Open wardrobe: 9 tips to decorate your dressing room

Open wardrobe is one of the decoration trends of the moment, although with a vision of the future, since they have everything to succeed in the current lifestyle and house. Both in its classic version and the ‘ donkey type ‘ are perfect for homes of a few meters, since you do not have to leave space to open the doors; they allow you to see your entire wardrobe at a glance; They are a ‘low cost’ alternative and with a couple of tricks they can become a decorative object in the double bedroom. But to get there, they need to be perfectly ordered and cleverly organized. These decorating ideas they will help you achieve it. Cabinets are one of the most pragmatic elements in a home. In other times they were simple storage spaces where functionality was sought to prevail. However, today they are one more element of decoration.

Open wardrobe benefits for decorations:

1.      In sight, but in order

If there is a rule that you must follow in an open wardrobe, it is not to be tempted to see it as a storage room or a gallant at night, where you can leave in any way, the clothes that you try on and decide not to wear or the clothes that you use for be at home. You must change the concept and see it as an exhibitor, in which clothes and accessories are visible to all. Therefore, for a walk-in closet to be aesthetic, you have to make sure that you fold your clothes on the shelves, hangyour dresses and your jackets on hangers and continue in a very rigorous order. A modern solution to achieve a greater sense of organization is to roll clothes instead of folding them. This technique allows you to optimize storage space and maintain a good aesthetic design.

2. Make it look uncluttered and ‘clean’

There is no order that can be maintained if there is excess baggage and too many clothes to put away. A rule that all closets, closed and open, must comply with, but which, in the case of the latter, is even stricter, since the sensation of mountains of t-shirts or shirts pressed against each other can cause visual urticaria. Take advantage of this moment for the change of season operation, clean up, get rid of everything you don’t wear or plan to wear in the coming years and keep everything you use often or reserve for a special occasion. Think that wardrobe maintenance is easier the fewer clothes and accessories you have.

3. Play with colors

Both of the closet itself and of the clothes, achieving a colorful open dressing room that provides an additional decorative touch to the room. Thus, you can coordinate it with other furniture in your room or, on the contrary, opt for a different tone to highlight it even more. While if you choose a neutral model, white or beige, for example, the chromatic note can be given by the clothes. To do this, organize it by color in order to create a harmonious and successful visual effect. Play with the gradient effect from dark to light or monochrome and show off a single color in each area (above, below and in the center), which will provide you, in addition to a more visually ordered effect, a more impressive ‘look’ for your bedroom. Remember to place the garments of different shades of the same color close together, so that they can create contrasts and, at the same time, maintain the harmony of the whole.

4. Store your shoes correctly

Shoes can also play an important role in your open wardrobe, as long as you find the right solution. To do this, you can opt for ‘ lockers’ that you can superimpose one on top of the other, choose pretty cardboard boxes and paste a photo of the pair it contains on the front to find them more easily; place a traditional model, distributing it by type of footwear or by colors or use the lower part as an improvised shoe rack. Think that, if they are going to be exposed, they must be clean and in good shape.

5. Hang your clothes (well)

For a graphic and orderly effect, organize the clothes you hang by size, so that it goes from less to more, based on the bottom part. If the height of your dressing room allows it, place two different ‘closets’ on top of each other. This solution will give you more vertical storage space (one of the great bets of today’s interior decoration) and will prevent clothes from wrinkling. Choose a folding bar for the upper part, which makes your life easier and allows you to reach everything without effort or juggling.

6. Integrate it into the environment

Open wardrobes are good allies for maintaining order in small bedrooms , because they can take advantage of any free corner and, since they do not have doors, they are much lighter . So that they also fulfill a decorative function, try not to make them look like an aesthetic ‘goop’, using designs that fit with the style of the room and adapting their size to the dimensions.

7. Store according to the seasons

Marie Kondo wants to put an end to the so-called ‘wardrobe change’ because she considers that the seasonal barriers of the wardrobe are increasingly diffuse and there are garments, such as T-shirts or shirts, that you can wear in summer or winter. However, for practical purposes in the open dressing rooms, each season has its clothes, shoes and accessories. To avoid cluttering it up and making it look messy, place clothes and accessories from other seasons in bags or boxes and keep only those from this season. Choose them perforated so that clothes and shoes can breathe or opt for vacuum bags, if you want to save space. It is important that you label each container, so you know what it contains.

