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Powder coating removal at your fingertips

The quick method for powder coating removal is quite popular these days. Numerous places require removal of the powder coating in case of coating failure. Sometimes, an area that requires refinishes or update calls for the involvement of these techniques. Cleaning of rack and hangers require stripping of the coating.

powder coating removal

Though these surfaces bear durability, it is easy to remove the powder coating right from the substrate without causing any damage to the material’s integrity. All that is needed is a chemical stripper, extreme heat or you can also resort to abrasive blasting. The professionals also use methods like a laser to remove coatings.

Methods for removal of coating:

Three main methods are utilized in powder coating removal, namely chemical stripping, abrasive blasting, and thermal stripping. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon the project. Whatever the choice maybe it’s essential to remember that surface preparation is an important part of the procedure especially at times when a substrate proves to be inefficient.

It is essential to pick the right remove method. Hence understanding these three methods is essential.

  • Abrasive blasting: this method uses abrasive medium and the procedure is done at high speeds to remove the powder. The method uses materials like steel, sand and glass beads to name a few. Sometimes, the abrasive blasting method helps with the preservation of the surface. Though it takes a large amount of time, this powder coating removal method is the cheapest one among all the other removal methods. Over other chemical methods, this method is preferred by most people because it does not compromise with the quality of the product.
  • Chemical stripping: this is a method that comes in hot and cold chemical combinations and variations. The methods used in the system require the caustic bath to reach a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. This leads the coating to soften, dissolve easily and then fall. Cold chemical strippers used in these procedures are solvent-based and are applied with the brush. The method is fast and economical thus giving you the uniform surface to the substrate when the coating gets removed. However, there are downsides as well. The method is not environment-friendly, safe along with numerous disposal issues.
  • Thermal stripping: it is the powder coating removal method that takes the application of heat with the help of the fluidity bed system. The method of stripping let’s heat to break down the coating just leaving the acid which gets removed consequently. The procedure takes place with water or blasting substances. However, the temperature that is required in the procedure is about 650 degrees Celsius. While it is fastest and does not impact the environment negatively, the substrate does get devoid of its surface profile.

How do the contractors help in the mission?

When you hire professional service, you can be sure that the method is fast and applicable to low-cost methodologies. They can also provide post strip coating when required. All these methods pose a lower impact on the environment. The procedure of applying the powder coat requires the preparation of a proper substrate that also includes the cleaning step. For this, it is essential to hire the professionals who make use of the necessary equipment.

Advanced powder coating removal companies can remove paint from all kinds of metal substrates like mild and stainless steel, wrought iron sheet, metal as well as aluminum parts. The method is really impressive when you require to remove it from difficult areas. They also know to alloy the process to the cabinet, furniture and intricate parts of the automated systems. The remarkable part of the services is that they will provide the solution without harming or distressing the structure at any cost. Also, they make sure that the substrate is free from protective oil and lubricant before the periods start.

powder coating removal

Final word:

The certified professionals dealing with powder coating removal take the utmost care in the procedures and make use of environment-friendly methods that company with the Australian standards regulations.

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