Path of Exile Currency Items Trading rules and Trading Methods

Path of Exile Currency

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, every Path of Exile wanderer will consider buying equipment from other players sooner or later. Therefore, in this guide, you will learn how to buy and sell items and the precautions when trading with other players. If you are interested in different techniques of Path of Exile, we recommend that you refer to the linked guide.

Most players who wish to trade use the official Path of Exile trading website. Regarding many filters, their collection is the goal of statistics, benchmarks, and other specifications. In the upper right corner, you can see a drop-down menu where you can set the online status of the provider. Only online means that only items whose providers are currently online in the game are displayed. The setting in the drop-down menu on the left is also crucial because it affects the league where the item is traded. Players in Hardcore Ultimatum League cannot trade POE Currency with players in regular Ultimatum League.

After finding an item that meets your needs, you can write to the seller through a private message in the game chat or send a private message through the mailbox system on the homepage. By clicking the Whisper button, you will generate a text in the clipboard, copy it into the game chat using CTRL+V, and send it.

This message contains information about the items you need, as follows: @ [player name] Hi, I want to buy your Eternal Apple Chiming Spirit Shield, listed in Hardcore Ultimatum for one alt (hidden Tab Uniques; position: left 99, first 1)

Players on Xbox One (buy now from Eznpc!) and PlayStation 4 (buy now from Eznpc!) cannot use this site for trading because the console version has its trading menu. The only difference between the trading website and the trading menu of the console is that the filter settings are more minor.

To be able to sell your Currency items, two conditions must be met:

Your character must reach level 25

You must hold to pay a premium

A single chest cavity costs 40 points. In the cheapest package, you will get 50 points, and it cost 4.40 euros. The chest is usually not enough for regular sales. In this case, Path of Exile provides six advanced chest compartments that can hold 200 points. These six chest compartments finally provide 160 points at regular intervals.

If you meet these two requirements simultaneously, put all the items to be sold in the premium storage box. Then check the box next to Public or Public. Then, the premium fresh-keeping box content will automatically appear on the transaction page, and interested parties can find and purchase it.

In the drop-down menu next to the checkmark, determine whether the price can be negotiated. The item’s price can be set in the common resource box by clicking the item on the right.

As with any more extensive community, special rules of conduct apply to the path of exile. Understanding these rules can save you from getting into trouble and ensure that your trading attempts are successful. If you do not follow the etiquette, you will not be sentenced to death, but if in doubt, ignoring it may cost you a lot of Poe Currency.

To prevent this from happening, we have listed the most important codes of conduct for you:

Path of Exile players is almost allergic to the same project several times by potential customers within a few minutes. Sometimes fighting takes longer. Or the player is temporarily absent.

Avoid rash questions and wait patiently for answers because:

Not responding to potential customers’ messages is as shameless as asking hasty questions.

If the item you want is marked with exact price, it means the price is fixed. Bargaining is only allowed if the item is marked ask price.

If the seller agrees to the transaction, the seller invites the interested party to his group.

The buyer’s job is to enter the seller’s residence. You can do this by right-clicking on the player’s portrait and then clicking Visit Hideout.

Even now, the buyer must wait patiently again. Depending on how many items the seller stores in their boxes, the search for the items may take several minutes. In all cases, the seller first opens the transaction menu.

The buyer should not open the transaction menu first, as this will be considered a rude quarrel.

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