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Computers and Technology

Mobile App Development Trends That You Should Know in 2022

There are over 6 billion smartphone users in this world. If you are reading this article on your mobile, you know how important applications are to you or any smartphone users. Mobile apps are the tools that make our lives easier and drive revenues to businesses, which indicates how thriving a mobile app development industry would be.

If you want to build your application, you are probably looking to hire a dedicated android developer or iOS developer. But before you turn to any professional, you should know these mobile app development trends you should know. These trends will help you build relevant and advanced mobile applications that cater to your audience effectively.

5G Technology

If you follow the tech-world, you probably know what 5G is. It is the latest radio technology that will strengthen mobile technology to a new level. 5G is considered revolutionary technology for telecom smart technology. The technology is believed to bring new and significant advancements in AR and VR mobile applications.

5G will open up new opportunities for building robust, high-performing, and secure mobile applications. It will make apps smoother, faster, and working with high-efficiency. Therefore we look forward to seeing this mobile app development trend thrive in the market in the upcoming time.

AR and VR

AR stands for Augmented Reality and VR stands for Virtual Reality. These two are revered as one of the best innovations in the IT industry that are said to bring new opportunities for businesses from the virtual realm. We are already seeing these technologies thriving in the eCommerce sector.

Now, as 5G is steadily becoming popular, we will experience various implementations of these advancements in a wide range of industries. The AR and VR industries are estimated to rise to $3000 by the end of this year. So, it would be really interesting to see these innovations thrive in the tech-world in upcoming years.

Foldable devices

Foldable devices aren’t that popular yet, but they have a power to give users an immersive experience, and hence they soon will be all over in the market. According to experts, foldable devices will make around $50-60 billions around the world this year. This is a huge revenue, and indicates there will be a significant number of users owning such smartphones.

Due to their unique feature, which is a folding screen, these devices might require a slightly different approach to mobile app development. To offer users an immersive and impressive user experience, developers will have to consider these devices as well when building applications.

Wearable Devices

The definition of smart device does not only describe mobile phones now. It includes wearables as well. Wearable devices have found immense growth in the last few years. Since smart watches have become an essential thing for technophiles, developers have also had to consider this when they build mobile applications. 

And for this, Google has also announced a new platform for wearable app development with new specific features. Since wearable device users are increasing, the need for specific applications has emerged. In upcoming time, we will also see fast, reliable, flexible, scalable, and powerful apps being developed for wearables.

AI & Machine Learning

AI & ML are among the most revolutionary innovations in human history. These two concepts have proven their usefulness in varied industry vertices. AI and machine learning have been top mobile app development trends for a few years. We have already seen what artificial intelligence and machine learning can do for mCommerce apps.

The upcoming years are predicted to be the time of these revolutionary concepts. And so these both will be on the top list of mobile app development trends for a long time. It would be interesting to know to what extent AI and ML transforms the mobile app world. 

Food and Grocery Delivery Apps

Pandemic has changed everything that used to be normal before 2020. During lockdowns, people were afraid to get contaminated when they go out and buy groceries. In those times, grocery apps were the most safest and convenient options for people to buy food and other necessary items.

Although grocery apps were slowly getting traction before pandemic, the lockdown has made them a mainstream medium of shopping online. Grocery app’s use increased to 50% in those difficult times and now this is likely to grow. And thus, it is an one of the mobile app development trends that physical grocery store owners should keep in mind.

Games and Entertainment Apps

Games and entertainment apps were another vertical that gained traction when people were locked down in their homes. These apps were their most go-to option to have entertainment and pass the time. The OTT giants like Netflix and Amazon have gained 75% more subscribers in the pandemic.

However, as there is no lockdown anymore, people are likely to return to theatres but OTT platforms have gained a loyal subscriber base that will continue to be. Similarly, the game industry also saw a surge during the pandemic. And with the incorporation of AR and VR, games give players more immersive user experiences at home.

Voice Technology

Voice technology has been residing on top of the web and mobile app development trends list for quite a few years now. Voice technology has taken the market by storm, and it is forecasted to grow to 27.16 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. As homes are becoming more smarter with home assisting devices, we will this technology evolve and utilised in varied cases.

We already see voice enabled mobile apps where users can browse, search, and learn with voice commands. However, there is more than this as voice technology has myriad benefits and offers tremendous promise to the mobile app industry.

Mobile Learning

According to statista, the e-learning industry will grow to $370 billion by 2026. Mobile learning is another trend in the mobile app development industry that is rapidly getting traction. It was a sole means of learning in the pandemic, but is was already an established learning platform even before that.

Mobile learning is convenient as anybody can access global institutions and universities, and learn from renowned experts from worldwide. Users can enrol and finish courses at their pace and convenience, and enhance their skill set. And so, mLearning will be one of the greatest mobile app development trends in coming years.

P2P Payment Apps

Peer-to-peer payment apps are specialised applications that allow a person to make monetary transactions to other people. These apps help users to pay bills, buy things online, send money, and even invest. Since everything’s going digital, cashless transactions are an essential aspect at leading a digital transformation further.

An average smartphone user is most probably familiar with such kinds of apps. The P2P payment apps include built-in payment apps with mobile OS systems such as Apple pay and Google pay, standalone vendors having their own payment apps, bank-based apps where banks act as a third -party service providers, and social media payment features.


Mobile app development is evolving with new trends and technologies being more into the limelight. The trends discussed here are some of the prominent ones that business owners should consider before building their app. To make your application more robust and relevant to current standards, having the access of the right professional is essential. Whether you hire Android and hire iOS developer online, or from the agency in your neighbourhood, make sure you put their skills to test and choose the best one for your mobile app development project.

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