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Palliative Care for People with Dementia

Thanks to Abicare’s home care services, you and your family can receive palliative care at home. You or your loved one don’t have to leave home to receive care and support. You can receive healthcare at home, among your friends and family. As per your care needs, you can choose between Abicare’s visiting care offered to Basingstoke, Swindon, Salisbury and Bradford on-Avon and live-in care services offered across England and Wales. With Abicare’s home care services like Palliative Care, you and your family can be at peace of mind. If you have a loved one dealing with dementia or any other terminal disease, you can reach out to Abicare and receive healthcare at home.

Dementia is a slowly progressive disease and can happen to anyone at any age, but mostly occurs among the elderly. The decline of cognitive functions can affect the individual and their family. At Abicare, we understand the impact it has on you and your family, that’s why we offer palliative care at home. The service allows you to keep your independence as long as possible. Depending on your requirement, you or your loved one can avail of this service for as long as you require it, be it short-term or long-term. The experienced carers will provide you with the practical and compassionate support you need.


Palliative care improves the quality of life of the individual and their family. Abicare’s carers work with health care professionals to provide you or your loved one with the best care required. Dementia Care is challenging, but the right care plan and knowing exactly how to communicate with the person can make a huge difference.


Palliative care can be received along with the other treatments and will not affect any treatment. It is the support the individual and their family requires. The team of carers ensure the patient and family get the care and support they need. The goal for palliative care is to help improving their quality of life, make them feel comfortable and happy in their own home.

This is What Abicare’s Live-in Care Has to Offer


Imagine your loved one having to leave home to get the right care and support they need to get better? Not a pleasant feeling. The team at Abicare understands the importance of having family members around when you are going through a difficult time. It isn’t easy to leave your home and head to a hospital or a care home, where you are new to everything and everyone. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore, thanks to Abicare’s Live-in Care services.

Whether you are looking for neurological care or post-operation care, Abicare offers live-in care services all across England and Wales for any medical condition. Here is what Abicare’s live-in care services has to offer:


  1. Trained and highly-experienced carers who will stay with you in your house and provide one-on-one care. They will help you with whatever you need, be it personal care or light housework.


  1. The caregiver allows you to be independent and only supports you with things you need the most help with. For instance, household chores. You have complete control over your daily routine.


  1. The experienced and trained caregivers at Abicare know how to provide care and support to people with different needs. And this allows you and your family to be at peace of mind.


  1. The essential factor that the live-in care service offers is companionship. You or your loved one never have to feel lonely or depressed again. The carer plans activities, chats when you want to and accompanies you to the supermarket or on trips.


  1. With Abicare’s live-in care service, you can customise your care plan as per your needs. Abicare understands that every person is different and so are their needs.


  1. Cost-effective one-on-one care at Abicare. The pricing starts from £994 per week*


Book your free care assessment today and understand how Abicare can help you or your loved one.

This is an excellent question. Years ago, even I had this question and found it strange when people move their parents to a nursing home. But my thoughts changed about home care when my parents came to an age where they couldn’t do much for themselves and needed help most of the time. I looked high and low for home care services but found nothing that closely resembled good home care service. The home care provided by many agencies were not great at all. And now I knew why people preferred nursing homes over home care. Not that they were great, but the nursing home services were better than that of the home care services. Just when I had made up my mind to move my parents into a nursing home, a close friend of mine recommended Abicare. I thought to check it before moving my parents to the nursing home. And I was impressed with the carers on board to the pricing and, of course, their elderly home care service. My parents continue to live at home, thanks to Abicare.

Well, there are many reasons why elder care homes are so necessary. Companionship, ailments and extra support are some of the reasons. But I always felt care homes are not the answer to any reason. When I turn old and grey, I will never want to move into a care home. Instead, I will want to spend quality time with family and friends in my home. With this emotion, I made up my mind to look for the best home care services for my parents. I wanted someone to be with them all the time, as I always had to travel for work. After a lot of offline and online searching, I found Abicare. I availed of their live-in care service, as I wanted someone to be around all the time. My parents are happy with the carer, and I’m at peace of mind. Those looking for home care services should reach out to Abicare.

I think the best answer to your question is Home Care Assistance. I can understand why your mother wants to live in her home and not move to a nursing home. I can understand your concern, as well. I have availed home care assistance for my parents, and they couldn’t be happier. It is the best of both worlds. Your parents continue to live in their home and get the support they need. And I would suggest reaching out to Abicare, as they are the best home care agency in the UK. I have availed of their services, and they have provided my parents with nothing but the best care and support.

Elderly people are being placed in nursing homes because of deteriorating health conditions like dementia. With age, elderly people become dependent on others for small things. They feel lonely and are vulnerable to depression. In cases like this, elderly people are moved to nursing homes. But this doesn’t help the elderly a lot, as the elderly prefer living in their home among people they love. And the only solution to this is healthcare at home. Receiving the care and support at home, surrounded by family & friends has always been a better option. And there is no better home care agency than Abicare. They provide the best carers, pricing is good, and you can customise your package. I have never had any issue with their service, and my mum continues to live in her home with Abicare’s live-in carer.

Live-in care is the way a senior citizen can get care at home. And the best live-in care services are offered only at Abicare. I had availed their service for my mother who had dementia. The carer took so much care and knew how to handle her well. She would create memory aids, plan activities, take her out, take care of her diet and medication. That’s not all, she even did light housework, helped my mum get dressed, prepared healthy meals and accompanied her on family trips. I was pleased with Abicare’s live-in care service, and I recommend them to everyone looking for live-in or home care services.

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