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Men’s Guide to Buy Jewelry: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Men’s fine jewelry is becoming increasingly popular in the market today. Modern men are now preferring to adorn themselves with the best-in-class accessories in order to enrich their overall look. So, it’s obvious that the supplier count is also increasing with the gradual increase in demand. But, it has been seen that, unlike their female counterparts, most men fail to gather extensive knowledge about fashion, and especially in the jewelry domain. So, despite collecting some magnificent jewelry pieces, some men are unable to take full advantage of that. 

If you are one among them and looking for some expert advice to enhance your look, this article is going to help you for sure. Through this write-up, we would provide you with some valuable tips that you can keep in mind while buying the best men’s jewelry for yourself.

1. Understand Your Fashion

Fashion is very much subjective and the definition varies from individual to individual. Though there are multiple factors that affect the term fashion, however, nothing has a bigger impact than your lifestyle. The profession that you are doing, the type of people that you interact with greatly influence your choice of accessory.

Here are some of the major factors that may influence the choice you make:

  1. Your geographical area
  2. The religion you belong
  3. Your daily routine
  4. The choice of your attire
  5. Your inner circle
  6. Your profession

A solid gold ring would match the personality of a person who is a regular corporate employee. But the same can not be said for an artist, entrepreneur, or college-going student. So, before buying jewelry, you must have a clear-cut idea of your fashion aesthetics.

 2. Try to Match the Ornament With Your Daily Attire

The fundamental rule of fashion says that it is the combination of your attire and accessories that molds a superior fashion quotient. So, while choosing the jewelry, you must consider how the particular piece of ornament is going to complement your daily attire. A satin finish gold band may not be an appropriate choice for the college-going student. However, it is an excellent pick for all the working-class people out there.

So, you have to carry out a little bit of research to pair the attire and jewelry combination for an improved glamour quotient. If you are still not able to figure out which accessory to pair with your attire, here is our recommendation.

In most cases, it has been observed that a nugget ring pairs very well with each kind of dressing choice. Besides, the unique textured look of the ring brings a manly vibe and provides the wearer with a unique sense of fashion aesthetics.

3. Diversify Your Collection

We often make the mistake of buying similar kinds of jewelry pieces again and again. But, from a fashion point of view, it is one of the worst practices that you can have. Being a fashion-forward individual, you need to diversify your jewelry collection as much as possible. However, you need to make sure that the majority of the ornaments should be compatible with your daily use dresses. Besides, you can also include one larger than life diamond ring, a gemstone ring for special occasions as well. 

Now we hope you must have understood the basic tips to choose the Jewelry. Moving forward to another important point that needs your consideration that is:

You can have various metals options and if you are buying Gold and other precious metals then do check the following factors:

  • Hallmark

The manufacturing stamp on the gold or precious metal represents the karat weight or the purity percentage. Moreover, the quality percentage is somewhere in the three-digit decimal indicating the gold purity. For instance, “.75” means 75 % of gold purity.

  • Karat Weight

Karat weight shows the traditional gold purity that was used long before. It has a scale of 1-24 with 24 karats. And, any purity is higher than .999 pure is 24k

4) Understand the crucial element of your attire and adorn it

In order to create a polished look, you need to beautify the key part of your look. Find out how you would like to enhance and bring attention to your attire. Embellish the focus of your outfit with nice jewelry and create a statement.

For instance, if you want to bring attention to the top part of your attire, add a sleek gold chain. It will make you look bold and edgy. The addition of a nice minimalistic ring will amp up any monotonous outfit and enfold you with admiration. Therefore, you need to decide which part of the outfit you would highlight and add the ornament accordingly.

5) Invest in a neutral piece

Another tip would be to buy a classic piece of an ornamental phenomenon that will always have timeless appearance. Do not fall for the flowery designs and the exaggerated trends that fade with time. A nice dainty ring or chic chain will always be critically acclaimed and never go out of style. 

It will also match almost every outfit and complement it well. Whether you belong to the entertainment industry or work in a corporate office, neutral jewelry will go with every outfit. It will always be classy and beguile attention towards you.

6) Buy your jewelry from a trusted entity

 With the increase in fraudulent practices, it is very important to practice caution. Do not pay heed to the rose-tinted advertisements and sweet gestures. Buy your jewelry from a seller or organization that is approved by the institute of gemology. Look for the document that legally approves the jewelry and read all the specifications before purchase.

 Jewelry is an asset that will act as a security in your future. The popular saying, “All the glitters is not gold”, plays a significant role in our lives. Therefore, apart from the fashionability of the ornament, taking care of the originality is also important. Beware of the frauds and buy your jewelry from a well-reputed store.

 7) Adhere to the symbolism

 A common mistake we find in men’s fashion is wearing the wrong jewelry to the wrong event. This is mostly because men are oblivious to the metaphorical significance of each piece of jewelry. A pristine dainty ring marks the importance of simplicity in life and imparts serenity. It will be perfect to wear to a social event where it will not be too flashy and flamboyant.

However, it might be a little too shabby for a party. A jazzed up gold chain or necklace will be appropriate for the party night as it stands for the extravaganza in life. It will surely act as a head turner and wrap you with attention and adulation. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what each piece of jewelry represents.

8) Be careful while mixing metals

 Mixing different metals is on-trend, and we have seen our favorite celebrities do so. But be meticulous while combining them. Irrespective of the ornamental cost, the metal of the jewelry will either make you look fab or drab. The way you blend the metals of the jewelry will evaluate your overall look. Therefore, you will have to be mindful while mixing and matching different metals.

If you go for a jazzed up gold chain, wear a delicate simple silver ring or a rose gold dainty one. Therefore, channel your inner creativity and create a quintessential vogue.


  • Pay attention to details. Polish your shoes, wear an ironed outfit, comb your hair. By doing so, no matter what jewelry you buy, people will cherish your persona.
  • Wear your confidence and irrespective of the jewelry you buy, you will shine bright.


A ring is an excellent choice for gifting someone special in your life. So, if you are facing difficulty in deciding the gift, we would absolutely recommend you to go with a 14k gold ring.

Now, we would like to know more about your ornament selection. What type of jewelry pieces do you prefer to wear on a daily basis? And, what are the other jewelry pieces you are planning to buy? Let us know in the comment section below.


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