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MG Hector Plus vs Toyota HyCross: A Clash between Three-Row Vehicles

The MG Hector Plus is a car that has optional six and seven-seating capacities. That said, there are other MG cars that cater to three-row-oriented buyers as well as EV buyers. Yes, that’s right. The available EV offered by MG Motors India is the MG ZS EV.
In India, several three-row vehicles have been introduced by mass-market and luxury car manufacturers. Not long ago, the Indian three-row vehicle market has seen impressive traction. Earlier, buyers used to either go for the Toyota Innova or the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. But those come under the MUV category. Now, there are several SUVs that come with an optional six, seven or eight-seater.
However, as for the Toyota HyCross, this MUV comes in both seven- and eight-seaters. And, at the same time, the Japanese carmaker has ditched the diesel engine, as they have started offering a strong-hybrid unit as an alternative.
In terms of pricing, both cars are similar but the prices of some variants of the Hycross go beyond the top model of the MG Hector Plus. Both vehicles are pretty much similar and that is why you are here to see how the MG Hector Plus stacks up against the new-generation Innova, the HyCross. Let’s read on, then!


For starters, the Toyota HyCross is the only vehicle in this comparison that offer a strong-hybrid engine. The British marque automobile company hasn’t introduced a strong-hybrid vehicle in India. That said, Toyota cars in India have offered petrol, diesel, or hybrid engines. However, let’s begin with the Japanese vehicle. Both hybrid and non-hybrid variants have the same 2.0-litre Toyota’s in-house developed engine. The first option is a 2.0-litre petrol unit that produces 172.99bhp at 6600rpm and 209Nm of peak torque at 4600rpm.
The strong-hybrid variant, on the other hand, also has a 2.0 petrol engine that has an output of 183.72bhp at 6600rpm and 188Nm of peak torque at 4400rpm. Further, the Japanese carmaker has provided a standard eCVT automatic transmission across all the variants.

In parallel, the 2023 MG Hector Plus facelift comes in petrol and diesel variants. As for the petrol variant, it has a 1.5-litre turbocharged unit that produces 141bhp at 5000rpm and 250Nm of peak torque at 1600rpm. If you want a petrol variant of it, check out the Hector Plus price on the autoX website.
Another option includes a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine that is tuned to churn out 168bhp at 3750rpm and 350Nm of torque at 1750rpm.
As for transmission options, the petrol variant of the MG Hector Plus has three options: a six-speed manual, a CVT and a DCT. Whereas, the diesel variant is exclusive to a six-speed manual transmission. It doesn’t get an optional automatic transmission. Due to this, the diesel variants won’t have an array of ADAS features, as they mostly function in automatic vehicles.

About the engine

Comparing the performance figures of these two vehicles, the MG Hector has way better torque than the Toyota HyCross. However, the power of the HyCross’s petrol variant is more than the Hector Plus. While the HyCross’s strong-hybrid variant has more peak power than the diesel variant of the Hector Plus.
But, as far as fuel economy goes, the MG Hector Plus has an unrated ARAI mileage, while the Toyota Innova HyCross’s mileage ranges between 16.13 km/l and 23.24 km/l. Please note that these are ARAI-certified figures. It’s tacit that real-world mileage can vary with local traffic conditions and individuals’ driving styles.
Furthermore, these two vehicles are perfect for long journeys. The fuel-efficient engines powering these two MUVs won’t pinch your pockets, especially the new generation Toyota Innova HyCross. Until now, the petrol variant of the Toyota Innova wasn’t as bestselling as the diesel variant. But, now, the petrol of the Innova HyCross might be on par with the outgoing diesel variant in terms of mileage.
But, let’s see, once the HyCross starts running on the tarmac.


As far as the dimensions are concerned, the Toyota HyCross is 4755mm long, 1850mm wide, 1790mm tall, and has a 2850mm wheelbase. The ground clearance is not rated but it should be below 200mm.

On the other hand, the MG Hector Plus has a length of 4720mm, a width of 1835mm, and a height of 1760mm. It sits on a wheelbase of 2750mm. Further, it has a ground clearance of 192mm.
The third-generation of Toyota Innova has better proportions than the MG Hector Plus. Let’s take the wheelbase measurement as an example. The Innova Hycross’s wheelbase is rated at 2850mm, making it 100mm longer than the Hector Plus’s 2750mm. And a longer wheelbase translates to extra legroom. And the roof height indicates the amount of headroom on offer.
However, you can check out the Innova Hycross price on the autoX website.


Both vehicles have a long list of features, alongside a long waiting period. Speaking of the waiting period, the Innova HyCross has more waiting. Let’s digress and jump to the features that these vehicles offer.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that the features mentioned here belong to the top model of the Toyota Innova HyCross and the MG Hector Plus.
Let’s list out the Toyota HyCross’s features first. It has an automatic HVAC, cabin-boot access, cruise control, 2nd row individual Ottoman seats, front ventilated seats (heated/cooled) (driver and co-passenger), designated cup holders, centre armrest with storage, and one-touch (up and down) windows (all). Further, it also offers rear-side window blinds as standard, an electric opening and closing tailgate, a panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, and LED lights (headlights and taillights). Speaking of exterior illumination, it has an automatic headlights-on feature as well.
As for the user interaction setup, the 2023 Innova has a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment unit with Android Auto (Wired) and Apple CarPlay (Wireless) and a JBL-sourced sound system. It has nine speakers that offer premium surround sound. In addition, it has voice commands, a USB port, GPS navigating system, a multi-functional steering wheel, mobile app connectivity, leatherette upholstery, etc.

Advanced features

Besides that, the MG Hector has more or less the same features. It boasts multi-coloured ambient lighting, a wireless charger, auto HVAC, mobile app connectivity, leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, a cooled glove box, a sunglass holder, one-touch windows, rain-sensing wipers, a foot trigger opening/automatic tailgate, etc. Other features include automatic headlights, LED lights, passive cornering lights, electrically adjustable ORVMs, metallic scuff plates, and a driver armrest with storage, to name a few.
On the safety front, the common features include ABS with EBD, traction control, ESP, hill-hold control, and brake assist, to name a few. Further, they offer seat belt warnings, child-seat anchorages, tyre pressure monitoring systems, six airbags, and emergency brake lights. Unlike the Toyota Innova HyCross, the MG Hector misses out on the ADAS feature.
And the ADAS on the HyCross includes adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, high beam assist, blind spot detection, lane departure prevention, and rear-cross traffic assist. You can check the curated list of features and specifications of these two vehicles or other vehicles on the autoX website.

Variants and Prices

The Japanese MUV has 8 variants in total. The HyCross price starts at Rs 18.30 lakh for the base model, the G-SLF 7 STR, and goes up to Rs 28.97 lakh for the top model, the ZX(O) Hybrid 7 STR.
On the contrary, the Hector Plus has 11 variants. The starting price is Rs 17.49 lakh for the base model, the Smart 1.5 Turbo MT 7 STR, and goes up to 22.20 lakh for the top-most variant, the Sharp Pro Diesel MT 7 STR.
All are ex-showroom prices, New Delhi, as of January 2023. Prices are subject to change without any prior notice to the customer. But you can always visit the autoX website to access the latest location-based price list for your dream vehicle.
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