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Most Used Accounting Softwares for Trading Industries in Dubai UAE

Successfully running a business in UAE can be a hard nut to crack. For this, you need to have enough resources. You must invest considerable time and skills in many things, including accounting services.

Many accounting and business management software offerings in UAE can make your work easy. There are different packages for different requirements. They mark some packages as the best for a particular business according to the business size, sector, type, etc.

The main differences among software packages are auxiliary functions, user interfaces, and other special features.

What Is Accounting Software? What is the Use of Accounting Software for Trading Companies in the UAE?

Accounting Software is a set of computer applications that are specialized in industrializing financial control in the commercial environment and aiding supervisors in managing their accounting activities.

  • Accounting software does various accounting and bookkeeping jobs.
  • It also helps keep a business’s financial data, transactions, etc., safe.
  • Businesses of every size invest in accounting software.
  • You can install the best accounting software in Dubai locally or in the Cloud according to your updates and security.

Most Used Accounting Softwares for Trading Industries in Dubai, UAE

There is no rational way to rate accounting software. No accounting or business management software is perfect for all users. Different companies like different software according to your feasibility. This list focuses on medium-sized businesses ($05 Million – $250 Million) and software designated as ERP for advanced business management. (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning).

The most used accounting software for trading Industries in Dubai are as follows:

WebDesk ERP

WebDesk ERP is the most famous and best accounting software used in UAE by trading companies in Dubai, UAE. The main key features of this software are that it makes accurate forecasts for your Company’s progress. It also promotes collaboration and has lower operational costs. WebDesk ERP complies with regulations and has efficient cross-departmental workflows. WebDesk ERP trading software provides high security and flexibility for its customers to customize their software according to their requirements.

Unique Features That Make Web Desk ERP Standout

Enhanced Tax Modules

The tax modules are a unique feature that makes this ERP software stand out from all the other software. Web desk ERP makes enhanced taxing modules for every customer. It helps customers feel free to share their problems and financial condition. It also helps schedule the taxation according to customers’ needs and wants.

Multi-Company Support

WebDesk ERP is the best accounting software in UAE. The unique feature of web desk ERP is that you can handle multiple company accounts through this. It means that you own different companies, and you do not need to have multiple software. Instead, it can handle all companies’ information and accounts through one software.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Web desk ERP supports multiple companies and supports multiple bank accounts. It would be best if you did not worry about data in different software. Web desk ERP can hold information about all your bank accounts in one single ERP. It saves your time and energy.


Zoho books were first introduced to cloud-based accounting in 2011 in Chennai, India. They haven’t yet established any physical branch in Dubai.

They offer several services, including accounting transactions, Cloud storage services through google drive, drop box, one drive, Evernote, etc.

Their services are available on iOS as well as on android. They offer a 14-day free trial; after that, the trial expires, and you have to pay for the services. They offer a free plan for businesses that can maintain an annual revenue of $50,000

It effortlessly automates bank feeds, routinely sends payment reminders, etc.

What makes it unique from other accounting software companies is that it includes the following features: invoice management, expense tracker, timesheet and billing, payment getaways, and more.

Zoho Books is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

ZOHO is one of the few accounting packages that is approved officially by the FTA (Federal Tax Authorities) of the UAE. It is an excellent choice for consumers.

Quickbooks Accounting Software

Intuit Quickbooks is one of the famous names in the accounting software world. It has many custom solutions pre-configures to accomplish the needs of definite industries. It helps the users make payments, trace transactions, create invoices, generate reports, etc., through this vast platform.

Quickbooks users can send Quickbooks data directly to their accounting services. It is best for mid-sized businesses that are up to $250 million.

A subscription-based option is also available with hosting for data access from anywhere, anytime, if you live in any long distant country.

It has a simple interface, which is suitable especially for the customer who doesn’t have much vast information about accounting. If you don’t have any relevant accountants, they have this particular option for you in which you can consult a professional accountant through their Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping add-on.

Other services include Quickbooks Time, Quickbooks Payroll, and Quickbooks Payments, of which you can avail yourself by paying different prices.

Sage 50

Sage 50 is essential accounting software for large companies in the UAE. It offers services such as accounting, payroll, credit card handling, etc. It aids in providing a real-time recording of sales and receipts, managing invoices, multiple currency support, transferring funds, cash flow forecasting, submits VAT online, all obtainable from your desktop or via a mobile app.

Sage 50 is marketed as an alternative to traditional ERP solutions. It works by simplifying the complex structure of most ERP-type software with a cloud-based subscription service usable with any browser.

Users can install a version of Sage 50 on their infrastructure and fully customize it to their business requirements. It is scalable and grows as your business grows. It works best for mid-sized companies.


Xero was inaugurated as a cloud-based accounting operation in New Zealand in 2006 and now has grown by having three million subscribers worldwide.

All of their subscription tiers support unlimited users. It means that multiple users can access the accounting software through various computers.

It also offers a free 30-day trial, their Starter Plan only covers up to 20 invoices and quotes and 5 bill entries, so it’s not a viable option for a busy startup or microbusiness.

Your excellent feature with their Premium Plan is its multiple currency conversion. It can work in your favor since you will no longer need to process the conversion manually. It is not that good with customer support.

Xero is suitable for small businesses. It automatically lets users import and classify their new PayPal, credit card, and banking transactions and gives real-time currency exchange information, multiple currencies, custom invoices, etc.

Xero introduced traditional accounting into a new modern cloud-based accounting in an excellent way that millions of Companies have switched to it.

Apps across multiple functions like sales, CRM, HR, E-commerce, Inventory, etc., can be connected. It will be a worthwhile decision to buy Xero that you will not regret especially as a business startup.

Tally ERP 9

It is the latest accounting software version launched by Tally Solutions in 2019. You may use this accounting software if you have startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large enterprises.

It offers a user-defined ledger system to each of them according to the user’s specific needs. You can manage multiple companies through this ledger system of this software and deliver multi-billing formats structured explicitly for the services/products offered.

The plans are available in a range of buying options. If you pay the plan’s perpetual license upfront, you can use its exclusive features and capabilities for a lifetime.

Tally ERP 9 is available in several variants – each configured for a specific purpose, business type, or user. It has almost one million users worldwide. An extensive set of business management functions includes support for multi-location businesses, audit support, tax records, and even multiple companies.

It is pretty expensive. Tally ERP 9 also includes a GST support feature that helps you handle your business’ taxes. Once you input the GST details of your Company, the software will prepare and upload your tax files directly.

Odoo Open Source ERP and CRM

Odoo is one of the leading accounting software used in Dubai, UAE. The software is of very good quality and easily usable by everyone. You do not need to learn complex strategies to use this software. The software is 100% customizable and can be changed according to the requirements of the Company and company size. If you own a big company, you can customize the software according to your usage. If you own a small or medium-sized company, you can still customize it per your requirements. The software is safe and free from hackers, so you don’t need to worry about leaking your business information. There are more than 7 million successful customers of Odoo Open Source ERP and CRM accounting software.

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