8. Customize it

Since your open wardrobe is going to be one of the protagonists of the bedroom decoration, make it have personality and charm. If you are a handyman, you can paint the shelves with colors, take your DIY vein and make a custom bar with a branch of a tree, for example, place a mirror at one end, include hangers for bags and belts… Another good the idea is to choose a ‘donkey’ type model, like the one in stores, and design it according to your needs and your dreams.

9. Bet on accessories

In an open dressing room, the storage elements have the last word (and the first word), as they allow you to give free rein to your desire and your imagination. Think about multiplying the accessories and choosing them with pleasure, because they will be visible and, therefore, they deserve to stand out due to their design, their color or the material in which they are made. Use baskets to store your scarves and pareos, pretty boxes for your jewelry and summer accessories, original hangers … With them you will create an orderly, harmonious and… Pleasing space! You can visit the online furniture store Australia for lowest price and best design for your home furniture.

For some time now, Open wardrobe, that is, without doors, have become the new trend in design. Today we present 17 designs of this type to renew this timeless storage space. Also, many of these samples are so easy and simple to install that you can do it yourself without having to resort to external services.

17 designs of this type

Perfect holes

Small cabinets are the most recommended option for spaces that are not very wide, not only will you gain a few centimeters from the doors, but you will also contribute to making the space lighter. Place a chair and a mirror near it, some wall hangers for accessories and give it a dressing room air.

1. Modulate as a couple

The big problem with sharing a wardrobe with a couple is the continuous mix of clothes. To avoid this inconvenience, a good option is this modular wardrobe that perfectly defines a space for each member of the couple. 2. Create the perfect wardrobe

A wardrobe must adapt to the needs of each person. To achieve this adaptation, nothing better than having a wardrobe designed for each one. For example, if you have many suits, you will need a large hanger. If the problem is shoes, it will be configured with a large shoe rack. In this way the solution will always be found.

3. Up

When creating a closet it is important to take advantage of all the space. For this reason, it is recommended that these storage spaces have ceiling height. The upper part will be a trunk that may or may not be used, but it will always be an extra space to store things.

4. Hangers in the dressing room

A very practical way to take advantage of the wall in front of the closet is by filling it with hangers for accessories. If the space is very narrow, you will have to be careful with the volume of these accessories.

5. Clothes donkeys

To have everything at hand, nothing better than having a clothes rack as a wardrobe. This furniture allows you to hang all your clothes and access them easily and quickly. In addition, its price is usually really cheap.

6. Take advantage of the corners

When it comes to finding the location for the closet, it is best to use dead spaces within the bedroom, for example, a corner. This option allows having a large storage space where before there was only a condemned space.

If you want to build a Open wardrobe of this type, contact the expert interior architects at homify, they will find the best solution for you.

7. Do not give up privacy

In the examples in this article, doors have been ruled out as a method of closing the cabinet. However, it is possible to keep some privacy inside the dressing room, for example, using a curtain.

8. Drawers

Drawers are one of the most useful options that exist as storage spaces. They can also be complemented by adding a couple of hangers for garments such as shirts.

9. Combine elements

To get a vintage touch in the bedroom, you can opt for a classic wardrobe. These do not usually have elements such as the mirror, so the best option will be to complement them with them on one side.

10. Do it yourself

This example is perfect for those who want to encourage themselves to make their own wardrobe. It is a simple shelf with shelves at different heights to which a couple of hangers have been added to achieve greater functionality.

11. Attic room

Just as Open wardrobe was advocated to take advantage of the corners, in attic rooms it is important to learn to make the most of the space. An interesting way to do it is the inclusion of cabinets at different heights as seen in the example.

12 Mule at different heights

Returning to the idea of ​​the mule as a storage solution, we find this example. It is an avant-garde design in a triangular shape, ideal for modern-style bedrooms.

13. Decoration with pallets

Yes, the cabinets do not get rid of the decoration with pallets either. Using these elements to create storage spaces is more fashionable than ever. If it is somewhat crafty, it can be an example of DIY.

14. Recycling in the closet

Recycled or redesigned furniture is typical of eclectic or modern environments. Photography is a clear example of this.

15. Take advantage of an open wall

Placing hangers at different levels on an open wall is a great option for storing accessories. It is also an original way of decorating these generally lifeless spaces.

16. Shelves on the sides of the bed

To get extra storage space, it is possible to place shelves on the sides of the bed. These can be support for decorative elements or change their functionality to storage spaces.

17. Hangers without doors

If you have a wide open wall in a corner without taking advantage of it, taking advantage of it is as simple as installing a couple of hangers at different heights, simple and cheap.

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