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Nail Making Machine and Process

Fundamental applications and provisions of A series nail-making supplies. 

Principle applications 

Wire nail-making machine is for the most part utilized for making round nails with measurement 2.9-4.6mm, length 50-100mm. With somewhat refitting the wire reinforcing framework and punching arrangement of the machine. We can make other explicit steel nails. For example, loop material nails, material nails, and so on. 


Exquisite appearance, Reasonable design, Stable execution, Security and unwavering quality, Durability being used. Easy upkeep, High proficiency. The principal parts like every one of the shafts, cams. And pinion wheels are made of value preparation.

The taking care of the framework introduced with control handles. Which makes it simpler to take care of wires or quit taking care of wires whenever the machine is running. 

A grinding gadget gathers between driving rods and flywheels to give insurance when a machine separates or over-burdens. 

Full mechanization

Once dispatched, it can make nails constantly. 

The cutting framework comprises chiefly two nail knives, which have a compound head to cut the steel wire bar into little nails of various nail lengths. 

The cutting framework lies within the left and right side shafts of the nail making machine, balanced. The one side of the associating rod connects with a side camshaft. The opposite side of which associate with a scissors slider. As a result of the impact of inclination. The turning of the side camshaft drives the scissors slider to move around to accomplish cutting nails. 

Turning screw can change all over the position of balance, Consequently, change the that of the pointing blade. 

Turning the screw can change the wedge to accomplish the guideline of the length pointing knife. 

A fortifying wire pedestal, which has 8 pinion wheels, etc. To change steel wires secure on the taking care of wire shelf with screws. 

This is the image of the fix arrangement of the nail making machine: 

After the steel wire gets through this device. The coil steel wire will fix and turn out to be straight perfectly for nails. For the presentation of the entire wire nail machine line.

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