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Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms, Overview, & Health

Pregnancy is an inevitable condition of the body and mind of a woman. If there was no existence of pregnancy, there could be no existence of any human being or animal or bird. There are certain signs and conditions of pregnancy. Among them, the signs and conditions of early pregnancy of a woman differ from the signs and conditions of late pregnancy. Aside from them, an overview of pregnancy signs and symptoms and health tips for pregnant women are also discussed below.

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

All women who conceive will not show the same signs and symptoms. It varies from woman to woman. But the absence of menstruation is the most common sign of pregnancy. Along with it, weight gain is also a common symptom. However, there are other pregnancy signs and symptoms, but they should be divided into two phases:

  • Early pregnancy signs and symptoms: Early in the pregnancy, the mood of a woman is changed, and she may become more fretful than before. Her urinating tendency may increase, and she may suffer from headaches now and then, and also suffer from lower back pain. Vomiting tendency, especially in the morning is another common symptom. Darkness around the nipple ring and soreness in breasts are among the other signs and symptoms. Lastly, feeling tired has always been reported by pregnant women at their early stage.
  • Late pregnancy signs and symptoms: Leakage of urine during lifting anything a bit heavy is a sign of late pregnancy. Swelling of legs is also seen in the late pregnancy while fluid increases in the legs which most of the women take as a matter of panic. Back pain, the symptom that starts in early pregnancy, continues and even keeps increasing. You may feel heartburn mainly because of 2 reasons – 1. Hormonal changes, and 2. The growing baby pressing against your stomach. A certain hormone expands your lung capacity to carry oxygen to the baby in the womb which causes you to take a breath more frequently what you call shortness of breath can come to you as a sign of pregnancy.

Overview of Pregnancy

Pregnancy initiates with the successful operation of a sperm melting from the spine of a husband into the ovum lying deep into the vaginal cave of the body of his wife during sexual intercourse which eventually creates a zygote, the initial existence of an upcoming new child. This starting of pregnancy lasts around forty weeks to let a baby come out of its mother’s body or womb. This period of pregnancy is again divided into 3 trimesters:

  1. First 12 weeks of pregnancy
  2. Second 12 weeks of pregnancy, and
  3. Third 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Each trimester has its medical complications through which the pregnant has to gain experience of becoming a mother. During this time proper medical care and special care to health is a crying need. Whether you get pregnant you might follow the beginning periods and ensure that you have all the pregnancy signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Health in Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you should be very careful of your health. You have to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, iron, omega 3, and low fat to provide ample nutrients to your baby excluding some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. Also, take folic acid according to the advice of your obstetrician and drink sufficient liquid, always keep yourself under medical checkup, never smoke or drink alcohol, take physical exercise regularly excluding risky sports, take enough rest, and have a long time of sound sleep at every night. Thus pregnancy is one of the sensitive periods so you have to take care of yourself especially if you are in the first trimester.

Surrogate Pregnancy

Surrogacy is an alternative way to getting parenthood where a surrogate mother gives birth baby for its biological parents. In the surrogacy process eggs and sperms collect from intended parents and fertilize in IVF then plan in the surrogate mother’s uterus. The pregnancy signs and symptoms are almost the same as a regular pregnancy but there is something different especially at the beginning period. However, if you get pregnant through surrogacy you might have attended to the pregnancy and way of growing the baby.

Final Words

Your dearest one is inside your womb. It cannot speak up. It has optimism from you. Sincerely feel up the needs of your unborn baby. Stay healthy throughout pregnancy, and you will see a small face with little hands and legs that will fill up the heart of both you and your husband. We already have discussed the pregnancy signs and symptoms as well as the health care tips during pregnancy that might make your journey easier. However, if you have any questions or suggestions you are welcome to leave them on the comment box or contract to a health care expert.

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