Morocco Travel Destinations

Morocco is one of Africa’s most mysterious and colourful nations. Therefore, its Atlas Mountains resemble the planet Mars. And Essaouira as the blue-and-white city looks like something out of a pirate movie. Marrakesh’s ancient medina transports visitors back several centuries. And Agadir as a modern resort is easily comparable to the Mediterranean Seafront. In Morocco desert tours, there are many places you can include in your Morocco Travel Destinations. Here are some important Morocco travel destinations

Morocco Travel Destinations

Marrakech: Imperial City

Marrakech is a city with insane energy, lack of logic on the roads, eternal rush and shopping outlets at every turn. Everything that happens on its territory looks like a huge film set with thousands of extras. At first, it causes a slight shock, but after a couple of hours, you start to get used to the rhythm of Marrakech. Also, you can enjoy colourful pictures that are unusual for our eyes. It is difficult to find logic in a red city with green gardens, but it is quite possible to find beauty. This is one of the imperial cities in Morocco travel destinations.

The city, founded in 1062 by the Berber tribes, is located in the southwestern part of the country near the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech’s Medina was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Marrakesh has a subtropical climate with very hot summers. The highest air temperature is in July and August: it can rise to +40 degrees. In winter, it drops to + 18 + 20 degrees. When going to Marrakesh in the summer, be sure to stock up on drinking water. If you look for a trip from Marrakech, check 3 days tour from Marrakech to Fes

What to do in Marrakech:

Casablanca City

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and the most populated in the country. The ancient Medina lives in its calm rhythm, while big deals are made in modern skyscrapers. Two-story white houses dotted with satellite dishes contrast with the Spanish-Moorish style palaces. A city with a beautiful name looks like a huge constructor with thousands of bright elements. The city is situated on the Atlantic Ocean’s coast. Today, Casablanca is one of the main trading cities of North Africa and the largest industrial centre of Morocco. Casablanca has a Mediterranean climate. The most comfortable weather for excursions and beach holidays is set in May. Until the end of September, you can swim in the ocean, and in October the water temperature will drop to +17+19 degrees. Casablanca is never too hot even in the summer months: the average air temperature is a comfortable +25 degrees.

What to do in Casablanca

Tangier City

Tangier is a unique resort that allows you to simultaneously visit two coasts: the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. In addition to the indigenous people, many Europeans, Americans and even Russians live here. Along with mosques, there are Catholic cathedrals, Protestant churches and synagogues. Tangier is a modern, international city with an oriental flair. It is perfect for a first date in Morocco travel destinations. The resort is located in the northern part of the country and is its largest economic, cultural and financial centre. Tangier has an international airport and railway station. The holiday season in Tangier lasts from May to October when you can book 7 days tour from Tangier. During this period, the air temperature reaches a comfortable +28+30 degrees and water – +25 degrees. It is also warm here in winter, but in November the rainy season begins, which lasts until February.

What to do in Tangier

Agadir City

As you approach Agadir airport, you’ll notice a long stretch of golden sand. Once here, you will not immediately feel the oriental flavour. At first glance, Agadir will seem like a typical European resort with a lot of entertainment for tourists. This is one of the most modern cities in Morocco, where even local women wear jeans and T-shirts. And in the mornings, it is customary here to slowly drink coffee with fresh pastries in small cafes and look at passers-by. The resort is in the southwestern part of the country. In 1960, a powerful earthquake almost wiped the city off the face of the Earth. However, they rebuilt and about 700 thousand people live in Agadir now.

The resort is located 28 km from the International Airport, so after 30-40 minutes tourists find themselves in their hotels. In Agadir, there are many hotels belonging to popular chains such as Sofitel, Sheraton, Medclub and others. Before you book these kinds of accommodation, read the reviews of tourists and try to find real photos of the rooms. Besides, you to know that even expensive hotels are not on the coast. Yet,  it will be very pleasant to walk along the shady palm alleys to the ocean. The 6-kilometre city beach of Agadir is very spacious and picturesque. Locals provide sun loungers and umbrellas around there. There also are cafes, restaurants, shops and water activities.

What to do in Agadir
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