comes with the offering of multiple shipping template management. The feature is specially tailored for online retailers that are planning to sell their products to multiple countries.

The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector Module allows WooCommerce admins to select options such as currency, alternate stock, products excluding products with lower prices, language, default shipping options, and many more in the shipping templates section.

Real-time Stock management:

The WooCommerce Google Shopping Marketplace Extension module offers real-time stock management across the Google merchant center and WooCommerce shop. Once the product gets sold from the WooCommerce shop, the quantity will automatically update on the Google feeds.

For example, if a particular product has a stock of 2 units and one gets sold, the quantity will be automatically updated on Google Shopping and will become one.

In the End

In this era of enormous competition, every eCommerce business needs extra selling channels for selling its products. So, if you are planning to represent your unique inventory in front of the gigantic Google customer base and have doubts about where to start, the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration module is the solution for you.

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