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Make Announcement Clear and Loud with Teardrop Promotional Flags.

In an ever-growing universe of posters, banners, and advertisements, spreading your message loud and clear takes creative thinking, determination to succeed, and a powerful message. With the help of a trusted partner like PadsPromo, there’s nothing you can’t do. Spread sales messages, promotions, grand opening announcements, and everything you want with versatile, eye-catching teardrop flags printed in full color.

Size of Teardrop Promotional Flags

Measuring 41″ x 132″, these flags stand eleven feet tall! Made of tight woven 3oz polyester, our Teardrop Promotional Flags can be purchased with a cross base and water tube for indoor applications, or a ground stake base for outdoor advertising. With minimums as low as one print and as high as 20, you get to choose from two different flag pole directions: left or right. Place your order and choose between 4 or 7 business day turnarounds!

Sami purpose Teardrop Promotional Flags

For businesses of all sizes, Teardrop Promotional Flags offer dynamic and effective brand communication. Restaurants and cafes, boutiques and hair salons, car dealerships, real estate companies, and schools… all of them can harness the power of this tool to draw public interest. Grab the attention of pedestrians and drivers! Use our flags to advertise street fairs and festivals, trade shows, concerts, and sporting events. They are extremely versatile.

Specifications of Teardrop Promotional Flags

  • Lightweight, portable, weatherproof and easy to assemble
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Thanks to dye sublimation printing, these flags won’t fade or peel over time
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of durable polyester materials: they can be used for years!
  • UV resistant

Even in today’s digital universe, signs are still an integral part of a marketing campaign. According to a study conducted by professionals from Nielsen Audio, many people (over 70% to be precise) do pay attention to the messages they see on the street. With flags that stand 11 feet tall, the chances of attracting everyone’s attention are even higher.

Usage of Teardrop Promotional Flags:

  • Invite customers to your store
  • Announce a grand opening or special event
  • Decorate your storefront or interiors for any occasion
  • Promote your sponsors
  • Cheer any sports team
  • Display your logo or call to action… and more!

Advertising Flags

While they have evolved to the point of also becoming advertising tools, flags were created thousands of years ago! At first, they were used in battle as heraldic symbols, but it wasn’t until the late 18th century that they became widely adopted outside the military world to identify nations. Later, someone had the brilliant idea of printing Teardrop Promotional Flags for the same purpose. The ability to see them from a distance and their vibrant colors make them a prime choice for outdoor advertisements.

Placing an Order

Make this item your own with PadsPromo extensive customization options. Your design will be printed in full color using our dye sublimation process, a method that uses heat to transfer images onto the intended material. We also apply a special coating to protect the flag from UV light which keeps the colors “alive and well”. This top layer also creates a water-resistant product! Optional outdoor or indoor use hardware is available, including a lightweight flagpole for added stability and a convenient carrying case. Make your selections and upload your original design to our website. If you need assistance, please contact us for professional advice.

Customers who liked these were also interested in the following products:

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Made out of metal, these durable, low-cost and reusable marketing materials are designed to be used all year long. Advertise your business without worrying about the weather.

2 Sided Blockout Teardrop Promotional Flags

Make use of your outdoor space to promote your business and draw in customers. Meet the perfect outdoor signage solution for promoting your business, sale or event. These tools are made from super durable 15oz blockout vinyl.

Mesh Teardrop Promotional Flags

Made out of sturdy, perforated vinyl, this product lets the wind easily pass through without compromising your design or the artwork’s visibility.

– Signicade A-Frames

These weatherproof 100 % molded plastic sidewalk signs are professionally printed with your unique graphics and call to action. If your small business is located on a bustling street, then sidewalk signs are a surefire way for getting immediate results.

 Important Artwork Notice!

It is highly recommended to use our templates for Teardrop Promotional Flags.

Text and graphics should be placed at least 1.5” from the edge of the fabric for safety. Artwork can be wrapped around the pole, but keep important elements and text 1.5” from the pole pocket seam and the hems. Bleed: Ensure you have 0.5” on all sides of your artwork and please do not add crops. Templates can be found in Resources in the top navigation menu.

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