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Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

A morning drive through the morning desert provides a unique chance to explore the true nature of the desert through the eyes of a tourist, at least for one day. A morning desert safari in Dubai is also one of the best ways to enjoy the purest form of natural beauty, right from the comfort of your own car. It offers a truly quintessential Arabian experience which enables you to better enjoy the unspoilt beauty of the Middle East.

How to do Good Adventure

The best way to do mornings tours in Dubai is to choose one of several morning desert safaris offered by the various tour operators. Such tours offer the best of the desert safaris in the region, with the added advantage of the beautiful UAE environs as well. You will get to explore the best of the locales here, as well as the exciting expanses of the alpine regions, and the breathtaking mountains that border the Indian Ocean. There are various tour operators that provide tours to the area through its incredible desert safaris. Such tours can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. For instance, you can opt for an adventurous journey through the dunes to witness the sun setting behind the horizon or to witness the stunning sunrise.

You can also opt for the other types of thrilling activities that are sure to make your trip to Dubai memorable. If you are a thrill seeker at heart, you can opt for the extreme adventure packages that are available in the market. These packages include riding atop the sand dunes in a four-wheelers and taking in the amazing view of the horizon. There are several other activities that you can indulge in apart from the thrilling desert safari. Shopping is yet another way to spend your early morning desert safari in Dubai. This is an excellent way to spend your leisure time, without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

More Adventures with Desert Safari

There are many exciting things to be done while on such a tour, including trekking, driving on sand dunes, sun bathing and a plethora of desert sports. The best part about this tour is that you can do it anytime of the year, as the weather remains pleasant all round the year. Another exciting adventure that you can try out while on a morning desert safari in Dubai would be the go carting excursion. This is like a quad bike ride through the desert, on foot. The exhilaration of the experience will rush you with adrenaline. You will also be able to smell the aroma of the Arabic coffee in the air.

The souks and traditional markets of Dubai have several interesting shops that sell everything from local arts and crafts to jewelry and furniture. The shopping is indeed a fun-filled experience. However, it is important that you purchase these items from reputed stores so that you are not cheated. A few other attractions that are sure to capture your imagination when you go for an early morning desert safari in Dubai include the camel ride. Riding along with friendly dunesmen, you can stop at sandstone villages and take a camel ride through the dunes.

How to do Camel Ride in Morning Desert Safari Dubai

You can also enjoy a camel ride during the day and visit the various village settlements that dot the outskirts of Dubai. The desert can provide you with an opportunity to see the different cultures of the Middle East up close. You can spend a couple of days touring the dunes and villages, if you wish. The best part about this kind of desert safari is that you can tour the area in any which way you want.

You can start your tour at dawn and go back to relax at sundown. You can take a camel ride during the day and then explore the dunes at night. If you want to spend more time exploring the area, you can choose to board a hot air balloon and float over the beautiful desert landscape. With the right planning, you can make your Dubai morning safari into a truly unforgettable experience.

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