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Overview of the Corporate Applicant Tracking System

Compared to the modern resume applicant tracking system, the old ones were far less sophisticated. It used to be that you could simply insert critical keywords in your resume and tons of articles offering advice on how to do so at various points in the document in order to attract attention and get noticed as a candidate worth interviewing.

In the past, many people went overboard with resume keyword stuffing and produced useless resumes. The resume will eventually be seen by human eyes if you’re lucky, and it is an idea that shouldn’t be taken into consideration in an effort to cheat the system.

What led to the evolution of applicant screening software

Since the great recession, applicant tracking systems have become more common.

When companies advertise open positions, they often receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications to sort through in order to find a few “cream of the crop” candidates to interview for the position. The number of applicants for jobs continues to grow too fast for hiring departments to interview them all.

Using Empxtrack as an applicant tracking system has many benefits

During every step of the hiring process, an organization should strive to improve the candidate’s experience. You can provide a seamless candidate experience with an applicant tracking system and reduce time-to-hire. You can streamline and automate recruiting with Empxtrack ATS. Recruiters can easily review, accept and manage resumes with Empxtrack ATS. You can use it to quickly source candidates, select applicants, schedule interviews, and manage letters.

Recruiters can create talent pipelines for future hiring with our candidate relationship management (CRM) software. Global organizations rely on Empxtrack to streamline their hiring process and select the best candidates.

Streamline the process of sourcing, filtering, and tracking candidates

It is often difficult to respond to each of the hundreds of applicants for a job post on time. Failure to respond on time can alienate qualified candidates. A company’s reputation may even affect it.

Our company empathizes with these problems. By utilizing our ATS, you’ll be able to streamline your hiring and selection process and identify suitable candidates. A high volume of resumes can be efficiently studied, received, and managed by recruiters to find the top talent. Recruiters and hiring managers can make the right hiring decisions with Empxtrack ATS by equipping them with the best applicant tracking tool. Call for the best demo ats to learn how you can get the data you need to get to work.

With our applicant tracking system software, you can access and assess a large applicant pool

A recruiter must organize and gather information about a candidate before deciding whether to hire them. Utilizing our applicant tracking system (ATS), you can organize all relevant information, include or exclude resumes based on the job description.

Improve the candidate experience with an applicant tracking system

In cases of a delayed reply, job seekers search for other opportunities. Candidates who are treated nicely during the hiring process become dedicated employees. A good applicant experience can achieve with our applicant tracking system (ATS).

Empxtrack ATS makes it possible to integrate relevant social media platforms with your company’s career portal. Social media profiles allow applicants to easily apply for jobs through their social media profiles. Furthermore, candidates can apply for more than one vacancy without having to fill out multiple applications. LinkedIn users can log in to their accounts to apply for jobs, which makes the process easier.

During talent acquisition, candidate experience is crucial. Whether you hire them or not, they will become your most passionate supporters if you make their interview process as smooth as possible.

With Empxtrack, recruiters can analyze recruitment metrics to craft better hiring strategies

ATS enables you to adjust your hiring strategies based on recruitment metrics.

Time-to-fill, retention, cost-per-hire, turnover, and effectiveness are measured by the tracking system. Data-driven decisions can be made to improve recruitment campaigns by analyzing recruitment metrics.

Manage the hiring process more effectively

The Empxtrack ATS allows HR managers to create job requirements that are suited to the job. Candidates with the necessary skills and experience approve by our applicant tracking system. This improves the quality of hires while eliminating those who do not meet the requirements. Vacant job positions should fille quickly and costs associated with vacancies should minimize.

Employer tracking systems for small businesses can help you post jobs easily

Human resources and managers can post job openings on the Empxtrack ATS. We integrate our ATS with multiple career portals, social media sites, staffing partners, and third-party job boards to post jobs.

A recruiter can collect resumes and shortlist qualified applicants for posted jobs using Empxtrack’s applicant tracking system. Recruiters can parse resumes, customize fields, and customize questionnaires easily so they can make informed decisions without wasting time.

Scheduling tests and interviews should be simplified

With just a few clicks, you can see upcoming tests and interviews.

Assess the capabilities and skills of qualified candidates by assigning tests. Employers can manage multiple interviews and check the merits of short-listed candidates quickly and easily with Empxtrack’s applicant tracking software.

Hiring costs reduce by applicant tracking systems

Our ATS can help companies save a lot of money on hiring. The majority of large companies and 50% of medium-sized companies analyze return on investments using cloud-based tracking software.

Empxtrack ATS makes it easy for you to calculate ROI by helping you analyze recruitment metrics. Take advantage of the insights in order to improve business operations at a lower cost.


Furthermore, good staffing software includes a solution for employee onboarding and orientation. New employees can benefit from such solutions by getting used to the office culture and becoming part of the team. In addition to comprehensive onboarding, one software platform includes training materials for employees to use from day one.

Management of learning 

Retention rates can improve by providing career development opportunities. Motivating employees through effective staffing software integration with learning management systems and succession planning. When employers value an employee’s career growth within the company, they expect to stay loyal for a longer period.

Database internal to the company

If employers value their employees’ career advancement within the company, loyal employees should stay for a longer period of time. To retain top talent, it is essential to hire the right people. An applicant tracking system facilitates the analysis of the CVs of potential applicants and saves them in a database. These candidates can contact without having to search and screen out the best candidates. It will save you time, make the hiring process more efficient, and most importantly, help you hire the right person. Additionally, you can gather all insights related to previous actions by using staffing software. As a result, you will be able to improve your hiring techniques when it comes time to hire again.

Development of Careers

It is more likely that an employee will leave an organization for a better opportunity if he feels he has no opportunity to grow within it. A career development program or skill development opportunities for your top employees can definitely help you retain them. Employee progress can track with staffing software. A road map for each employee can build using this information. Therefore, managers should brief candidates on career development opportunities available to them at your company during an interview. Also, your employees can learn new skills by being given promotions and you can retain top talent by allowing them to learn new skills.

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