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Health and Fitness

Pain Management Specialist Vs Primary Care Doctor: Are They Both Same?

Pain in your body is a clear indication that there’s something wrong with it, and you don’t need to overlook the problem. In general, it’s a symptom of a significant issue, but factually pain itself is a key concern to ponder.

That’s why; it is quite necessary to see the professional pain specialist to cure your pain. However, but who do you turn in such a critical situation?

Nevertheless, before you choose your doctor, let’s figure out the difference between acute pain and chronic pain.

Difference between Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute Pain occurs when your body tissues damage. Generally, it comes swiftly and lasts for a lesser time (2 to 3 months). Usually, you experience acute pain due to the following reasons including;

  • Infections
  • Cuts or bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Surgery

Chronic Pain is different from acute pain as it usually lasts for more than three months. Usually, people feel chronic pain due to illness or past injury. Some of the major causes of chronic pain are;

  • Headache
  • Backpain
  • Muscle pain
  • Sprain
  • Lyme disease
  • Continuous stress

So, before you rush to the hospital, it is quite necessary to identify pain type as it helps in the selection of doctor easier for you.  Similarly, assess Pain Clinic Reviews to get a clear idea about the chosen clinic.

Let’s move forward and observe differences between Pain specialist and pain care doctor.

Key differences between Primary Care Doctor & Pain Management Specialist

If you don’t have chronic pain and you can easily find out its principal cause, then choosing ‘Primary Care Doctor’ is the finest choice to consider. Moreover, no need to go to a pain specialist for a pain that can be managed in less than three months.

Conversely, suppose you have chronic pain, and you can’t ease it with some necessary medicines. In that case, it is always preferable to choose the professional pain management specialist to get a better and instant cure for the treatment.

The expertise of Pain Management Specialist

According to a research study by “American Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine,” a pain management specialist takes special training before practising it.  Moreover, he takes particular guidance about evaluating pain types and how to cure them proficiently. Additionally, pain management specialist learns better about ways to diagnose pain better and in lesser time.

Moreover, he also performs special procedures to treat various pain types, including spinal injection, nerve blocks and trigger point injections. Generally, people consider primary medical doctor and pain management specialist are the same. But in fact, it is not true as they both are different with different sets of specialities.

The core responsibility of PMS is to treat your pain holistically. He identifies significant causes of pain before treating it physically or mentally. Sometimes, he also provides emotional support to treat your pain more proficiently. Generally, PMS works in his clinic and offers physical, psychological and occupational therapy. Additionally, he gives a complete treatment plan to the patient and examines them in follow-up sessions.

Usually, most of the PMSs use latest techniques and approaches to cure pain. For instance, nowadays, yoga, massage and other physical therapies are considered prolific in treating chronic pain effectively.

However, if you have chronic pain from the past 3 to 4 months, then you must take it seriously and see the professional PMS for this purpose. Don’t worry; if you are oblivious about PMS. We are highlighting some helpful tips to choose your PMS easily.

  • Examine Expertise

Chronic pain requires proper expertise to treat it correctly. That’s why; before you choose your PMS, it is quite essential to check his skills and expertise properly. The chosen specialist must know the cause of pain, techniques to examine pain type and how to treat it competently.

Remember, choosing an unprofessional PMS may cause severe damage, and it’s a wastage of valuable time and money as well.

  • Consider Facilities

Most of the pain management specialists use the latest tools and equipment to treat pain in less time. That’s why; before you choose a pain specialist, it is imperative to check tools, equipment and instruments of PMS before you book an appointment with him. The availability of better and latest scanner can better identify the cause of pain and how to treat it. So, it is always recommended to choose the clinic with better facilities and latest equipment.

Some other factors including locality, fees and capability to treat patient matter too.

Final Words

The ultimate purpose of highlighting the differences between Primary care doctor and pain management specialist was to make the decision about choosing a doctor easier for you. So, consider all these factors before choosing a pain management specialist for you. Indeed, this way, you can select the professional and skilled pain management specialist for better treatment.

Source Url: http://www.healthcaptor.com/pain-management-specialist-vs-primary-care-doctor-are-they-both-same/

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