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Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

If you are planning a desert safari in Dubai, you may want to choose a tour operator that specializes in this type of adventure. This company is a leading destination management company in Dubai, providing the highest quality tourism services. They offer a variety of different packages for the perfect desert safari Dubai. Whether you are interested in quad biking or sandboarding, or just want to spend some time with your family and friends, Morning Desert Safari is the perfect destination.

Dune bashing

If you want to experience a unique and thrilling adventure, then you must consider dune bashing in a dune buggy. This unique activity takes you through the dunes by means of specially designed vehicles, which are tested for safety. Drivers are also experienced and trained. This is a great opportunity for those who want to experience the wild desert. This activity is not suitable for everyone, as you will need to wear a hat and shades to stay safe.

After you’ve had a chance to learn about the history of sand dunes, you’ll be ready for a fun morning of dune bashing! You’ll ride in an enormous 4WD vehicle and speed up and down dunes, allowing you to take some spectacular pictures. You’ll also get a chance to get a henna tattoo and experience a traditional belly dance.

You will be picked up at the location of your choice around 30 minutes before the appointed time. The tour will take about four hours. You will get to explore the desert and see some beautiful sunsets. During this time, you can also partake in a camel ride, sandboarding, and quad biking. There’s no food included in the morning desert safari, but the activities will be more than enough to keep you entertained.

Quad biking

Enjoy the thrill of speeding through the red sands of the Arabian Desert on a Morning Desert Safari on a quad bike. Your trip begins with pickup from your hotel and will take you through the breathtaking scenery of the desert and a Bedouin village. You’ll even have the opportunity to enjoy a shisha session and spend some time in the sand with a camel. Whether you’re new to quad biking or just want a little challenge, this activity is an excellent choice.

Experience the beauty of the desert on a quad bike in the early morning, when the sand is fresh and the horizon is still bright. This morning activity is a great way to see Dubai at sunrise and to experience the thrill of quad biking in the sand. Guests can choose from fifteen to 20 minutes rides, and they can even request a longer ride. The experience is perfect for couples, families, and individuals who are looking for a different perspective.

During your morning desert safari, you’ll be picked up from your hotel by an experienced driver. The ride will take about 30 minutes, and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the desert sunrise. Along with quad biking, you’ll also get to experience camel riding, red dune bashing, and sand boarding. In between, you’ll have time for a few light snacks. This tour is ideal for anyone who loves adventure and the desert.


If you don’t have enough time to experience an evening safari, why not try sandboarding in the morning? It’s an exciting experience and has been thrilling millions of people for years. Before embarking on your morning desert safari, read the following tips before going out sandboarding. A morning desert safari starts early in the morning, and the dunes are still relatively calm. Sandboarding is also a great way to see the sunrise.

Before you start your sandboarding adventure, read through the safety tips and fill out a waiver form. Make sure you wear proper clothing – you don’t want to get drenched in sand. You should wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to remove in case of a spill. Sandboarding is an activity that can be fun for the whole family, and the entire family can participate in it. However, you should take your children with you so that they can experience the adventure in a safe manner.

Before heading out on your morning desert safari, make sure you’ve been up early enough. A trip to the desert is an exciting way to spend a morning, and it’s definitely worth the trip. Your full-time guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the dunes for the morning safari. This morning tour is the most adventurous, as you can ride the dunes and enjoy the sunrise at the same time.

Camel trekking

In the morning desert of Dubai, you can enjoy a range of activities such as sand boarding, camel trekking, and hot air balloon rides. You can opt for a group tour or a private one to enjoy the unique experience of the desert. This activity is very exciting for both kids and adults. You can even opt for a sleepover camel safari, which combines a morning safari with an evening adventure. On this safari, you can enjoy a barbecue dinner in the open desert, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. In addition, you will be treated to traditional Arab music and dance.

The price of the morning desert safari includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. The tour lasts for approximately seven hours, and is priced at 164 US Dollars for adults and 103 US Dollars for children between three and 11 years old. You can book this tour online or through your hotel. The tour includes a camel ride, sandboarding, and dune bashing. You will also get to enjoy henna painting.

Seeing gazelles

A desert safari in the morning can be a great way to see rare wildlife. The air is fresh and cool, and the sun rays are not so harsh. Also, a morning safari will not be as crowded, which can be good for spotting rare animals. Here’s what to expect on your first desert safari:

A typical morning desert safari starts with pick-up from your hotel at dawn. The driver will take you to the desert rims, where you’ll have the chance to witness the desert’s dawn. The tour lasts about two to three hours and includes a hot air balloon flight. After the tour, you’ll be treated to a hearty breakfast at a campsite. While on a desert safari, look out for cheetahs, giraffes, and gazelles.

The morning desert safari in Dubai is not the only way to view wildlife. You can also take a wildlife safari, which is optional and takes you deep into the desert to see gazelles and Arabian Oryx. Your guide will help you identify the best spots to spot these animals. Seeing gazelles in the morning desert safari is a fun experience for any traveler and will be the highlight of their day.

Seeing Arabian oryxes

A morning desert safari is a great way to experience the local wildlife without the hassles of crowds. You can spot Arabian oryxes in the wild, which is unusual to see in the city. Then, your private transfer will take you back to your hotel. You can even enjoy a leisurely picnic in this area. It is an unforgettable experience! Seeing Arabian oryxes in the morning desert safari will definitely leave a lasting impression on you.

Seeing Arabian oryxes during a morning desert safari has its own special fantasy. The cool morning air and warm sun rays enhance the beauty of the desert. It is also the best time to see rare desert species like gazelle and Arabian oryx. Seeing these animals during the morning safari will also boost your energy levels. You can even go for a hot air balloon ride, which is only available during the morning.

For a more exciting morning safari, you can opt for a Sunrise Safari. This experience includes a picnic breakfast and a dune bashing session. Your guide will inform you about the success of the conservation project and give tips on how to protect the unique desert flora and fauna. If you do happen to spot an Arabian oryx, this experience will definitely be worth the hassle.

Getting away from Dubai’s rush

If you’re looking for a quiet time away from the daily hustle and bustle, try a morning desert safari in Dubai. These trips take place during the morning, when the sun is still slanting and the rays are less harsh. The slanting rays of the sun provide ample sunlight, which can help you see rare wildlife. The early morning hours also make for more relaxed tour groups and fewer tourists.

A Dubai morning desert safari is a perfect activity for those who enjoy adrenaline rushes and want to get away from the city’s clamor. The tour includes a ride on a luxury Land Cruiser and spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. It takes two hours or less to complete this trip, so it’s the best way to get away from the rush of Dubai’s evening safari.

During the tour, you’ll enjoy the scenery and experience the thrills of the Sand Board Surfing activity. This sporty activity lets you float down the massive sand dunes while being photographed. The morning desert safari also includes a camel ride, which takes about 45 minutes and is a fun option for families. Once the tour has concluded, you’ll be taken back to your hotel.

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