Most-asked SEO Questions Answered

There’s a good probability that you’ve got many questions if you’re new to search engine optimization. Whether you are a businessperson trying to boost the functionality of your website or someone who is trying to make it more discoverable with a high ranking – the questions are always never-ending.

Even for the simplest queries, figuring out where to look for the solutions can be challenging. This is especially because the internet frequently contains contradictory information. A large part of this happens because Google adjusts its algorithms regularly. Although not all of these adjustments are substantial, the fact remains that things evolve.

These days, organizations generally partner with an SEO company in India to ensure the smooth implementation of search engine optimization. However, fret not! We have curated a list of the most-asked SEO questions for you to boost your knowledge before you dive headfirst into SEO.

  1. What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

The method of promoting a website on search engines to make it more visible whenever users look for pertinent keywords and searches is known as search engine optimization.

A site’s volume of organic visitors begins to rise as its rating rises for various keywords. This is because organic traffic, as opposed to sponsored advertisements, originates from Google’s organic results.

  1. Does your business need SEO?

Yes, your company should invest in a good SEO company in India. There is a way to generate traffic by optimizing for search engines without having to shell out money for every click. However, you will be billed for every click that arrives at your site from a PPC ad network.

However, this is virtually free if your website achieves an organic search engine ranking. Of course, ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) means investing in resources and expertise.

  1. Why is my website not visible in Google search results?

There are multiple reasons why your website might not rank on Google:

Apart from these, there are many other possibilities as well.

  1. How do I find the right and high-ranking keywords?

You cannot enter a strategy headfirst. To optimize your website for keywords, you must be aware of the words and phrases that people use to find businesses similar to yours on a search engine.

Use a good keyword tool or the Google Keyword Planner to accomplish this. First, start the tool and type a phrase you believe customers might use to discover your company online. After that, you’ll receive a ton of ideas for comparable keywords and information about their search traffic every month.

  1. How long will it take to achieve a good ranking on Google?

The days of establishing a website, improving your page titles, and peaking within a few days are gone for good. Expecting a website to rank overnight is impractical.

The ranking comes from relevant pages with established authority. You must deserve it and earn it. However, if we were to ballpark it, the best response would be somewhere between six to twelve months.

  1. What is a Google Penalty in Search Engine Optimization?

Perhaps you’ve heard that Google penalizes sites that disobey its webmaster regulations. Technically, algorithmic sanctions (or corrections) aren’t sanctions. Instead, they occur as a consequence of an algorithm (for example, Penguin algorithms) screening out a site after finding evidence of manipulation, which causes a change in the site’s rankings.

For instance, if Google finds plagiarized content on your website, your SEO ranking will take a major hit, making it very difficult for your audience to find you. It is quite taxing for Google to crawl websites in the first place.

Additionally, you will not be notified if your website loses ranking. It might get too late by the time you figure it out, so it is always better to keep your content unique!

Final Thoughts

Frankly, asking questions is one of the primary ways of learning anything, and the same applies to SEO as well.

Asking questions is personal – it ensures that you consume the information properly and remember it for the time to come.

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