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OET Coaching Online in India: The 5-Step Guide to Dealing with OET

In Are you a healthcare professional looking to explore a career abroad? Then you would probably have heard of the OET (Occupational English Test). This is one of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome with the help of OET course online before starting your dream career abroad.

Let’s start with a brief introduction to what OET is and who recognizes it?

What is the OET Test?

Professional English (OET) is designed to meet the specific English language. This language helps students entering the medical and healthcare industries where English is used as the language of communication.

All four language skills Assessed, with writing and speaking tests available in 12 different health areas. All candidates take the same reading and listening tests. Take the help of the best OET online coaching to score better.

What does the OET test include?

There are 4 components in the OET test. A standard Reading and Listening component and a profession-specific Speaking and Writing component.

OET provides a valid and reliable assessment of the four language skills which include listening, reading, writing and speaking. Emphasis on communication in medical and healthcare professional settings.

The OET consists of four subtests:

Listening (about 45 minutes)

Reading (60 minutes)

Writing (45 minutes)

Talk (about 20 minutes).

OET test playback and listening components

The questions and content of the reading and listening test are the same for all health professions.

Reading – 60 minutes

You will be asked to read and understand different types of texts on health-related topics.

Listen – 45 minutes

You need to follow and understand a range of oral health-related materials such as patient consultations and lectures.

OET Test Writing and Speaking Components

The questions and content of the writing and speaking test are specific to the profession. For example, different oral and written expression tests for nurses, doctors, dentists and so on…

Writing – 45 minutes

The questions are based on typical work situations.

This task includes writing a letter, usually a letter of recommendation. There will be different types of letters, some are certain professions and some are eg. a transfer or release letter, or a letter to notify or inform a patient, caregiver, or group.

Speaking – 20 minutes

In a private room, you will participate in two role plays. You take on your professional role (as a healthcare professional) while the caller plays a patient or client, or sometimes a parent or caregiver.

Test results and scores

You will receive a transcript showing your score for each of the four subtests, on a scale of 0 to 500. The four subtests is assessed in a specific way. Most recognition tips and advice require a minimum score of 350 (equivalent to a minimum of 7 on IELTS)

Widely recognized

The OET is widely recognized by recruiters in many parts of the world including UK, Australia, US, Spain, Ireland and more. The OET test can be taken in 46 countries around the world.

OET is accepted as proof of English proficiency for visa, study, registration and employment in the health sector.

Can I use the OET test to apply for a UK visa?

OET is accepted for all UKVI level 2 visas for doctors, nurses, midwives and dentists, including the new health and care visa which is part of level 2 (General).

Format of OET exam 2021

The Test of Professional English (OET) is an international English test that assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals seeking to enroll and practice in an English-speaking environment.

Tested monthly, the OET online coaching in India covers all four language skills (writing, reading, listening, and speaking) with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment.

The tests reflect actual workplace tasks and relevant language skills and have been developed specifically for up to 12 different health professions: dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech therapy and veterinary sciences.


You can preview your latest test results through your online profile on the OET website, approximately 16 working days after each test day. Official copies of the results statements available to download from your online profile. You can choose the test administration for which you want to download a result report and it will list the scores you have achieved in that particular test administration.

The four subtests that make up the Online OET preparation in Indiaare reported on a scale from 0 to 500 in ten point increments (e.g. 350, 360, 370, etc.). The numerical score will be mapped to a separate letter score for each subtest ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest).

There is no overall score for the OET. Most recognition boards and boards require applicants to achieve at least 350 marks in each of the four subtests. But to make sure you’re up to date with the requirements, always check with the relevant boards and councils that regulate your profession. You can redo any subtest, however, you must check the English proficiency requirements with the relevant regulatory authority.

  • OET Listening Section – Lasting 45 minutes, the listening subtest includes a total of 42 questions divided into 3 parts.
  • OET Reading Section – In the Last 60 minutes, the Reading section contains 42 questions, divided into 3 parts.
  • Writing Section – Lasting 45 minutes, the Writing section requires the candidate to write a letter, usually a letter of reference in their area of ​​specialty. 
  • Oral Section – In the Oral section candidates have 20 minutes. The candidates are required to individually perform their professional role in real-life scenarios in a professional healthcare environment. 

Tips for taking the OET Test

Start in advance

Even if you are fairly proficient in English, we highly recommend that you start early and take the time to prepare well. Remember, the OET is a high stakes exam and test scores play a crucial role in determining your career opportunities. Those who successfully pass the OET will be responsible for patient health and safety. Thus, most organizations take the performance of your OET test very seriously.

Listening – 45 minutes

This section uses the same content for all health professions. You will required to follow, understand and answer questions on a range of health-related spoken texts such as medical lectures, patient consultations, etc.

Read – 60 minutes

The reading section also uses the same content for the twelve health professions. You will assessed on your ability to read and understand different types of texts on health-related topics.

Writing – 45 minutes

The writing section varies depending on the profession you choose and introduces you to situations that you are likely to encounter in your workplace. Typically, youmay asked to write a letter such as a letter of recommendation.

Sometimes you may also asked to write other letters like discharge or transfer from patient or letter informing or informing patient/caregiver etc.

Talk – about 20 minutes

In this section, you will have to participate in a two-role play with the interlocutor. You assume your professional role (nurse, dentist, physiotherapist, etc.) while the assessor assumes the role of patient, client, caregiver or parent. The speaking section is specific to the chosen profession.

Preparing for OET on your own is not easy so opt for OET course online or offline OET course in Delhi. Getting high marks opens up new career opportunities and can take you and your family to a new country. Join an OET coaching in India to improve your English skills significantly and to learn the right strategies and techniques that will give you a better chance of success on test day.


Neil Andrews is a finance advisor and part time content writer.

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