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Modern Rustic Fireplace home designs

Discover a fireplace shelf to fit the style of your home — be it conventional, modern, or rustic. In view of style or structure, materials utilized and even color, to make it the focal purpose of your home. A fireplace shelf can enhance the vibe of your dull fireplace and as a rack to show your most loved décor collections. The way you accessorize your fireplace influences the general look of your interior decorations. 

Because you like the rustic search for your fireplace, doesn’t mean you need to live in a shack. This style can suit even the most up to date of rural family rooms. In this home, for instance, the homeowner chose a designed stone, which has a tumbled, old look however comes in standard shapes that are simpler to stack. Prior mortar makes the stonework look more unpleasant, and a shelf of hand-planed loads up has a tenderly imperfect look, as well. Vintage soft drink bottles and a star produced using rescued Metal barns roofing complete the look without being crusty – which suits the trim and sophisticated furniture fine and dandy.


Rustic Fireplace


Surprisingly, a rustic fireplace can look very contemporary with the correct approach. This model outlines that simplicity creates a sophisticated look. The stonework is clear, with wide mortar lines intersecting to create a crude mosaic. There is no shelf suspended to obscure this designing, just a slim edge that sits on the trim around the firebox. Negligible, little scale accessories on the edge are striking in contrast to the excellent stonework and ceiling treatment.

Wooden  Fireplaces

Being the most affordable among the rest, the wooden shelf is generally well known. With an assortment of materials accessible, Traditional mahogany is the most favored one for conventional homes. Known for its ruddy color and masculine intrigue, mahogany is characterized by its allure of modern craftsmanship. Victorian mahogany is one more classy choice for terrific appearances and intricate enumerating, it is carried out in obscurely recolored or white painted completions. Check out for more services in Chimney Sweep NYC.

Modern Fireplaces

Perhaps the best architect ever, Frank Lloyd Wright, once stated, “The fireplace is the core of the home.” That’s despite everything genuine today. After going into a room, everyone’s eyes are promptly attracted to the fireplace and individuals incline toward the glow. That is the reason fireplaces have been cherished augmentations to homes for quite a long time, and they stay one of the most mentioned home comforts today. 


Yet, modern fireplace configuration pushes conventional limits with radical new highlights that incorporate both function and smooth excellence. They look like something you’d find in a compelling artwork historical center, as opposed to a cabin in the forested areas. Many are direct fit as a fiddle and have adapted flares that are encircled by the colored glass and sparkly or polished metal. They are universes from the conventional brick fireplaces of the past!

Stone  Fireplaces

Limestone, marble, or stone are trademarks for esthetic functionality. With the accessibility of different surfaces and colors, stone shelves are favored in homes.

Metal Fireplaces

The silver tones, the smooth and sparkle of the metal over the conventional rustic look can give the handcrafted welded metal, the modern look you are chasing for.

Marble Fireplaces

Being the most costly among all, marble shelves give you the rich and exquisite look you search for. Hand-carved and hand-painted marbles accentuate the esthetic better than some other.

Brick Fireplaces

You can essentially point out your fireplace utilizing tile. To select the most reasonable tiles for the fireplace, combine them with the style of your home and your taste. Likewise, a brick fireplace gives a warm inclination in your family room. Because of normalized shapes and sizes, it is simpler to work with it, than with a stone. Can manufacture a brick fireplace in a customary way and can likewise include creative and modern techniques in the interior plan. In the event that you need to enter bricks in your interior plan, this is the correct method to do that. Presently investigate, and you will discover numerous creative propositions that without a doubt will move you to make a fascinating brick fireplace in your home!

Ceramic  Fireplaces

This type of firepits are made by ceramic tiles or strong units, ceramic shelves are the choice to go for, on the off chance that you need to customize your interiors. In the event that you are creating a story covering in the room where is the arranged establishment of the fireplace, you have to focus on the quality of the significant supporting substrate fireplace.

Burnishing  Fireplaces

Adding an antique look to wooden shelves, Burnishing is done on Mahogany to draw out its rich esthetics. It is the process by which a little piece of wood is scoured on the crafted wood with applied weight.

Dentil molding  Fireplaces

The fancy ornamentation is generally done on customary, European homes. An example produced using the redundancy of little blocks, dentil forming is done to add fancy dentil specifying to the shelf.

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