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Nature of The Five Drug Crime Charges

The federal and states in the United States have a law coverage over various drug crime charges. State laws regarding drugs have their own mandates as long as it will not be in conflict with federal laws. Federal drug charges will end in longer and stricter sentences. Meanwhile, state drug charges are often assailed with probation or shorter sentences. Nonetheless, regardless of what sort of drug charges a defendant may have, any drug conviction will have its consequences.

Drug crime charges have fully gained national attention due to its problematic prevalence over the past decade. In fact, every state in the US strictly prohibits any form of trade or possession of controlled substances. A number of these controlled substances include methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana.

Here are a number of common drug crime charges:


Each state features its own variation of the federal law when it involves drug crime charges related to drug possession. The charge varies counting on the drug type and amount involved. The laws under both state and federal levels ban the possession of illegal drugs. The charges can be a simple possession that has lighter repercussions or possession with intent to deliver which can have heavier consequences. If the person only carries a very small quantity, the charge is often a simple possession. An outsized quantity of illegal substances can have harsher sentences due to the intent to distribute. Paraphernalia laws can also be covered by some drug possession charges.

Paraphernalia Charges

Drug paraphernalia is a tool or equipment that is utilized for the purpose of only using illicit drugs. It is a legal offense to sell any type of drug paraphernalia. The issue with drug paraphernalia is that some types can look as if they’re made for legal purposes. An example may be a syringe. A syringe is often utilized to inject drugs but is often masked as a medical-grade syringe. Another example would be bongs that have labels that will only be used for tobacco. Even if there is a label on the tool, the person may be charged with an offense associated with drug paraphernalia, depending on how the item looks or where you buy the item.

Dealing Charges

Dealing with illegal drugs means selling illicit substances on a smaller trade scale. Trafficking and dealing charges can vary counting on the state the person is in. Drug dealing often deals with the sale of smaller quantities of drugs. This means drug dealing can have lesser penalties than selling larger amounts of illegal drugs. A charge dealing with 50 grams of marijuana has a sentence up to five years and a further fine of $250,000. Involving in the sale of over 1000 kilograms of drugs has a sentence ranging from a decade to a life term.

Manufacturing and Delivering Drugs Charges

Another common drug charge would be the manufacturing and delivery of illicit drugs. Prosecutors are needed to prove the intent of the defendant to either manufacture or deliver illegal drugs. If the defendant faces convictions, he or she will face prison time and fines. Growing or manufacturing products with marijuana has its special case thanks brought by the medical legality.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Laws covering trafficking and distribution of controlled substances make it illegal to move, sell, or import any illegal substances. This charge is taken into account as a felony. Trafficking and distributing drugs is considered a serious crime compared to a drug possession charge. Possessing huge quantities of illicit drugs can lead the police to think that the person has an intent to distribute the narcotics, leading to a distribution charge. Conviction of drug trafficking crimes can have a sentence from three years to life.

Get Legal Assistance

Getting drug crime charges is nerve-wracking. It’s advised to work with a specialized defense lawyer for drug charges. The lawyer will determine what defenses are often utilized in the case. Defense attorneys would stand by their clients challenging the case presented by the prosecution. A defense lawyer may also employ strategies on procedural errors. It is highly important that a defendant will have a legal counsel that can deploy defense strategies that can help in getting the charges dropped or gain a lighter sentence.






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