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Podcast App: Top 5 Ways to Get Started with Podcasting

Podcasts can be a fun way to gain extra cash or enjoy a hobby. It doesn’t matter what topic you like to discuss. There’s undoubtedly an audience for it.

If you’re interested in starting a podcast but don’t know what podcast app you should download to publish your recordings, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to learn how to start a podcast.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program, usually pre-recorded. Audiences can listen in different mediums (smartphones, TVs, laptops) and different ways (through headphones, speakers, or in a car).

Podcasts are usually centered on a specific theme or topic, from fashion trends to investment tips.

Picking the Right Podcast App

Certainly, you’ll have to invest money on decent equipment (e.g., microphone, tabletop mic stands, closed-back headphones). So, to make it easier, a good app to feel inspired and post your podcasts is ”Anchor.”

If you search for Anchor podcasts, you’ll find creative content there. It’s a beginner-friendly platform, perfect for creating podcasts. It has tools to record and edit audio, which is excellent for those not ready to invest money in an editing program.

The best part? Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t charge money to host and distribute your show. In fact, you can monetize your podcast by placing ads into episodes or receiving listener contributions.

If you wanna ”go big” and be discovered by audiences, maybe it’s time to consider posting your episodes on Spotify. A study found that 43% of monthly podcast listeners used Spotify to listen to episodes in 2019.

It’s not the most practical way to start a podcast, but it’s a viable option for those looking to invest significant time in their podcast creation.

First, you need to verify if your podcast meets Spotify’s requirements. You’ll have to create a Spotify account, agree to the terms and conditions, enter your RSS feed link, verify you own the podcast, type details about your podcast, and finally, review and submit your show.

Once Spotify approves your podcast, you’ll be able to see it on their platform with all of your show’s details.

Keep in mind: just because the show that inspires you is posted on a particular podcast app doesn’t mean the platform is also suitable for you.

To stand out among a bunch of podcasts, it is worth considering a podcast consultant. You’ll know what you’ll need precisely to reach your target audience and learn the best strategy to achieve your podcast goals.

Get Creative Now

Podcasting is about exploring creativity, discussing topics from an unpredictable angle, and entertaining audiences.

Pick the right podcast app and choose adequate equipment. Also, focus on what’s unique about your show and how you plan to entertain audiences.

Overall, the best podcasts are the ones that captivate their audiences through top-rate content and the host’s authenticity.

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