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Home Improvement

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Style You Need To Know In 2022

Our kitchens have long been a vital part of our homes. We got a new appreciation for our culinary hubs after spending the majority of the past two years at 

home—and creating breakfast, lunch, and dinner there as well. 

These following are the kitchen trends that will be prominent in 2022 to help you give your room and kitchen cabinet Adelaide a well-deserved and perhaps much-needed makeover:

Get These Style For Your Kitchen Cabinets!

Vintage and Antique-

The goal of future kitchen trends is to eliminate any ideas of a model home, and incorporating antique or vintage furniture into a kitchen immediately creates a warm atmosphere. The logical choice for a traditional style is farmhouse kitchen

furniture in the form of a scrubbed kitchen table or dresser. Antiques are ageless, built to last, and can be found at vintage markets for a reasonable price, adding a character to your room.

Glass partition:

A glass partition can divide spaces while maintaining a light and a sense of connection. It also has the benefit of aiding in the containment of odours in the kitchen.

Layered lighting:

The skill of layering will be important to building successful kitchens in the future. Lighting in a kitchen is always difficult to get right, but in actuality, just a small quantity of work lighting is required in specific preparation areas but too many downlighters, on the other hand, will make the kitchen ceiling resemble a landing strip.

Natural Kitchen:

As a result of the pandemic, natural materials have grown in appeal, and this trend will continue as marble, granite, and unpainted wood kitchen cabinets become more popular. In addition to their rich aesthetic qualities, they are increasingly being recognised for their health benefits, lowering the quantity of chemically treated goods in the home.

Basic colour coordinated kitchen:

Bright white kitchens contrast with rich woods and delicate curves to give modern kitchens a modern mid-century feel. With sophisticated handmade detailing, dark walnut cabinetry helps to keep the design basic. Tall white cabinets with light marble splashbacks and countertops lead the eye up, giving the impression of more space and keeping the style current.

Colour pop kitchen:

In favour of surprising paint-colour combos, throw the rulebook out the window. From appliances and flooring to window treatments, kitchen tile ideas, and cabinetry, there are a plethora of colour options in the kitchen. Decide how much of a long-term commitment you’re willing to make first. Changing the look of your kitchen or painting a wall is one of the simplest and least expensive solutions,

as both can be readily altered if you get tired of them. 


There are plenty of on-trend styles and state-of-the-art appliances to choose from,

with interesting new kitchen brands popping up and loads of innovative design

concepts and inventive twists on existing appliance designs on exhibit in kitchen showrooms across the country. Morcs Custom Joinery can help you renovate your kitchen cabinet in Adelaide and make it elegant and stylish.

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