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Health and Fitness

Picking the Best Stress Relieving App

A person’s mental health is key to their overall well-being. With so many people fighting against the rigors of daily life, it can be hard to de-stress on one’s own. That’s why it is such a good idea to utilize a smartphone to get an app that will help with stress relief and calmness. These stress management tools can utilize new understandings in cognitive behavioral therapy to promote health in the users. A quick examination of various elements in modern apps shows what you need to look for in the best apps available today.

What the Best Apps Offer

When looking at the apps that can provide self-help for managing your stress levels, there are several things to consider. First off, a good app can help you utilize deep breathing techniques, daily meditation practices, and other relaxation techniques to help you lower your stress levels. Studies have repeatedly shown that guided meditation and breathing exercises on meditation apps can help a person with their stress management.

Yet, it’s important to remember that every app is different and use unique approaches to help a person’s mental health. Whether it’s helping you remember to breathe properly or take measures to control your heart rate, quality apps will help people maintain their health.

An important part of many apps is the check in, allowing people to view their progress in working to manage their stress. That can be a mood tracker or just a day counter to show how often they’ve used the guided meditation sessions or other tools that will help a person de-stress.

Apollo , Calm, and Headspace
Three of the best apps for inducing a sense of calm in a person are Apollo , Calm, and Headspace. Each app offers different outcomes for the user.

Apollo is mostly concerned with using touch therapy in conjunction with knowledge about cognitive behavioral therapy to help a person rid themselves of stress. This has been proven to work with a minute session of therapy and it is being widely applied to general stress, hypervigilance, and could even see uses in other aspects of mental health like panic attacks.
Calm helps provide people with nature sounds and daily guided meditations that help them be more mindful of their life. There is a free version that provides many of their offerings.

Headspace is another app that is centered on meditation and mindfulness techniques that help people relax. The meditations offered can help with a lot of different stress-related issues.
Overall, relieving yourself of stress can be a difficult process, and the most effective apps will approach the problem in several ways that can help a user.

Availability for Android, iPhone, and More
The best meditation apps on the market today will provide a widespread availability. Whether they’re on the Google Play Store or available to download for Apple’s ios, being able to reach out to many people is a sign of a quality app.

Being able to use the unguided meditations, access podcasts, listen to nature sounds, hear sleep stories and more are only as good as the availability of the products in the app store.
People have stress for a lot of different reasons. One thing is clear in all cases, though. It’s important to rid yourself of stress so you do not suffer the long-term consequences of unchecked stress. By making use of a worthy app, you can get stress relief in a number of unique ways. Whether you learn healthy stress management techniques or learn how meditation can change your mindset, you can lower your stress and improve your quality of life.

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