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Making a Kids Treasure Box

Children love to collect items of interest, even if what interests them is just rocks. (Hey we all started somewhere — right?) Having a place to put their treasures can be very special to them. Making a kit’s treasure box can be a lot of fun for the two of you and it can give your child somewhere to put their special items. The kids treasure box can be created from a variety of things.

Here are a few to consider:

Shoe Boxes: Yes, they are great for storing more than just shoes. And, when you customize the box, it can become something that looks special and holds great treasures too. Find an empty shoebox around the house and color it with construction paper in your child’s favorite color. Then, you can decorate it with markers or paint, stickers, more colored paper, and anything else you can come up with. You can tape one side of the shoebox closed so it has a hinge and opens like a true treasure box.

Egg Carton Treasure Box: You can make a kids treasure box out of something quite simple, like an egg carton. Use the whole carton, or cut it in half to make it smaller for your child’s hands. The box has little containers within it for separating the treasures. It can be fun for your child to sort whatever they find and place the items in special locations within the carton. The carton doesn’t have to be plain, though it can be. Decorate the exterior with your child using paint, markers, stickers, or whatever else you have to make it look like a one-of-a-kind creation.

Wooden Boxes: Head to a craft store and find a blank wooden box that hinges on the side and perhaps even has a latch hook closing. These boxes are fun to make and they make great gifts for other children who love to hunt and find treasures. Once you have the box home, you can paint it whatever color your child wants, decorate it with their name, perhaps place pictures of the treasures they want to find on it, and do whatever else they want to it.

Craft Sticks: Crafts sticks are always there when you need a project and they can make a great, small treasure chest for your child. Have a good time coloring or painting the sticks, and then get to work with the gluing project. You will need to fashion a box, a bottom, and a lid. It can take some time to come together, with the drying process and all, but what results is a unique treasure box that your child can fill with small items they want to keep and look over again in the future.

Having a kids treasure box on hand for collections can spark a great deal of imagination in your child. Once the box is complete, let the treasure hunt begin. Whether your child wants to look for rocks, shells, flowers, or any other item, half the fun is in the hunt. Plus, it’ll give you a chance to learn more about their personalities. Collecting things also supports three very valuable behavioral schemas your child will need when they start school— transporting, connecting, and enveloping/enclosing. Collecting helps develop their categorization skills as well.

Get the treasure box out often and review the articles they found. Engage your child in conversations about which items are their favorites and why. Help them recount where they found the things they placed in the box, or have them create backstories and adventures to go along with their treasures to spark their imaginations even more.

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