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Looking For A Digital Textile Printing in Australia?

Digital textile printing is the new brilliant innovation in the textile industry. Many companies have been switching to digital textile printing, ditching the more traditional printing, due to the fast production rate and the fact that more complex and precise designs can be printed on the fabric. The more detailed designs due to this technology has caught the eyes of fashion designers. So what exactly is digital textile printing? It is as simple as it sounds like, using ink-jet printers to print variety of colors and patterns on the fabric. But finding a company that offers quality digital textile printing at affordable rates in quite a task. People are often left disappointed due to the lack of quality that too after paying a huge amount. KD Inks has brought to you digital textile printing in Australia with exceptional quality printing at a very affordable price range. The printing can be done of variety of different fabric such as cotton and silk. High quality dyes and pigments are used to give a intense and beautiful look. Moreover, the dyes and pigments are non-poisonous and does not cause any harm to the humans. 

Apart from providing digital textile printing in Australia. KD Inks has variety of different merchandises to choose from. The range includes clothes such as nightwear and t-shirts for men and women, mugs, pillow covers, backpacks, canvases, mobile cases and much more. We also provide the service of custom printing on items like t-shirts and fabric. So if you want to get your idol’s face printed on a t-shirt, you know where to go. Other than that, KD Inks has the offer the service of making marketing products – restaurant brochures, business cards, posters. There is never a compromise on the quality and affordability on any of our products just as KD Inks promises.

Why KD Inks decided to bring digital textile printing in Australia rather than going for the traditional printing? We believe in taking advantage of technological advancement and adapting more environmentally friendly technology. Digital textile printing in comparison to traditional textile printing produces less waste, uses less energy and wastes less water in the process of printing.

Our inspection team keeps a check at all the products and the orders are specifically checked before they are packaged to be delivered. Return and exchange service is available if in unfortunate circumstances the products are broken or damaged. The delivery charges are fixed at reasonable rates in accordance with the cities location. The delivery days are up to a week. We make sure to deliver the orders as soon as possible. However, in cases of delay due to uncontrollable circumstances, it is made sure that customers are informed about it. 

Our creative team and designers are always available to help our customers with the designs and patterns when they are confused about it. So visit our website and explore the wide range of products and services. KD Inks promise to deliver you exceptional quality products at your doorstep at the most affordable rates.

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