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Places to Visit in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is known as the second-largest city in Rajasthan, and it has a lot to offer. You can find information about Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore Gardens, Balsamand Lake, and Jain Temple. These are just some of the places that you should visit while you’re here! This article will help you plan your Jodhpur trip by highlighting some of the best tourist destinations in this beautiful city.

Mehrangarh Fort

Jodhpur is known for its huge Mehrangarh Fort. The fort was built in 1459, and it used to be the residence of the Rathore rulers. Now, you can tour this impressive structure and see a museum inside filled with antiques from different eras. There are also many other things for tourists to do around here, such as watching a puppet show or shopping at one of the local markets! There are numerous adventure activities in Jodhpur.

Jaswant Thada

You should also check out the beautiful Jaswant Thada. It’s a white marble structure that was built in 1899 to commemorate Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. The memorial is dedicated to his father, mother, and wives, who all died during childbirth! There are many other structures nearby, so you can spend your whole day exploring different aspects of Jodhpur’s history.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Maharaja Umaid Singh built the Umaid Bhawan Palace, known as one of the biggest residences in India. This royal residence now serves as a luxury hotel so that you can stay here for your Jodhpur trip! The property has six restaurants, an art gallery, and lots more to do inside.

Mandore Gardens

Another great place to visit in Jodhpur is the Mandore Gardens. It’s known for its unique Chhatris, which are small cenotaphs built over the graves of kings and queens. The gardens also have a massive collection of different types of trees!

It would be best if you also visited Mandore gardens, located about twenty kilometers from Jodhpur city. During the Mughal era, this place used to be a popular hunting spot, and today some monuments were made out of red sandstone. You’ll find Buddhist temples, palaces, and other structures around these well-maintained gardens that make up an impressive historical site.

Balsamand Lake

Another lake that you should visit while in Jodhpur is Balsamand Lake. It’s located about twenty kilometers from the city, and it was constructed during the Mughal era. The lake gets its name from a Hindu goddess named ‘Balsama,’ also known as Kali Mata, which means Mother of Brahma. There are many other temples around here, such as Jal Mahal and Pichola Lake, so you’ll be able to explore different aspects of Rajasthani culture!

Jain Temple

The last place we want to highlight for your trip planning purposes is the stunning Jain temple that overlooks Mehrangarh Fort. This impressive structure has four main domes, and there are many other temples located within its premises! The colorful wall paintings and intricate designs make this place worth visiting. You can also see the beautiful gardens that are located around this holy site.

Rajasthan is a popular tourist destination for people who want to explore India’s fascinating history and culture. These places in Jodhpur highlight some of the best things you can do here, so check them out when you book your trip!

Kalyana Lake

The Kalyana lake is located about five kilometers from Jodhpur city. It gets its name because it was the site of an annual marriage ceremony that used to take place in this area centuries ago! The lake has many vegetation and other structures around it, including Jal Mahal, which you can explore while here. There are also many temples nearby, so you’ll be able to spend your whole day exploring different aspects of Rajasthani culture if you visit this beautiful town. The lake’s setting is also known for being home to wild bears and other animals, as it was built during the princely era of Jodhpur by Pratap Singh. It was also one of the kings’ hunting grounds in ancient times. This means that the village is now much more beautiful and exuberant, and it is definitely worth a visit while in Jodhpur. A birdwatcher’s paradise, Kalyana Lake is also a great spot for viewing sunrise and sunset in Jodhpur and exploring them in nature. It’s impossible not to enjoy a blissful experience trekking around Jodhpur’s most popular places to see, which are also renowned for their historical importance.


Jodhpur is a destination for all tastes. The city has something to offer every visitor, from the serene beauty of Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada to its bustling bazaars that overflow with wares from across India. From grand palaces to exquisite temples, there are plenty of places in Jodhpur worth visiting if you find yourself here on vacation any time soon!

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