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Loose Diamonds: What You Need To Know

Every diamond has its narrative to tell, and each woman deserves her. Loose diamonds have been increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among jewelry collectors and diamond enthusiasts.

The shiny and glittery diamonds have fascinated people down the ages, and until now, these have been a favorite of many women from all walks of life. Diamonds are the most adaptable of all gemstones used in jewelry, as they complement a wide range of clothing, styles, and occasions.

The advent of loose diamonds for sale in the market has influenced the industry in different ways. It has developed an incredible amount of power in the hands of its consumers. So, what are loose diamonds for sale, anyway? We are the best place to buy loose diamonds for sale From Gemistone Jewelers in the USA, UK, AUS, etc.

What is a Loose Diamond?

When someone says “Loose Diamond,” it usually means the diamond has been cut and polished. It’s ready for sale or application on engagement rings or wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, and other custom diamond jewelry.

Top Types Of loose diamonds 

For those who don’t know, there are numerous types of diamond cuts. Their shape, cut, size, custom design, and clarity choose their price in the market. About 75% of all diamonds sold are round.

Round Diamonds

The round or brilliant cut diamond is the most popular of all types. About 75% of all diamonds sold are round. Due to its shape and the work needed to create this loose diamond for sale, it is superior and more expensive than other diamond shapes. It is also more expensive because the demand for round diamonds is extremely high and the yield is relatively small.

Princess Cut Diamonds

When you compare round diamonds with princess cut diamonds, one of their specific characteristics is their shape. Princess cut diamonds are square, although they have a small rectangular outline. However, if you have a princess cut diamond, you should take special care of it because it is prone to chips and cuts, particularly around the corners. In Gemistone Jewelers, the cuts are accurate and excellent, making your loose diamond priceless and perfect.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

The Marquise shape is perfect for loose diamonds used in cocktail rings or as necklace pendants. It’s one of the most famous diamond cuts in the USA & UK. This diamond, also known as the football-shaped cut, has an elongated diamond shape with pointed ends. For bling-lovers who are fond of luxury jewelry designs, this cut is a top loose diamond type. 

Diamonds are shiny, glittery, and beautiful. If you want the best diamonds, you should only buy from the best sellers. Remember, diamonds are huge investments, and you should pay attention to how to spot fake ones. Nevertheless, diamond lovers are enjoying this gemstone for a reason – perfection and elegance.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Sparkling Diamonds and Gems offers radiant cut diamonds. They are in high demand due to their exceptional brilliance and durability. Radiant cut diamonds have been popular since the 1980s and continue to be so today. It is well-known for its radiance and brilliance. The Radiant Cut was then creates with 70 facets at the pavilion and crown. Each facet contributes to brilliance that only the round brilliant cut can match.

Radiant cut diamonds have beveled corners that make them durable and less prone to chips and breaks. In comparison to other diamond cuts, it is ideal for people who lead an active lifestyle. When we compare radiant cuts to cushion cuts, we can see that they have some similarities but also some significant differences. Although the cut and appearance appear to be similar, radiant cuts have more distinct edges than cushion cuts, which have round edges. Both have trimmed corners, which add stability.

Radiant Cut Also Known as Classic Cut

Although the cushion cut is known to reflect colored light, the brilliance of radiant cut diamonds exceeds that of the former. The many facets of radiant and the large table contribute to the exceptional brilliance. In terms of other specifics, the width and length ratio is determined by personal preference. Both cuts are available in square and rectangular shapes. Cushion cuts, on the other hand, are more popular at a 1.0-1.09 square ratio.

Bottom line is, if you pick a radiant and brilliant cut that is stable and durable, Radiant Cut Diamonds are your perfect cut. If you’re going to give it to someone, think about their preferences for the size and shape of the diamonds in their jewelry. Consider how frequently they will wear the jewelry and how active their lifestyle is. You don’t want them to chip or lose the diamond as a result of wearing it to work or while going about their daily activities.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

If you are looking for a unique diamond cut for your engagement ring, we highly recommend the Emerald Cut Engagement Rings. This cut is unique and vintage-looking, and it gives the impression of a larger diamond than it is. However, emerald cut diamonds, like everything else, have advantages and disadvantages.


Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement rings appear to be larger. Even a 1 carat diamond will have more surface area with this cut, giving the fantasy of a larger size. 

