Placemats and napkins combinations with various colors & patterns

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve discovered setting the table at home with different placemats and napkins combinations during this era of social distance to be very creative, tranquil, and relaxing. There’s plenty of happiness at the dinner table surrounded by loved ones, so why not do it with flair? It’s all a bit too bland.

We enjoy celebrating special occasions with meals and treats as a family. Why not add a touch of sweetness to the event by using attractive French Provence placemats and napkins? These pairs are ideal for utilizing odds and ends. Orphan blocks, and fat quarters to make something unique while doing some stash busting!

Decorate your table with Placemats & Napkins

Every room in every house has a distinct atmosphere, not just for those who reside there but also for others who visit. We all know that spaces like the living room provide an opportunity to interact and enjoy oneself.

The bedroom, for its part, delivers the seclusion that the area demands. Even though those rooms are significant and have a lot of value. The kitchen is one of those areas where meals are prepared with care and love for the family.

The family gathers around the dining room table to eat and socialize. The centerpiece in the room is usually a table with placemats and napkins.

Placemats and napkins are a table covers that serve as a mat for your dining room table. It’s challenging to know what placemats are at first. A placemat is a pad or cover designating a single place setting. In contrast with the tablecloth that covers the whole surface. They have various purposes:

The suitable placemat protects the dinner table from stains, watermarks, and heat damage. Placemats are a design element, especially if they have a print or decorations around the edge.

There are many different placemats and napkins to select from while searching for them. Placemat shapes, materials, and anything else to suit your preferences.

There are far more shape types or placemats on the market than you might think. The following shapes are the most popular: circular, rectangular, and floral. Squares are the best shape because they’re easier to set up with this tablecloth.

Of course, the material of the French Provence placemats and napkins is essential since it may assist in setting the tone on the table. So, the followings are a few to get you started:

Natural fabric:

Linen fabric is a breeze to keep clean, with a smooth texture. Cotton or linen fabric is the finest choice for natural materials. Linen placemats are heat-resistant and stain-resistant. However, linen is the way to go if you’re between the two because it’s easier to care for.


Plastics are the most inexpensive option on the market. It has no distinctive feel but is a choice for everyone because it does not need extra cleaning steps. You may wash it in the sink or wipe it with a wet cloth.

Natural materials, such as linen, are generally more attractive and elegant when creating placemats. It may provide a casual atmosphere while also sending a formal message. As a consequence, most people prefer linen placemats to synthetic ones. This article will compare the benefits of linen tablecloths to those of other table linens.

Why is linen the best material for table linen?

There are many misunderstandings surrounding the term “table linen.” The majority of people are unfamiliar with what this category encompasses. Linen is a piece of fabric that you place on your table. The following articles, like Table cloths, table skirting, table placemats, and napkins are all examples of pieces in this category.

So, these are the components that make up table linens. We’re sure you’ll be able to come up with even more items, but these are the most common ones. On the other side, before picking anything for table decorating, look at the cloth’s material.

Linen or cotton are the two most common materials for table cloths. Linen has become more popular than cotton as a material for placemats and napkins. What are the reasons? Here are a few of them:

How to use linen placemats and linen napkins?

Linen placemats and napkins can be used alone or in combination. There is no end to the debate and uncertainty about when one of the others should be utilized. These things might be irritating, especially if you have a lot of visitors over for supper.

If you want everything to appear perfect. We’ve got some ideas for how to combine both of them. Several professionals will show you how to set up a dining table. We can assert that. After thorough study, there is no hard and fast rule prohibiting the usage of placemats with a tablecloth. Of course, you can use each fabric alone, for example:

If you only use placemats for informal eating. You’ll be fine. People like placemats for day-to-day use. The many different types of placemats, designs, materials, and colors have allowed people to pick according to their mood and occasion.

Use napkins alone for a formal dining area if possible. Some individuals, it is acknowledged, like to dine on a tablecloth every day. But if it gets soiled, it might be challenging to manage them and them every day. As a result, use the cloth for a formal dinner instead. It will also provide a complete appearance.

So, what’s the best way to combine placemats and a tablecloth? The table will have additional layering and visual appeal if you use them together. To utilize them simultaneously, you must consider hue, pattern, and substance.

Color. Natural fabrics, bright hues, and white tablecloths are all acceptable. Avoid using solid colors. To create a more elegant look. Use a contrasting shade for the placemat.

Design. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on dinnerware. You can cover a table with a simple cloth or one with a subtle pattern. In addition, the same rule applies when it comes to placemats and matching.

Material. While there is a large market for placemats and tablecloths. They don’t go well with plastic. We propose using crisp linen tablecloths and placemats in your home. It’s the ideal option for formal dinners as well as informal meals.

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