Online Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person 2021

Relationships can be difficult to navigate especially if you are new to dating; therefore, we often seek dating advice from our near and dear friends. When we ask for dating advice from friends or family, we may not get the necessary advice we seek. Sure, we may get the common tips now and then like “talk it out” or “give it some thought” etc. But expert dating advice can be a game-changer. 

So, Here is Some Dating Advice That Can Change The Dynamics of Your Relationship.

Expert Dating Advice

Sit and Talk About Your Relationship.

It may sound like a task but set aside some personal time to talk about your relationship. Go out on dates and discuss the communication gap and how you can solidify your relationship. It’s important to not keep shoving issues under the rug when you are dating as it may escalate into something ugly later. Talk about the things you are grateful for, appreciate your partner and find ways to bring down your problems in the future.

Be Open

If you are in a relationship where you feel you have no voice or your opinions don’t matter, this relationship can become one-sided pretty quickly. When you feel your feelings are not being heard, you will soon start to feel the resentment towards your partner and harbor negative feelings. 

This is unhealthy in a relationship. So, be more open about your feelings and emotions. It’s important to share your feelings to connect with your partner – both the positive and negative. 

Bring Down your Expectations.

Most people expect their partner to fulfil a lot of expectations which may not be fair or healthy. You cannot expect your partner to be your best friend, confidante, and everything and feel disappointed when they cannot fulfil your expectations. 

Sure, it’s important that you and your partner connect and fulfil some expectations but to expect one person to be your BFF can be exhausting. You and your partner should connect and fall back on each other in low times but don’t burden each other with a basket of expectations.

Fight Constructively.

Every couple fights, there is no doubt about it. But instead of making it ugly and turning it into a mess with harsh words, fight constructively. Share your feelings in a way to your partner to show how their actions impact you. 

For example, if they come home late and forget to inform you, instead of being mad you can simply put it as “ You not informing me about your whereabouts bothered me”. Instead of picking a fight, you are putting your feelings by telling them how their actions made you feel. 

Show What You Feel

You may say all mushy and the right things your partner wants to hear, but if you don’t act on your words or keep your promises, all things are in vain. Show your partner how you feel from time to time. Making them a coffee or tea every morning, helping them with the chores, getting them their favorite food, etc. goes a long way. Little acts of care can help you build your relationship.

Don’t Empty Your Emotional Baggage.

Everybody comes with baggage, but it’s not healthy to expect your partner to be able to balance your emotional or past baggage. You can expect your partner to hear your anguishes and be able to handle it the way you want often. 

Falling back on your partner in low times is one thing but expecting your partner to carry your share of weight is another. Please don’t blame your shortcomings on your past and take it out on your partner too. Not everyone has the resilience to bear with emotional tantrums.

Relationships Should Be 50/50

When you are dating someone, you should build a relationship built on a 50/50 partnership. From love, understanding, trust, decision making, chores to money – everything should be equal between you and your partner. You cannot expect your partner just to give their love and do everything for you. You should be mature enough to do your part as well. 

Having said that, without a doubt no two couples can have the same dynamics in a relationship. Every couple goes through their own share of ups and downs, and have their unique qualities and quirks. 

But while falling in love is easy, keeping a relationship afloat can be tough when two people are not on the same page. Advice can be soothing but when it is unsolicited it can get annoying. We all have that one friend who always has some online dating tips to share, whether we asked for it or not. But when you have to make an important call on your relationship, expert dating tips or advice will help you out. 

Hence, whenever you feel your dating life meandering or you are in a confusion, implement these dating hacks in your love life.

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