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Modern Toilets For Small Spaces Ideas

The Modern toilets for small spaces are a great choice for small bathrooms. When planning to renovate a bathroom, whether small or large, it is important that you give due importance to your selection of toilets. After all, your comfort highly depends on it. Many people make a mistake that they don’t think much before choosing a toilet for their space. It is especially the case if you are looking for a toilet for small bathrooms. Like other compact fixtures, there are types of toilets that are specially designed to save space. Such compact fixtures are a preferable choice anywhere area with less space. 

While despite having a small bathroom or cloakroom, you may not be much aware of these available options. In this article. We are going to review all of these available options. So, you know what to choose whenever you plan for a small bathroom makeover. 

Are Modern Toilets for Small Spaces Really Small?

btw Toilet The Modern toilets for small spaces are not much different from the standard toilets. Perhaps most of these are the same as what we can also use in medium or large toilets. However, such toilets have some space-saving features that are why recommended for such spaces. Few of these are special to save maximum space as much as possible. Most of these are modern and stylish; therefore installed in most medium to large spaces even due to attractive looks. 

Are Modern Toilets for Small Spaces Less Comfortable?

Many people think that since these are small or compact toilets, these may be less comfortable. However, it is far from reality. Generally, these are almost the standard designs and equally comfortable to use. However, you may feel a bit of an issue with short projection toilets as these may have a little less distance from the upper side to the bottom. But generally, it should not cause any problem. In addition to that, a person who a higher BMI may have some issues adjusting to such designs. Generally, a person with normal weight should not feel much while using them.

What is The Suitable Option for Modern Toilets for Small Spaces?

There are the following suitable options as toilets for small spaces available in the UK.

  • Wall Hung Toilet: When it comes to space-saving, nothing comes close to the wall hung toilets. These are the most space-saving options you have available. It only has a toilet pan. The floating style has some projection side the bathroom area. Even that leaves space on the floor due to the floating style. The cistern and all plumbing remain hidden inside the wall. So, your small bathroom looks spacious.
  • Corner Toilets:  For most of the small bathrooms, the corner is the space that remains empty. The idea is why not use this space for the toilet so you don’t have to cover the space in other spaces that can be utilized for other purposes. Therefore, some retailers have such compact options here you can fit such designs in the corners. These may have various types and styles. However, most of these are close-coupled options. 
  • Back To Wall Toilets: In case you can not install a wall hung, the other best possible option will be back to wall or btw toilets. These are simply a kind of toilet that can also save space due to their hidden cistern. While the bowl stands on the floor, the cistern will either be concealed inside the WC unit or wall. These stands against the wall that gives them their name. 
  • Short Projection Toilets:  As it is clear from the name, such toilets are designed to create minimum projection inside the bathroom. The shorter projection means the toilet bowl that has a lower dimension. The distance from the upper side to lower and side to side is reduced to cut the space requirements.

Final Thoughts. 

There are various options available for Modern toilets for small spaces in the UK. We have a discussion about various options you may have available for it. If you are looking for a toilet for your small bathroom or cloakroom, then one of the above-listed types will be a suitable choice for you. However, your choice should be based on personal preference, availability of plumbing and bathroom layout. You can visit Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK for the latest offers on toilets range.

Selecting the Right Compact Toilet for Your Cloakroom

The compact toilet is what we need when we are short of space in the bathroom. Not every bathroom is spacious, but you will be glad to know that there are types of bathroom toilets that can inevitably help you with space in many ways. The most common of such spaces are cloakrooms. Where we mostly need compact fixtures.

Just like a normal en-suite or family bathroom in your house, designing a cloakroom does require special attention. Given their small size, you have to be more careful while selecting the appropriate fixture and furniture that comfortably fits in the cloakroom.

Be that as it may, it is equally important to make sure that the fixtures you select work perfectly and suit the theme and style of the room as a whole. Nothing is more essential for a cloakroom than a toilet. Compared to standard bathrooms, cloakrooms require small toilets that fit perfectly into the congested space.

Compact Toilet is Stylish and Functional. 

Compact toilets tend to enhance the look of your cloakroom by creating a sense of space. The growing trend of cloakrooms in UK households has also pushed the demand for bathroom toilets. Homeowners and interior designers are more focused on installing smaller toilets in such bathrooms that don’t make the room feel too crowded.

How is Compact Toilet Different

Generally, there is not much difference between what we call a standard and the space-saving toilets. Most of these looks and works in the same way. Perhaps, many of these we also use in a normal-size washroom. The only difference is that these take less space. Their project or impact in the washroom is minimum hence becoming a suitable option for cloakrooms. 

Modern Toilets UKDifferent Options for Compact Toilets

If you are looking for a compact toilet for your cloakroom, here are some widely used types of styles you can choose from.

  • Small Size Toilets: Irrespective of their term, small toilets are just like standard-sized toilets with less protruding shape and minimum dimensions. With no cistern and the pan area, small toilets save up a few centimetres of extra space that would otherwise protrude into the bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you’d have to compromise on the styles of the toilet. Small toilets feature countless designs offering you a multitude of options to choose from.
  • Wall-mounted Toilets: Just like the name suggests, wall-mounted toilets are attached to the wall limiting the need for some extra ground space. These toilets work exactly like your wall-mounted vanities, instating an impression of more space. If you are going for a sleek and minimalistic look for your small cloakroom, wall-hung toilets can serve as the perfect option.
  • Corner Compact Toilets: Corner toilets are one of the most widely used compact toilets for cloakrooms as well as en-suite bathrooms. it fits in corners, smartly use the corner space that would otherwise be left unused. The cornered back of the toilet places it at an angle of 45-degree from both walls that offers enough space for usage. Although it might appear oddly shaped to most, its space-saving design makes it a considerable option.
  • Short Projection Toilets: Another popular choice for small, under-the-stairs cloakrooms is a short projection toilet. Unlike standard full-sized toilets, these toilets have a shorter seat that occupies less space allowing you to have more room to fit in other fixtures.  This small toilet certainly provides you with more space, but it may limit the ease of access.

 Final Thoughts

If you have a cloakroom or small bathroom, then a compact toilet, including fitting and fixtures, should be your priority. You may choose one of the above types to not only enhance the functionality but aesthetics as well. However, your choice should depend on your bathroom type, availability of plumbing, and personal preferences. You can check Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK if you need anything for a cloakroom makeover. 

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