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Online Ijazah Course – Tracing the Holy Book Back to Its Roots!

Ijazah is a certification grant that is provided to individuals who are willing to teach and recite the Holy Book with proper Tajweed. The purpose of an Ijazah is to establish narration of the Quran following the chain of authorized transmitters until it goes to the original author. Fortunately, we have on-site and online Ijazah course available these days to make it happen for every aspiring individual.

What is Ijazah?

Ijazah in Arabic means permission. According to scholars, it means permission to teach the Quran. This is the highest degree that a person could have in order to initiate their journey of teaching the Holiest of all books.

To get an Ijazah, the student has to recite the Quran from their memory – from beginning till the end. They have to observe all the rules and repeat words that can be read in various ways. Only a scholar or a professor who has this certificate can endorse another one.

Another kind of Ijazah is where the student recites the Quran, observing all Tajweed rules, from beginning till the end.

In other words, there are two types of Ijazah in the Quran:

Ijazah in recitation observing all Tajweed rules

Ijazah in Hifz of the Quran

You can choose to get the Quran Ijazah online or you can also get the assistance of a local scholar to help you through the process. This tradition makes it possible to transmit Quran in its original form to the generations to come. It is meant to preserve the Quran as directed by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). It makes sure there are no modifications or new elements introduced in the Holy Book.

Why one should get an Ijazah certificate?

Whether you opt for the Tajweed Ijazah course or the Hifz Ijazah course, it provides you the credibility to progress your career in this domain. It is a certificate provided by higher authorities whereby they declare you as a proficient reader of the Quran. You can use it to achieve a position in an institute or teach people.

Furthermore, you can use it to teach more people and let them achieve the same certificate.

This mostly implies that the student has earned this knowledge from an Ijazah holder. It is one of the most reputable certifications that an individual could have in this domain. It conveys that the student got this knowledge from an Ijazah holder, who approved every word recited by the Ijazah holder.

How I can get Ijazah certificate?

Holding Ijazah is not something specific for a few people. Every Muslim can earn this certificate if they work hard and stay committed to the cause. There are some requirements that every individual who is willing to get this certificate must have:

Being able to recite the Quran without any mistakes

To get Tajweed skills and recite Quran accordingly

Memorize the whole Quran and recite it to an Ijazah holder without looking in the Quran

To be an Ijazah holder, you should check if you fit the criterion. Along with this, you should find a credible Ijazah holder who will guide you along the way. You can opt for an online Ijazah course as well and learn from expert tutors sitting miles away.

BQT provides an Ijazah certificate for all passionate Muslim individuals

It is okay to feel doubtful about all the entities swimming in the digital waters. There is a high chance you would come across malicious entities who steal data or deceive you in the worst possible ways. You need to connect with a portal like Best Quran Teaching (BQT) that imparts authentic knowledge and spikes your skills in the best possible ways.

At BQT, we have certified Ijazah teachers who go to several lengths to make sure that students get their Ijazah certification in an incredible way. We also have native teachers and female teachers. Any student who is willing to learn at this platform is warmly welcomed by our passionate tutors.

The process to kickstart this course is as easy as making a pie. Here are some of the requirements:

The students can get a free trial session to check their level of recitation, Hifz, and pronunciation of Arabic letters/symbols (Tajweed)

The student is assigned a teacher by evaluating the timetable of their preference and the location they come from

Upon completion of the course, the student gets an Ijazah certificate from the credible authorities

Our online Ijazah course has gained popularity over the years for its efficiency. You can check out the reviews on our portal to know more.

Parting Thoughts

The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5027)

An Ijazah course is your gateway to enter this domain and make your Lord (SWT) happy.

Quranic Leave:

It is the process of phonemic transmission of the Noble Qur’an from one generation to the next, in which the permissible testifies that the recitation of the metaphor has become one hundred percent correct in relation to the novel – or narrations – that he authorized with it, then he is authorized to read and read the Holy Qur’an other than him.

The legality of the leave

The origin of it is The words of God Almighty: And that you will receive the Qur’an from a wise, all-knowing Surah An-Naml 6.

And the subject of (received) is derived from (meeting) in which there is a meeting between two: they are the recipient and the one who receives him. Gabriel – peace be upon him – received from God Almighty, and our Prophet Muhammad e from Gabriel and the Companions received the pleasure of God’s Messenger, may God bless them, from God Almighty.

Al-Bukhari reported in his Sahih in the book (The Virtues of the Qur’an) on the authority of the stolen who said: Abdullah bin Umaru mentioned Abdullah bin Masoud and said: I still love him. I heard the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, saying: «Take the Qur’an from four: From Abdullah bin Masoud, Peaceful, Muath, and Abi bin Ka’b ».

This hadith indicates things, including:

1 – Reading the Qur’an is taken by receiving from the mouths of the reciter, and this is the meaning of the permission that was presented.

2 – The legality of the two officers investigating the people of the Qur’an to take from them and receive from them. The Qur’an is not taken from everyone.

3 – Love of reciters who memorize and master, in particular; Because their publications are receptacles for the Book of God Almighty, and they are mastery of it. Reading it, and faithfulness in teaching it, like the voyeur angels, the honourable and just.

The importance of the Qur’anic authorization for reading and recitation

There is no doubt that asking for permission in reciting the Noble Qur’an is a correct reading related to the bond to the Messenger of God. May God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Is a legitimate matter, so how is it not when some of the ancestors. May God have mercy on them, come from the journey in seeking the hadith? The journey in the quest to master the recitation of the Qur’an is of the first order. And its owner reward with grace.

The importance of the permit is highlight by the fact that it is not valid for anyone to recite the Noble Qur’an. Until he takes it completely from the mouths of the knowledgeable sheikhs. And he authorizes to recite. If he does not authorize to recite, he should not recite the Qur’an even if he recites the Qur’an many times and is not listening.

Performing the Qur’an after the time of the popularity of melody. But permission and permission for reading and recitation must be accompanied by them. Because the student may recite the entire Qur’an over to his sheikh repeatedly and not master the performance. And it is not permitted by the sheikh, and among that is what Imam Ibn Imam Al-Jazari mentioned on his authority. Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Hashemi (d.646 AH) that Abu Jaafar bin al-Zubayr read to him a narration of Warsh several conclusions. He said: He did not authorize me, and some of my companions read to him and permitted him.

Hence, for some of the forefathers, may God have mercy on them. Asked some of their students to re-read the Qur’an many times in order to be sure of their mastery.

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