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MOBI File: Details of Extension and How to Open One?

Most of us would have read eBooks. But how many know about the.MOBI extension for storing them. Created for Mobipocket Reader, it has adopted by several other readers as well. It was purchased by Amazon and later on discontinued it for various reasons.

About the MOBI file

It is specially designed for mobile or eReader devices. The format is highly-lightweight in size, and it can support the bookmarks, notes, corrections and the scripts as well. Besides containing the ebook in the file, there could be DRM or protection from the copyrights to prevent copying. Presently the formats supported by Kindle are based on MOBI and is a proprietary format that is meant for the devices of Kindle only. The users can open the files with the MOBI format directly form the Kindle device. The file has to be sent to the device first.

Some Technical Information

MOBI files are grounded on the Open eBook XHTML standard. The file can be framed in the JavaScript. Users perform actions like:

  • Adding pages
  • Annotations
  • Drawings
  • Highlights
  • Notes

It helps the users to use the file the desired way. The file readers often come with a built-in dictionary. The restriction on the image sizes allowed in the file is useful for small devices like mobile phones. But it becomes inconvenient with large devices or when used on computers or laptops. The file format is similar to the AZW format, although it lacks the capabilities of Java. The files were designed to optimize the file content for devices on the connections running on the lower bandwidth.

Opening the File

As MOBI is an eBook format most of the free desktop reader programs for eBooks support opening and viewing them. So whether you are using Calibre, FBReader, or MobiFile, you can open and view the content of the file.

After downloading and installing one of these applications, opening any of the MOBI files is simple and easy. For instance, if you are using Calibre, all that is required is to add the books and choose the relevant options provided.

Converting the File

Like any other file format, you need an application to do the conversion of the files MOBI from one format to the other. Don’t try to change the extension as it can make the file unusable and corrupt.

The simplest and the quickest ways to convert the MOBI file is by the use of an online converter. There are many available on the internet. Upload the file to the website and enter the URL to an online file. Choose the file format that you want the file to be converted into. Mostly the supported formats are epub, lit, lrf, and numerous others. In the same way, pdf to Mobi conversion can be done quickly.

If there is an application on the computer which opens the MOBI files, you can choose it to save the MOBI file to a different file format. For instance, Calibre can convert MOBI files into a different file format that you need. Mobi File Reader also supports saving the already open file MOBI file to TXT or HTML formats.

Then MOBI files can also be converted with the other free online file conversion application and the online services as well. Such web apps can convert MOBI files into various other formats. All that is required is uploading the file to MOBI file format and then download the converted file. Nothing need to be installed on the computer.


Whether you need PDF to MOBI conversion or MOBI to another file conversion, everything is possible. Visit any online file conversion website.

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