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Computers and Technology

Nintendo Switch WII U Title keys

You have to see how quickly a year goes by. Twelve months ago we were opening our boxes of Nintendo Switch and connecting it to the TV to prepare to play the last great creation of Nintendo. Since then, everyone has surely had all kinds of experiences with it and can tell numerous anecdotes or the sensations that it has left, because the truth is that it has been one of the products that has left the most impact of the past year. since Wii u and that with it gave an excellent result and on the other hand with Wii U it hit a bump.


So why has the Nintendo Switch become such a smash hit? It is no longer just that there is enough talk about it, but it has also managed to sell millions of units around the world. The amount has been so huge that in less than a year it has managed to surpass the total number of units that have been acquired from Wii U throughout all this time, which makes it clear that this time the Nintendo game has turned out well.

So, let’s review what the great N has done well with this great console and the keys to its success so that it can compete to become one of the best Nintendo consoles in history.

The need for a change from Wii U

Wii U

The first thing to make clear is that Wii U has not been a bad console. If you stop to carefully review the games that you have ended up receiving, you will discover that jewels have been thrown into it. However, Nintendo cannot live on its games alone and that lack of support from third parties took its toll considerably. To that, we must add that it is not that the most popular franchises had a great presence within Nintendo itself.

As much as it was tried to emulate the success of Wii, it was not achieved and it was a long way from achieving it. In the long run, this caused great discomfort in users wanting to play in a place that could at least look from you to the rest of the competitors and not stay so far away.

Nintendo Switch Playing

Each console has its own characteristics that make it unique. However, for Nintendo, the true entertainment does not only lie in having the greatest graphic power and playing something that is visually wonderful. The Japanese company wants us to have fun playing with a product that is aimed at all kinds of people equally and with which the age of each one does not matter at any time since children and adults have their place.

Launching something so different can be a very risky bet, although this has certainly not been the case with Nintendo Switch. Personally, many friends and family have asked me to try it for precisely that reason, to discover what it is like or the sensations it causes, the functions it offers and especially for the facilities it offers to play in the company of other people.

The latter is mainly due to the fact that it is not necessary to purchase an additional controller to play in the company of another person, but each one can use a Joy-Con. Thus, from a certain point of view, the console is accompanied as standard by two controls and in some cases, it is even possible that only a couple of them can get together up to four people.

Play your Nintendo Wii Switch Portables

And this is precisely one of the biggest reasons why millions of users have ended up putting Nintendo Switch in the spotlight, because of the characteristics that make it unique and there is nothing like it. The fact of being able to take the console, place it in the Dock and a second later see the screen on our TV or extract it and continue with the game at that moment, is undoubtedly the function it has.

This allows us to enjoy a desktop console at the same time or transform it into a portable console. That way we don’t have to fight over television, worry about having to go to the bathroom, or think about how late it is and we have to go to bed. It does not matter the moment or the circumstance because being able to play anything wherever and however games with an impressive quality is something that a few years ago could seem unheard of.
T here are still months ahead for Nintendo to surprise us with announcements that leave us with our mouths open, to which we must add the arrival of paid online, which we will see if that opens the doors.

Great games every month

This situation was not only seen at the beginning but has been repeating itself over the last 12 months. Nintendo promised to launch a great video game every month and has more than fulfilled it, although it has also been the great support of the rest of the companies that has caused this situation.

Thus it has been impossible to say that there has been a dry season, but especially for part of the great N this first year has been fabulous. Mario has also made his place with ‘Super Mario Odyssey, we have received the definitive versions of ‘ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ‘ and ‘ Pokkén Tournament DX ‘, new IPs such as’ ARMS ‘and also new deliveries of other great franchises such as’ Splatoon 2 ‘or’ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ‘.


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