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New Home, New You: 5 Must-Have Home Accessories

Starting Fresh In A New Space

Moving into a new home is a wonderful opportunity to refresh and update your style. The perfect way to spruce up the look of your living areas is to add touches of sophistication and function to the different rooms of your new home with these fun home accessories. 

One pro tip is to start your project while packing. Envision your new spot, and imagine which furniture pieces from your existing place are worthy to come along. Don’t even bother bringing along items that don’t fulfill the mental picture you are developing of your new zone.

All the things on the list below have been suggested because they are simple and elegant ideas to feature in your brand new home. They are also accessible and available without having to hire a licensed contractor – always a bonus! Most of these things are an errand or an online shopping binge search away from being yours. You can even go to a flea market and look for other fancy and elegant items to decorate your new home and revamp your living aesthetic. 

Peruse the following and see if anything jumps off the page and into your designs:

An Elegant New Bar Cart

Having a dedicated “bar trolley” is one of those luxuries you don’t think about but makes perfect sense if you enjoy an occasional cocktail. Imagine having the proper glasses, liquors, mixers, and muddlers available at your fingertips for your own personal Home Happy Hour. Don’t forget the wine cooler! Many models come equipped with a small fridge designed to fit bottles of wine.

Bar carts add an element of sophistication that you can’t quite get otherwise. This household accessory is perfect for hosting a dinner party or just if you want to feel fancy on your own. You can even get a custom build bar cart that fits within a corner of your room, or that can be built into a wall or shelf in your house. A fancy way to display and store your liquor is a perfect luxury accent piece to your new home aesthetic. 

A Convenient Coffee Service Stand

Similar to a bar trolley, having a designated stand for your morning coffee ritual is such a special touch. You will be wondering why you didn’t have one before! Think about all the countertop space you will save by having a small stand, chest, or credenza as a Coffee & Tea Station for all these items. Store everything related to your morning brew here, and revel in the ability to have that special zone just for delicious hot steamy beverages. Trust us, it’s a decadent treat.

As you can see, this suggestion (as well as everything on this list) is something that can be quite easily purchased and installed in any of the new houses for sale in Edmonton. Keep this in mind when you are viewing potential spaces. If you’re a coffee snob, a setup like this is exactly what you need to show everyone in your home that you mean business when it comes to coffee. 

A Luxuriously Upholstered Ottoman

Everybody under the sun has a coffee table in their living room, right? Re-think this norm for a moment and imagine a lusciously upholstered ottoman piece in place of the table. Something that complements the colors in your room and adds a touch of elegance as well. Consider using velvet or another textured fabric, and don’t be afraid of a pop of color. This piece can be used to set things on (have a small tray stationed on it for this purpose), or to perch on when the need arises. Beautiful ottomans can really add that extra touch of luxury. Depending on the color and style you choose, you can get a Victorian-style ottoman for a touch of refinement, or a more modern style ottoman with storage for a sleek and comfortable look. 

An Outdoor Fire Feature

Having a fire pit or feature is an absolute must for anyone who likes to entertain or even just snuggle up solo for the ambiance. Sure, you can get a small metal receptacle or chiminea for making fires because those both work great. You could also splurge for an electronic fire pit or sculpture. There are so many funky or classy options available depending on what your outdoor vibe is. Browse around until you find a fit because this is one trend that pays off time and time again. You can even find fire features that will work on balconies or decks. If you live in an apartment, or only have a deck, but you still enjoy sitting outside alone or with friends, these fire features will be perfect for you. 

Deluxe Spa Bathroom Features

Everybody longs for a large, newly renovated bathroom, but it’s not always within the budget. Luckily we can have features that model the high-end spas, including the following:

  • Warming rack for towels or clothing changes
  • Heated floor mats
  • Vanity with chair
  • Bidet 
  • Rain showerhead
  • Removable bathtub jets
  • Face mask organizer
  • Aesthetic shower caddy

As you can see there are a variety of options depending on your spending allotment, but all of these things fall into the category of “Why haven’t I had this before?” A seemingly simple few items can give you a decadent amount of pleasure while you are showering, primping, or using the other facilities. All of these items are sure to give your new bathroom a touch of luxury. You can now make your bathroom a haven for relaxation!

Adding New Touches

Remember, you don’t have to buy all new things just because you’re moving. That process is daunting enough! Just try to give some thought to your look and style as you are going through the process, and see if you can incorporate a couple of new ideas here and there if it strikes your fancy. Your new home is a great opportunity to revamp your own style through your home decor!

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