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Place has been found that has a resonant magnetic stagnation

Real Phenomena of the Earth

In southern Atlantic, a place has been found that has a resonant magnetic stagnation and investigators are reviewing the relationship between this place and the phenomenon of the reversal of the earth’s magnetic poles? Let Have go through with the help of NASA Space Academies USA .

In the earth’s bottom, iron is iron and forma earth’s magnate field that protects our jaws and satellites from harmful sunlight this field has changed over time and there are different differences in the various points of the earth. The field can even completely change its poles and replace the north and south poles This phenomenon is known as reverse and was last seen 780 thousand years ago.

There is a fascinating and full of tension between South America and South Africa that is called the South Atlantic conflict, which is much smaller than the level of waiting. Such a mangiest field seems to be the beginning of a reversal of the earth in exchange, so some scientists are considering the issue and say that this characteristic may be a witness to confirm that such a phenomenon is going on.

A new investigation published in THE PNAS magazine has been able to show how long this field will be uneven and will also explain whether this incident is worrying.

The weak magnifying fields will be the reason we are being further damaged by hurricanes or megacity the magnetic towers have the ability to break down our electronic buildings, for example, electricity grids. Currently, the South Atlantic Magnetism Field is so weak that it can adversely affect satellites and other technologies that pass through this place It is believed that this discourse area is related to part of the megacity field that is located in the area with other locations located on the top of the outer area of the earth’s allot, which is 2,889 kilometers deep in the ground.

This section, which has a counter-genetic current, has grown over the past 250 years. But we don’t know if this is the only part of the uneven movement of the nuclear sandals of the earth or a number of conflicts in this area that have occurred over the long term If this topic is not returned, the current location is of no importance, it may appear anywhere and in a position. But if this event is a return, the question arises whether the size and size of the place is increasing at the present time, which can be a sign of the beginning of the reversal. If this is one of the few changes that have occurred over the past million years, the probability of the polar reversal is less. But we have to be able to analyze what would be the reason that the megacity field in this particular area has a strange and surprising experience

Volcano History

Investigators have visited St. Helen Island to understand this, located in the Atlantic Center. The island, which was once taken away from Nap alone and died in 1821, was formed by volcanic stone. These stones are derived from two different volcanoes that were activated about 8 or 11/5 million years ago.

When the volcanic rock cools, the small iron oxides tins in them become magnates and save the earth’s magnetic field Investigators have collected a number of these stones and taken them to their laboratory in Liverpool They have conducted experiments in this laboratory to understand how the earth’s magnetic field was during volcano activity.

The results of the investigations show that the Cent Helen Magnates Field was very different during the volcano’s activation, which shows that the area has changed in contrast to other areas.

So new conclusions support the idea that more conflict will not pass than other countries but the entire area has been unstable over the years accordingly, the current situation is not as rare as investigators describe it, and there is less possibility that it will be the beginning of the earth’s reversal.

A window into the ground

So what can he analyze this magnetic area? The outfield nuclear that forms the steam and this area has a lot of speed that these changes can happen in a short period of time The outer – earth nuclear over the earth’s top class is in contact with the much less moving speed This means that the earth’s top nuclear class has not changed much over the past million years.

Earth’s internal component

Investigators with the wave of earth shimmy ingested information about the earth’s top class Under Africans, there is a large part of the lower class above the earth where waves pass at a much less speed than earth, meaning there is a possibility that there will be an extremely hot place below the lower class of the upper-nuclear earth. This issue may be the reason for a different exchange with the outer nuclear class of the earth in this place, which is the reason for the different movements of the field of magnetism in South Atlantic

Another part of the earth’s planet is an inner body that has a solid ball of pluton planet size located under the outer earth’s inner This hard part is calmly growing but its growth rate is not equal anywhere So here’s a possibility that this part of a particular area is growing more rapidly and will be a case of such a trend in the outer nuclear This situation can also be the reason for the uneven it of the megacity field in a long time now seen in Saint Helon

Although there are still a lot of questions left to clarify the consequences of this uneven attitude in south Atlantic, this study shows that such a phenomenon has been millions of years old and is most possible the result of the internal exchanges in the earth.

On Other Way

The Atlantic Said on Thursday that there had been an accident late Wednesday on board the AP Dubrava in the South Atlantic. Four seafarers were injured, two of whom gave no signs of life and two of the injured were stable.

Four sailors, three Croatian nationals and one Ukrainian seaman were injured, and immediate medical attention was immediately requested from Brazilian authorities, the coast guard and the navy. Two of the injured are stable and two crew members do not give any life signs despite continued reassignment measures from the crew on the instructions of a doctor.

The company is making every effort possible, using all available resources to get those health cares as soon as possible and return home after treatment.


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