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We think Allah blessed us more to make us Muslim. Being a Muslim, the first duty to accept the last Prophet S.A.W, the last Prophet of God, the last Book the Holy Quran is from the Allah Almighty is the great blessing upon us. No doubt, without the knowledge of the Holy Quran, we cannot understand the teachings of Islam. What do you know about the Holy Quran? You can understand only when you read and recite the Holy Quran. The answer is given below.

Now We Tell You About The Holy Quran 

Quran is the last book and the Muhammad S.A.W was the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. The Quran revealed upon the last Prophet S.A.W in the age of 40, by the angel Gabriel. According to Wikipedia, the Holy Quran is revealed verse by verse not the whole at the same time. With a period of 23 years, the revelation of the Holy Quran is completed. In this time, Some Shaba Karam memorize the Holy Quran and some verses are written on the stones. About the holy Book, many Hadees show the importance of the Holy Book. The Quran is the only Book in the world that is the guideline for the whole humans not for one person.

The online Quran Tafseer course is also available at online Quran academies for the people who want to translate and Tafseer of the Holy Quran. In Tafseer, the translation of the Holy Quran in detail. You can understand consciously when you select the Quran Tafseer course. The Tafseer course tutor having the full knowledge of the Holy Quran and techniques of teachings.

How you find the best Quran academies? Find the best academy in an online system is very difficult, but you need to check the courses, the tutors must be friendly. Also, the regular classes must be taken, because if classes are not taken regularly, the kids forget the previous lesson.

Many Quran Academies and the madrassas provide the facility of Quran teaching for your kids. Before, the children were going to Madrassa’s where the Qari or Qariha or very harsh. So they afraid to go here, so now in the online system, kids are very happy because the one cause is, they select the tutor according to him/her choice. Also, they select the Quran courses from the required list. The interaction of the Quran tutors is towards one kid, in an online system. They have full attention to one kid because of the online system.

In the Holy Quran Allah Almighty said about the guidance of mankind: “A book (Holy Quran) of guidance for mankind”.

From these courses list, you can choose for your children and registered online. With the help of an online Quran teaching Academy, you can explore many Quran courses from online Quran academies such that:

  • The Quran reading and Reciting Online
  • The online Quran translation with Tajweed
  • The online Quran memorization with male and female Quran tutor
  • The Hifz-e-Quran course online
  • The basic Quran education
  • Kalimah, Namaz, and Duas

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