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Point Cloud to BIM Services – Everything You Need to Know

Do you know what are the uses and benefits of Point Cloud to BIM services or Scan to BIM modeling services? Read this blog to know all in detail.

BIM which stands for Building Information Modeling has literally been a revolutionary service in the world of architecture and engineering.

BIM basically involves certain specific steps that represent the building in a detailed manner. It shows the building according to the present situation of the building project.

Point cloud to BIM Services is a highly used service amongst architects and contractors. Point cloud to BIM shows the existing building structure in a modern version using a digital or graphical representation. This entire procedure is known as a point cloud to BIM or scan to BIM.

The point cloud data is using laser scanners. The point cloud data of the structure use in making a BIM model that speaks for the entire building.

This technique of scan to BIM modeling is highly used in renovation and remodeling related projects. It also helps in facility management. It is a useful method for assessing the existing building with regard to its environment and other factors.

Now let’s start with having an in-depth knowledge of BIM, to enable us to understand the whole process properly.

➦ What is BIM Actually?

As already mentioned above BIM is the representation of a building’s features in a comprehensive form. It is an attested source of information that gives all the important information regarding a building’s life cycle. 

It can also be said that BIM is a systemized way of planning and managing 3D models in the AEC industry. With the BIM model, the details of the whole building can be ascertained accurately and each detail of the elements can be known.

BIM uses the latest technology to store requisite information and use them in favor of the facility management. It is not only an intelligent technique but is also an interactive one that helps its users in multiple arrangements.

Thus, BIM is also known to many as a collaborative form of database management that ensures quick and effective sharing of building information

In a well-created 3D model, a single change made to any part of the model is in no time modified throughout the model. This is a praiseworthy feature of Revit. There is a strong affiliation between the various elements of the model. And this is one of the many reasons why it is opted by so many industry professionals.

If you are a contractor, sub-contractor, designer, architect, surveyor, builder, or anything related to the project, BIM modeling is going to be extremely beneficial for your stand on the project.

Any stakeholder of the project can use this powerful tool. BIM adds practicality and massive value to the project. 

➦ What is the Relation between the Point Cloud and BIM?

The use of BIM has been rapidly increasing in the industry. This has become an indispensable service for many professionals. And along with it the use of the point cloud technique has also increased. 

Whenever there is an existing project building, the point cloud data becomes very necessary to capture the intrinsic details of the building.

The as-built information offers the base for the 3D model to be built on. This is the initial stage of the entire process where the raw data scanned to turn into a BIM model later on.

➦ Scanning the Point Cloud Data and Turning them into BIM-based Models

The laser scanned data is processing as point cloud data.  It contains a whole set of points that takes a 3D form in different coordinates defined as X, Y, and Z-axis. These data points act for the accurate information of the building.  

Laser scanners and mapping techniques are using for this process. They collect all the needed information and measurement of every part. It organized and processed into the raw point cloud data.

The devices that use in the scanning procedure are Simultaneous localization and mapping or Light Detection and Ranging. Apart from these also, there are plenty of devices available in the market. The company chooses them according to the specifications they need and the project requirements. 

➦ What are the Uses of Point Cloud to BIM?

There is a number of challenges that come along the way while construction goes on. Hence, Scan to BIM is responsible for solving many such challenges. It is quite a tedious job to collect all the data and process them. Plus the data collection takes time. The BIM model of an existing site also needs to be up to date.

  • The main problem that arises is that the as-built drawing is out of date and contains very irrelevant information. It takes time to understand them and work on the missing parts. A single error if not handled carefully can lead to the failure of the whole model. Hence, the modeler makes sure that at the initial phase itself the work is complete with BIM.
  • During the construction, it gets difficult to update each and every change in the model. It is not possible to take it on one to physically visit the site and take the updates. So BIM is a great source of information that the stakeholders get digitally without having to move an inch. This also happens to be a time-saving and cost-saving idea.

3D techniques allow the professionals to effortlessly work on scan to BIM projects. The scanners are a great technical device for this.

The 3D laser scanner uses to take precise measurements of on-site locations. The speed and scale of the model are gauges with it.

➦ What are the Benefits of Point Cloud to BIM Offers?

The Chances of Errors are Minimum

The existing buildings do not possess immense detailing and the documents are not that advanced as well. With BIM modeling the digital documentation becomes very accurate. The accuracy leads to fewer errors and better output. The point cloud data is reliable and hence follows the reliable models.

Easier to Maintain the Overall Process

With a scan of BIM, the whole process can manage through the digital space itself. It decreases the round trips taken to the site. The on-site data store through the cloud data set and the need to visit the site, again and again, is not necessary.

Suitable for Offbeat Locations as Well

Many times, the situation is such that the location of the building is not very feasible. In such cases the point cloud to BIM is great. The regular update in schematic drawings can make sure that there is no structural damage. The problems identified earlier and rectified within time. This again results in productivity and efficiency in the building design.

Improved Deliverables

With the efficient outcome with BIM models, the deliveries of the final building also become efficient. The added value with the point cloud data makes the process faster and gives the needed push. If the work is done in an orderly manner then point cloud to BIM can prove to enhance the delivery timeline and also save an ample amount of time.


By now we have understood the importance of point cloud as a part of Building Information Modeling. It is the best-preferred service for the management of building and construction and reconstruction of the existing ones

The architectural sector also affects with developments in the technological sector. The modern tools and techniques make it easier to get all the information smoothly. The point cloud technique is highly accessible and nowadays professionals are using it easily.

All the stakeholders associated with a particular project are now very much aware of what scan to BIM can do. Thus, the collaboration and communication in such projects have tenfold increased. Now, the maximum number of stakeholders invests in point cloud data scanning and further turning them into intelligent BIM models.

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Chandresh Chudasama

I am a professional Architect having 12+ years of experience in the architectural and construction field. Also, Founder and CEO of CHCADD Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. company, which provides BIM and CAD Outsourcing Services in US, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and many other countries.

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