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Meditation Should Be A Part Of Life

What is the thing which we want everlasting in our life? I think it’s peace of mind.  Yes, we individuals have separate goals which we desire to achieve. According to many peoples’ perspectives, they think that when they will achieve those goals they will get the ultimate peace in life. But ask yourself once is it valid having this type of perspective. Can peace be achieved? I think it’s something that cannot be achieved but can be created with self through meditation. In the current situation of hustle and bustle of life, everyone is steadily running behind the materialistic world. Tell me when you last quietly sit and observe yourself and your environment. Meditation is mostly concerned with positivity, being positive, and spreading positivity all around. 

Meditation is not only convinced with sitting with crossed legs and copying what you see for so long, it is related to Where your thoughts are wandering? How did you feel at that moment? How your energy is emitting? Is it positive or negative? Meditation has its roots in ancient times and there are many different ways and each has its unique benefit. It is the way you can understand yourself more deeply by practising regularly. It’s like you take birth and live your life fully but pass away before understanding yourself completely. I know many people reading this will question that this body is our own and we know it well without any doubt but remember, I am not talking about your outer personality. Observe yourself and notice in any situation how you react. What’s good in you, where are you wrong? When you will practise this regularly you see that your situations and circumstances cannot dominate you, and you can handle everything. 

Meditation Should Be A Part Of Life

What Are Some Benefits Of Meditation?

You heard about a hundred and a thousand times from many people that one should practice meditation throughout life. If one is not aware of the importance of practising then why one will spend time over it. 

But yes, when it is clear that it serves the utmost benefit then it is easy to adopt such positive changes in our day-to-day lifestyle. Let’s see what are some ultra benefits to meditate and I hope after reading this you will start practising meditation and make it a part of your daily routine. I am sure you didn’t pay attention before but after finding so many immense benefits here, you will regret why you were not aware of all this before?

  • Helps you to stay positive every time

Only spending a few minutes regularly can drive you to a positive place. Meditation helps you to feel relaxed and when you feel relaxed you feel more positivity around. It helps you to remove negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positivity.

  • Helps you to unlock unlimited potential 

When you meditate you develop your mind and that helps you to understand that there is the unlimited potential that exists in you. Not only do you find peace but also be able to become more aware of your strength when you meditate consistently. I don’t find any other way as effective as meditation.  

  • Increase the quality of life 

The science behind meditation is clear that one who practices meditation is healthier, more focused, more alert, less aggressive than others. Those people know how to love themselves. Meditation makes you take the right decision and makes a deeper sense of peace and happiness. Through meditation, we can achieve a life that is filled with enthusiasm along with this we obtain a healthy body

  • Reduce every mental problem 

In this era, mental issues are very common among everyone. From children to adults most of the population becomes the victim of stress, depression, etc. So neglecting all this is like hitting one’s foot. These issues can be avoided and at least you can live your life worthily only by spending useful time every day on meditation. 

  • Boost your memory 

Meditation is often underestimated by those who never did it, in their entire life. But if you never did such activity then you can’t get the ultimate benefits. It provides you with the ultimate brainpower. Focus, balance, and peace are some elements of meditation and when you connect with them regularly you secure the position to rule over your brain. And this allows you to become the master of your brain instead of allowing your brain to be your master, don’t be confused, both things create a major difference. 

  • Makes you self dependent 

People often seem to run away from being alone; they want someone as a companion every time. People forget to spend time alone; they call it an awful situation. But meditation can teach you to give some time to yourself and it is very important. Being alone doesn’t mean loneliness; people often take both things similarly. It makes you that person who is not dependent on others for happiness rather you create your happiness. 

  • Makes you happier than others 

It is claimed from much research and studies that people who spend some minutes practising meditation are happier than those who don’t perform. This is as simple as when one becomes happy then he spreads more happiness around hence, it helps create a joyful and healthy environment. Also, it makes us that person who is always grateful regarding everything that we have and at the same time helps us to achieve more while showing gratitude. 


How One Can Start And Practice During A Busy Schedule?

Everyone is busy, but remember if you can find time to eat, to brush, to watch your favourite shows, to scroll over Instagram, Facebook then also you can easily make time to meditate. It all depends on whether you want to experience this or not. In meditation, it is interesting that you need not invest anything other than a few minutes. It increases your productivity. 

  • Try to be in the moment 

This is a good way to start anywhere, anytime if you are a fresh beginner in this field. In our daily routine, we switch to many several activities. In between this our feelings and thoughts are immediately changed. Try to give not so long but a few seconds or minutes in observing your present environment. This will help you to enjoy the present moment rather than worrying about your future and past.

  • Try to involve as a part of your work 

While working or studying for a long time you can take a short break in the form of meditation. As reminding yourself that spending such time will increase your focus and efficiency.

  • Enjoy the breadth of life 

If you want to get into the habit then this is the simplest and effective way. You can meditate whenever you are waiting, simply pause your all wandering thoughts and focus on the breadth process take deep long breaths in a particular set like 10 to 15 times at initial period. 

  • Use the technology 

We live in a highly advanced technologic world where it is quite easy for us to access anything we want. There are many applications in your smartphone which benefit you according to your suitability. Best out of the best headphones are available and affordable wireless earbuds are very convenient which helps you to drive into a peaceful state of mind if you are facing problems of distraction. 

  • Start your day with meditation 

Like you start your day by taking a bath which helps you to feel fresh throughout the day, similarly start your day with meditation which will stay positive throughout the day. 


Final words

Meditation should be followed by everyone consistently throughout life. It would be great if children at a very early age are educated to completely embrace meditation within them. Everyone around the world is talking about creating peace everywhere but it is not at all possible with the effort of a few people. When everyone will understand the importance of meditation then yes, it is possible to create a world having peace and believe me this will not be less than any heaven. It doesn’t require any particular age to begin anyone at any time, at any age can begin but the only requirement is the willpower to start and then follow consistency. 



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