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MRCOOL Advantage Series vs DIY Series: Which provides value for money?

Deciding between the MRCOOL Advantage and DIY series for heating and cooling your home involves considering several factors, including energy efficiency, ease of installation, cost, and additional features. Both series are celebrated for their efficiency and versatility but cater to slightly different homeowner needs and preferences.

MRCOOL Advantage Series Overview

The MRCOOL Advantage Series is engineered for those seeking a blend of high efficiency, advanced features, and affordability. It’s particularly noted for:

  • Energy Efficiency: Featuring high SEER ratings for reduced operational costs.
  • Smart Device Integration: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for enhanced convenience.
  • Newly Designed Components: Boasts a high-performance compressor and a new Smart HVAC Wi-Fi control module.

MRCOOL DIY Series Overview

The MRCOOL DIY Series stands out for its user-friendly installation process, making it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts. Its highlights include:

  • Ease of Installation: Comes with a pre-charged refrigerant line set and an installation kit, designed for a straightforward setup without professional assistance.
  • High-Performance Comfort: Offers features like sleep mode and gold fin technology, ensuring efficient operation and durability.

Energy Efficiency

Both the Advantage and DIY series offer exceptional energy efficiency, thanks to their high SEER ratings. Your decision might lean towards personal preference or specific energy-saving goals.

Installation and Ease of Use

  • Advantage Series: May require professional installation, adding to the initial cost but ensures the system is set up correctly.
  • DIY Series: Designed for homeowners comfortable with taking on installation projects, potentially saving on installation costs.

Cost and Financial Value

  • Advantage Series: While offering superior quality and advanced features, it comes at a slightly higher price point, justified by its enhanced capabilities and smart technology integration.
  • DIY Series: Offers excellent value for those looking to minimize upfront costs, including professional installation fees. The DIY approach, combined with the system’s high efficiency, can lead to significant savings.

Features and Functionality

  • Advantage Series: Boasts advanced technology and superior product quality, with features aimed at enhancing user convenience and system performance.
  • DIY Series: While simpler, it doesn’t compromise on performance or efficiency, making it a practical choice for many homeowners.

Personal Preference

Choosing between the MRCOOL Advantage and DIY series ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific requirements:

  • If ease of installation and cost savings are priorities, and you’re comfortable with a DIY project, the DIY Series may be the perfect fit.
  • If you prefer a system with advanced features, and superior quality, and are willing to invest a bit more (potentially including professional installation), the Advantage Series might be more suited to your needs.


Both the MRCOOL Advantage and DIY series offer compelling benefits, making them attractive options for different reasons. Consider what’s most important to you—whether it’s the satisfaction and savings of installing the system yourself or the advanced features and peace of mind that come with the Advantage series.


Q: Can I really install the MRCOOL DIY system myself? A: Yes, if you’re comfortable with basic home improvement projects, you can install the MRCOOL DIY system yourself. It’s designed for straightforward installation with clear instructions.

Q: Are both systems suitable for heating and cooling? A: Absolutely. Both the Advantage and DIY series function as heat pumps, providing efficient heating and cooling for your home.

Q: Which system is more energy-efficient? A: Both systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind and feature high SEER ratings. The specific energy savings will depend on the model and your usage patterns.

Q: How do I know which size system to choose? A: The size of the system you need depends on the square footage of the space you’re heating or cooling, among other factors. MRCOOL offers a variety of sizes in both series to fit different spaces.

Choosing between the MRCOOL Advantage and DIY series depends on weighing the pros and cons in relation to your individual needs, including installation preferences, budget constraints, and desired features.

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