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Matrimonial Sites are Giving Rise to Love Marriages: Read Below

Matrimonial Sites are Giving Rise to Love Marriages

A large number of people are driving towards online matrimonial services to find their life partners. These matrimonial websites have become immensely popular among the people predominantly due to three things:

  • Saving time
  • Convenient in reaching matches
  • Large choice of matches (database)

According to a study, the online matrimonial sites have been doing brisk business even during the lockdown. On average 14,000 to 15,000 users are registering per day. This has certainly brought a sea change in the way marriages were held in India earlier. It does not mean that arranged marriages are not taking place or they are not working. There has been a considerable increase in the statistics of love marriage as compared to arrange marriages. This is predominantly because of the exposure to the outer world and getting the opportunity to interact with girls and boys waiting to find their partners.


Indian youths drifting from arranged marriage:

The marriages are now taking place on average over the online matrimonial sites. The conventional way of marriages either consulting a matchmaker or getting registered with an offline marriage bureau has become a past. Previously, parents or elders in the household would arrange marriages depending mostly on their preferences and this would many times become a problem of communication since both were poles apart.

According to statistical studies, even two decades earlier, more than 98% of marriages in India were arranged. With the advent of Hindu matrimony sites, there has been a rise in the number of love marriages.

Now, Hindu girls for marriage and Hindu boys for marriage can interact with each other. This is extremely important in any relationship especially when you have to stay together lifelong. The websites not only help the users to interact with each other but also opens door to the world enabling you to choose your special person from a huge option depending on your preferences.


Matchmakers are past tense:

In the earlier days when there was not much exposure, marriages across average households would take place through these matchmakers. These people would visit households with the news of prospective brides and grooms. They were the middlemen between the two families. The biggest disadvantage of these matchmakers was they had not many options and would present the limited number of profiles they have with them. The Hindu marriage sites have opened a new perspective towards marriage. Brides and grooms can select from thousands of prospective profiles and decide their future.


Traditional arranged marriage:

In the earlier days marriages were mostly arranged as the elders would feel if the wedding does not take place keeping the following factors in mind then marriages would not work –  Caste, creed, educational qualification, social status, financial standing, prospects of career, religious, ethnicity, etc. Today’s generation has made it clear that it is the person they are marrying is most important. Career is important but falling in love is more important. The old generation too at times reluctantly and happily has accepted the views of their children.


Matrimonial sites to cater to your demands:

There are numerous sites in the market and it is said that daily over ten new sites enter the competitive market of online matrimonial business. The sites have their characteristics and features. However, their main objective is to cater to their clients and provide the best matchmaking services. The biggest advantage of these sites is you have a huge option to select from and that too as per your preferences.

These Hindu marriage sites are designed in such a way that you can not only chat online with the match but also have a personal interaction once you become a paid member with the respective sites. Another big advantage of these sites is that they ensure your security and safety as a user. Most of these websites have their software designed to ensure if you are a genuine user or fake. Doing this, these websites infuse a feeling of security among the users and they can interact on the site freely. Apart from that these sites block and delete anybody who tries to play filthy or exploit other users.


Conventional questions:

You must have noticed the respective matrimonial websites asking questions like who you are creating the profile for i.e. self, son, brother, sister, daughter, relative, friend, etc. These are mandatory to reply and if you do not reply then your registration is not completed. The concept behind framing these questions is to understand the number of users preferring an arranged marriage and love marriage.


Few sites offer dating facilities: 

Apart from offering numerous advantages of using these matrimonial websites for users on average, some of the Hindu matrimonial sites in UK offer the facility of dating with the match. This to some may be taboo but considering in a larger perspective, this will enable the two people to interact and know each other better. In other words, if the right people meet then this in itself can help them immensely as both would share a lot of things that are not possible on a chatbox or over the phone. Even the love for each other would blossom.

The matrimonial sites, since its advent, have certainly changed a way of outlook towards the marriage and most people are taking to these sites to meet their matches. Arranged marriages are taking a backstage making way for love. Some are also a step ahead as they offer dating facility. This is good as genuine people would get the opportunity to interact and know each other better. However, all this should and must be restrained to a limit or else the matrimonial site will turn into a dating site.

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