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Mercari vs Depop vs Poshmark : Which is Better?

Mercari vs Depop vs Poshmark: The second retail sector has had rapid growth in recent years and is expected to continue expanding at an 11% annual rate. While retail businesses are struggling, the market for used goods is booming. The growth of the secondhand market may be attributed to a variety of causes, including millennial engagement, a desire for value and cost savings, and a penchant for unusual products.

The introduction of websites and the corresponding applications, such as “Deopop” and “Mercari,” greatly simplified the selling of used goods.

These online marketplaces have also made it simple for laypeople like us to sell our unwanted goods. These applications provide users with some fantastic features and social networking capabilities, bringing buyers and sellers together on a single platform.

Mercari vs Depop vs Poshmark: Analyzing


Depop is a reputable marketplace where you can buy and sell products at very low prices. Every millennial and practically everyone in each of the five categories has heard about Depop.

Depop’s popularity is only growing over time.

Depop also has excellent security measures, so there are no longer any chances of being duped by buyers, sellers, or both. You may quickly make money by reselling items in the fashion and accessories categories on Depop.


Mercari is a new player on the market, but it has attracted a lot of consumers and merchants because of its broad range of inventory categories.

Home items, gadgets, collectibles, clothing, purses, shoes, accessories, and much more are among the inventory listings on Mercari.

Mercury might make things difficult for you if you want to upgrade your inventory with expensive stuff. This is because most individuals choose to sell items that they haven’t used in a while but that other customers may find more affordable.

Poshmark fees: It is free to list an item on Poshmark.

However, depending on how much the item sells for, Poshmark keeps a portion of the sale. There is a 20% cost; under $15, there is a flat price of $2.95.

Poshmark offers free credit card processing as well as pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping labels for sellers. Poshmark, however, defers payment until the customer receives the order. The proceeds may then be requested as a cheque or a direct deposit by the seller.

Burson claims that Poshmark often targets mothers and millennials. According to Burson, pencil skirts and blazers do well there since most of the clients are working women seeking business attire.

Which is the best marketplace: Depop, Poshmark, or Mercari?

Each person in the holy trinity is effective. In order to reach a larger audience, many merchants post on all three.

Compared to Depop’s 21 million users and Mercari’s 15 million, Poshmark, the original, has 70 million users. (Vinted, which has 34 million users, is another option.)

The largest difference between the two apps is arguably their user bases. Anything popular on Instagram would definitely be well-received by Depop’s audience (90% of users are under 26), while goods geared toward ages 30 and above could perform better elsewhere.

There are also gender differences. For instance, 97% of Poshmark users are female, compared to 32.7% of Depop users who are male.

Target Markets

Depop may be frightening. The app is one of the top three that most closely resembles a social media platform, which adds pressure to create an attractive theme, publish often, and concentrate on the store as a whole.

The target market is a specific group of millennials and Gen Zers who are familiar with online culture, pay attention to influencers, and like vintage fashion and full-outfit style.

Visit Depop if you want to start thrifting or sell items from a specialty brand. Selling a distinctive sweater from Lisa Says Gah will be easier than selling a boring turtleneck from Forever 21.

(Along with the brand’s name, include hashtags such as # plaidpants or # NWT, which stands for “new with tags.”)

Depop’s user interface is thankfully very easy to use. Similar to Instagram, the app lets you navigate through a stream of products from stores you follow, one at a time.

For a grid of recent things that Depop has hand-picked as “the greatest products from our community,” move to the Explore page (you can also search by category from there).

1# Depop negatives

Depop’s small selection of brands is its lone significant flaw. If you possess apparel from a lesser-known brand, Depop is likely to be unaware of it.

Depop’s system for categorising or tagging items isn’t as strong as eBay’s, and most of the brands that sellers can use to list their items are well-known ones.

2# Poshmark negatives

Given that Poshmark has over 40 million active users, the fact that its market penetration is now limited to the United States is extremely astounding. Another thing to note is that it could take some time to build a fan base and integrate into the community in order to make a sale.

3# Mercari’s Negatives

Since users from Japan make up the majority of Mercari’s viewership, if you are headquartered in the United States, eBay would be a better choice.

Second, Mercari doesn’t stock a lot of designer clothing, which might imply that your designer items won’t sell well on the site since the target market is seeking the greatest value. In other words, Depop or Poshmark could be your best bet if you have designer goods to sell.

Mercari used to be the least expensive of the three platforms to sell on. However, they introduced a new payment processing charge in October 2020 that is comparable to Paypal rates.

In terms of utilising the platform, this equalises Mercari and Depop. Depop, on the other hand, uses Paypal for all of its transactions, so you will need a Paypal account.

They are actively developing their own internal payment mechanism as of this writing.

Mercari will use direct deposit to pay you. At 20%, Poshmark charges more than Mercari or Depop. You have the option of receiving a cheque in the mail or having it paid directly into your bank account.

You have to wait for your customer to approve or grade their purchase on Mercari and Poshmark. If not, you will have to delay until three whole days have passed since the shipment of your goods before being compensated.

But with Depop, as long as your PayPal account is in good standing, you may take the money immediately. Visit our blog here if you have any Depop payment troubles.

Why not list on each site?

After reading about the advantages and disadvantages of Poshmark vs. Mercari, you may be unsure about which one to choose. What if we told you that with the same amount of work, you could easily list on both?

The top cross-listing app of 2022, Crosslist Use a technology like Crosslist to quickly list your goods on various platforms while only having to complete one marketing form, as opposed to putting them on one platform.


Cross-selling is a tactic used by a tonne of online sellers who want to differentiate themselves across venues in order to increase exposure for their items and draw in more customers.

Engaging new viewers with diverse interests is a productive way to raise brand recognition and boost sales.

Any real eCommerce company has to have a cross-list. You may avoid filling out several listing forms, monitoring numerous inventories, and continually submitting data via cross-listing. Instead, you may use your time to concentrate on the most important things.

Cross advertising routinely brings in tens of hundreds of new clients.

This is our complete guide on Mercari vs Depop vs Poshmark. If you have questions, let us know in the comment section.

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