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Online Carnatic music Classes are available in Tamil Nadu

Online Music Classes in tamil

Carnatic music is an Indian classical music which has a tradition of over 2000 years. The traditional Carnatic music classes are available in Tamil Nadu.

There are many Online Carnatic Music Classes available in Tamil Nadu. In these online carnatic music classes, teachers teach students through the video chat on their computer screens. These online Carnatic music classes are usually less expensive than the traditional Carnatic Music Classes and they have a much wider reach as well. Carnatic Music classes are sometimes more expensive than the online classes which means that people may not be able to afford these classes. These people can still get to learn about Carnatic Music with the help of Poorvanga Online Carnatic music Classes in Tamil Nadu.

Carnatic music made simple

Carnatic music is an art form that originated in the southern part of India. It is considered to be one of the oldest music forms in the world.

Carnatic music is mainly based on ragas and talas, which are melodic modes and rhythmic cycles respectively. Carnatic music can be broadly divided into two genres: vocal and instrumental. The main instruments used for carnatic music are veena, violin, flute, mridangam, kanjira, ghatam and tabla.

The best way to learn carnatic music is by taking classes from a guru or teacher who has experience teaching this art form. This will help you learn faster as they have a deep understanding of the nuances involved


Veena is a stringed instrument that is often associated with the Carnatic music of India. This is one of the most popular Indian instruments and has been in use for more than a thousand years. It has a long history and is considered to be one of the most important musical instruments in India.

The veena has been used by many composers over centuries, but it was Raghunatha Nayaka who composed the first solo concert for the veena, called Svarasangita Parijata. This work was composed in 1630 and set to 12 ragas.


Violin is an instrument that is used in Carnatic music. It has a deep and mellow sound. It is often used for accompaniment and as a solo instrument. The violinist will generally play the melody on the top string, while playing chords on the lower strings.

The violin has been around since the 16th century when it was first developed in Italy. The Italian word “violino” means small viola, which is a smaller version of the viola da gamba (which was also developed in Italy). The violin soon spread to other parts of Europe and became popular in France, England, Germany, Russia, and Spain. In India, it arrived during the British colonial era when it was adopted by musicians who were looking for a suitable accompaniment instrument to accompany.


The Carnatic music is a classical music of South India. The Carnatic flute is one of the most important instruments in this form of music. This instrument has been popular for centuries among the musicians and listeners alike.

The flute is an ancient musical instrument and its origins are not known to anyone precisely. The earliest evidence of the existence of this musical instrument can be found in Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and India.

The Carnatic flute is an end blown aerophone that has a blowing pipe made from bamboo or cane with six finger holes on its front surface. It also has a metal or wooden nozzle at one end to produce sound when air passes over it due to the player’s breath pressure on the pipe.


The mridangam is a percussion instrument. It is one of the main instruments used in Carnatic music. It is a double-sided drum with a barrel shaped body and narrow waist. The drumhead on both sides is made of animal skin and has three tuning pegs on each side, to tune the two heads to the same note.

The mridangam usually sits between the drummer’s right ankle and left knee, while it is played with both hands. The right hand plays the bass sound on one head, while the left hand plays the treble sound on other head by using fingers or palm to hit it.


The kanjira is a drum that is used in Carnatic music. It is made of an earthen pot which has been dried and covered with skin. The pot can be either square or round. In the past, only men played this instrument but now, women are also playing it.


The ghatam is a clay pot, with a narrow mouth and a large base. In Carnatic music, it is utilized to create the rhythm.. As a percussive instrument in Carnatic music, the ghatam is different from the dotara and mridangam.

The ghatam is made by shaping wet clay into a pot and then leaving it to dry in the sun. After it has dried, it can be played by striking with fingers or hands on one open end or both ends simultaneously. The player can change the pitch of the sound by applying pressure at various points around the circumference of the pot with their fingers or palm.


The tabla is a percussion instrument that is one of the most popular instruments in India. The word “tabla” comes from the Persian word “tabl,” which means “drum.” The tabla consists of two drums, or bowls, that are played with the hands and fingers.

The tabla is made from a hollowed out tree trunk. One drum, called the dumri, has a larger diameter than the other drum, called the baya. The dumri has an opening at one end and its surface is covered in goat skin. The baya also has an opening at one end but it’s covered with sheepskin or synthetic material like plastic or rubber.

Learn Online Vocal Music Classes in Tamil easily:

Vocal music classes are now available online for everyone. You can learn vocal music from your own home and at your own pace. There are many benefits of taking these classes online, such as being able to take the class from anywhere in the world and working at your own time.

There are many online courses that teach vocal music in Tamil. Some of them have a lot of resources available for their students that include video tutorials, workbooks, and other materials to help you learn the material better.

Online Vocal Music Classes in Tamil is a platform that offers vocal music lessons to students, teachers and professionals for free. We are the only online vocal music classes in Tamil, who provide the best music lessons. We have a team of experienced musicians who teach you in detail about the basics of singing and also how to sing with proper technique.

Online Vocal Music Classes in Tamil is not just about learning how to sing, we also provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the industry so that you can pursue your dream career as a singer.

Benefit of learn Vocal music classes in Online:

The benefits of online learning are that it is convenient and flexible. The learner can learn at their own pace which is a great way to fit it into a busy schedule.

It is also possible to learn from the comfort of your home or office with no need for commuting.  Online courses for any instrument you wish to learn are usually affordable, unlike in-person lessons that can be very expensive.

There are many benefits of taking lessons online, but there are some disadvantages as well. Students might not receive the same level of attention as they would if they had a live teacher. This could lead to problems later on down the road when they need more advanced instruction.

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