It gives buyers an advantage because they can select a smaller diamond and make it look bigger with this cut. It helps save money without compromising the brilliance of the engagement ring. And because the diamonds look bigger and elongated with the emerald cut, they make the wearer’s finger look slender. It is less in demand and will allow you to save up to 20% to 30% on your diamond purchase.


Emerald cut diamonds have their imperfections noticeable compared to round diamonds. Although you save on price, you can use that for selecting a high clarity level. VVS1 clarity level would be a good choice since the greater the surface area is with this cut, the more the imperfections become visible. 

Color is also more shown or evident, in addition to clarity. Colorless diamonds in the D to F color range are a good choice. Another suggestion is to choose a color grade higher than what you would select for a round cut. 

Lastly, emerald cut diamonds is not graded by the GIA for the cut. It will require you to have an expert perform a visual check first before buying it. For more information about emerald cut diamonds, visit our online store at Gemistone Jewelers, we help you in choosing the best emerald cut engagement rings for your future wife.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are square cut diamonds with rounded edges that make them resemble a pillow or cushion. It is also known as the “old mine cut.” This classic diamond cut has exists for almost two hundred years now. Until the early twentieth century, it was the standard diamond cut. Traditional cushion cut diamonds with an expanded cutlet are common in antique rings.

Numerous still go for cushion cut diamonds today, not just because of the changes and refinements of the classic cushion cut. Since the cut is old and classic, it has an antique feel that numerous appreciate. 

The modern version of the cut improves its performance and durability, like a perfect blend of the old and new. The cushion cut does not have the same dramatic brilliance as round brilliant diamonds, but it does allow for the reflection of colored lights known as “fire.” Even for wearers who lead an active lifestyle, the circular corners of the cut make it more secure and durable.

Oval Cut Diamond

If you want to adhere to brilliant cuts, here is an option that might just be what you are looking for. This cut is great for engagement rings. You will surely impress your special someone when proposing marriage with this oval diamond cut that sparkles impressively. Oval cut diamonds are also perfect for oval wedding bands, as well as with other gemstones.

Oval cut diamonds are usually found in fancy and elegant oval cut engagement rings. Since it is an oval cut, it is no sharp corners with this shape. It won’t catch on your hair or clothes, even incorporated ones. 

If you pick this cut for an engagement ring, your future wife can wear it daily without worrying about losing the diamond when it gets caught in her clothes.

You can save hundreds to a thousand dollars. The brilliance of ovals is like brilliant round cuts, which means they will sparkle and shine brilliantly, even at small carats. The only downside is, when an oval cut is executes poorly, it will have a shadow shaped like a bow tie that will affect its brilliance and fire. It’s also worth noting that it can be extremely noticeable. If the diamond cut well, this impact can be considerable decreases.

Asher Cut Diamonds

A diamond’s shape refers to its physical form. There are various types of shapes that it can cut a diamond into. However, if you’re looking for something special, then you should look at Asher cut diamonds. The shape of the Asher cut diamonds, or, as it is more traditionally calls, the Asscher cut diamonds, were designs by the Asscher brothers of what is now called the Royal Asscher Diamond Company.

The shape of Asher cut diamonds is similar to that of Emerald cut diamonds. However, the major difference between the 2 shapes is that these diamonds are always square – well, octagonal actually, since the corners are always cropped. 

However, the shape looks square after the diamond is set on a ring with four corner prongs. Asher cut diamonds feature large step facets as well as high crowns. The diamond’s table or top is flat, and you can see the stone’s peak.

How to search for loose diamonds for sale at Gemistone Jewelers- USA?

When it comes to loose diamonds for sale, the ultimate quality parameter is 4C. It is the final indicator of the exact quality of a diamond. For those new to diamond shopping, the 4Cs are color, clarity, cut, and carat. 

If you want to evaluate a particular diamond, approach it from these four angles and the resulting information is the basis of a good purchase decision. So when you’re looking for diamonds, pay attention to these vital things to get the most brilliant diamond you can afford on your budget.

So how do you search for the perfect loose diamond for sale at Gemistone Jewelers? It’s pretty simple. Just follow a couple of simple steps. Gemistone Jewelers has four precise parameters in the search filter, which allow you to search for the precise specifications you are looking for. And now just buy it! No loose diamond search fields are requires. 

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