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PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace: How to Rule the Local Market?

The current trends are prevalent in the eCommerce sector. In the past, earning money was possible just through internet sales. The customer attitudes, however, evolved over time to reflect new interests. The customers, on the other hand, are never satisfied with what they have. Many different online merchants changed the focus of their operations to a multi-seller marketplace in response to market trends. It’s easy to understand why. Customers like to shop for all of their necessities on a single online platform. Because it is time-consuming and tedious to visit two or more internet stores to make purchases. Customers tend to give precedence to hyperlocal marketplaces over retailers, particularly in local markets. The Knowband tech team now has a contemporary solution for PrestaShop admins in line with the current trend. PrestaShop merchants can convert their online store into a hyperlocal marketplace with the Knowband PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace. Now, it makes sense that you would want to know what hyperlocal marketplaces are.

A hyperlocal marketplace is a multi-vendor internet market with a specific regional focus. Similar to larger marketplaces, hyperlocal marketplaces only provide services in a small area. The idea of hyperlocal marketplaces only works for certain types of businesses. Examples of hyperlocal marketplaces include the food business, grocery stores, and repair services. A hyperlocal marketplace is a multi-vendor internet market with a specific regional focus. Similar to larger marketplaces, hyperlocal marketplaces only provide services in a small area. The stores that are listed will be appropriate for the region of delivery and location.

PrestaShop hyperlocal

Hyperlocal Marketplace Working:

The next question that arises after understanding the fundamentals of markets is how hyperlocal marketplaces function. It’s clear and easy to understand the response.

  1. Open-source hyperlocal marketplaces allow sellers to list their establishments in the initial phase of the marketplace.
  2. After a listing is successful, customers can browse and explore the stores on the marketplaces.
  3. The buyer orders the goods from the online marketplaces in the third stage.
  4. Online retailers receive the order information and take extra action to ensure consumer delivery.

So, how does the administrator of hyperlocal marketplaces make money?

The consumer placed the order for the goods, and the vendors received payment. What does that mean for the marketplace owners, then?

As straightforward as the question is the answer. The administrators of the hyperlocal marketplaces demand monthly subscription fees in addition to per-sale commission fees in return for allowing the vendors to list their goods there. Simply said, anytime a seller completes an order, the specified commission amount is instantly credited to the administrator account of the marketplace.

Hyperlocal Marketplaces: Reasons!


Zero-Cost Shop for Sellers:

There are no setup fees or website construction costs to begin selling online in hyperlocal markets. Additionally, thanks to hyperlocal markets, vendors can put their goods online and begin receiving orders the same day.

Without having to set up an online business, local vendors can sell their goods on hyperlocal markets. A lot of options are available to buyers right now. This results in a situation where everyone benefits.

The pure B2C market:

The market is exclusively B2C, which is another impressive advantage of hyperlocal marketplaces. To get paid for their orders, the sellers won’t have to interact with any third-party companies. Additionally, vendors will ultimately own their customers and order management.

As more products are made available on a single platform, sellers will be able to browse and buy more conveniently. This would make your sellers more noticeable. Instead of using middlemen that charge commissions to provide a fleet of riders, they will be able to sell directly to clients.

Online Same-Day Delivery Business:

If they must deliver orders to customers within a few hours or the same day, sellers may benefit from hyperlocal marketplaces. Retailers want to have an online presence because of the rising demand for local delivery. Faster delivery is the reason for this. With the Knowband PrestaShop hyperlocal marketplace, they may acquire a platform to do the same.

Local customers can be targeted by vendors, but they can also learn about and improve their company modules.

You can choose productive techniques with the assistance of the other merchants on the platform.

A Market with High Potential

Online enterprises are said to have more potential in hyperlocal markets. The Hyperlocal Marketplaces specifically direct attention to a constrained zone, which supports the argument.

The likelihood of converting new clients into loyal ones is relatively high for the same reason.

One of the main pillars supporting the success of hyperlocal marketplaces is the following factor.

Now that we understand what the phrase “hyperlocal marketplace” means, We have also attempted to address some of the reasons why hyperlocal online marketplaces are currently necessary for the online sector.

The issue is how to launch your market. Does it involve any kind of coding knowledge or other things? No, for sure not. The contemporary Hyperlocal Marketplace Addon was created by the Knowband Tech Team for online PrestaShop store vendors. Additionally, online merchants can quickly transform their online store into a fully functional online Hyperlocal Marketplace.

The following elements are included in the Knowband PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace to offer a ready-to-use marketplace.

Log in as a Seller

The Knowband Hyperlocal multi-vendor marketplace for the PrestaShop plugin gives vendors the option to log in and manage their dashboards. The vendors will have tools to manage the orders in addition to their product listings. The merchants will automatically be notified through email once clients make an order on the Hyperlocal Marketplace. They will have access to all of the logistics management tools provided by the Hyperlocal Marketplace Seller Login Panel for the following steps.

Payment Options:

The Hyperlocal Marketplace extension gives administrators the ability to integrate a variety of payment channels.

Administrators can introduce payment alternatives for customers and sellers. By doing the same, customers can purchase their preferred goods and sellers can handle commission management.

Commission Management System:

The foundation of hyperlocal marketplaces is the commission management system. The commissions have an impact on every step of the business, from order administration to seller product listing. The Prestashop Hyperlocal E-commerce Business addon gives admins the option to choose the % commission rate for the sellers, which is a further improvement.

The commission rates are not only editable by PrestaShop store administrators, but they may also be added at any time. The admins have the option to add monthly fees based on subscription options in addition to the commission. The conditions can be added to the subscription plans by the PrestaShop store administrators via the module’s backend. The maximum product listing limitations can also be established by store administrators based on their plans.

Appropriate Management Control:

Even so, the vendors will have all the tools necessary to control their online sales. However, the store administrators will have the last say. The admins can include, exclude, or change any of the sellers at any time from the Knowband Prestashop Hyperlocal Service Marketplace back end.

After all,

The simplest method for creating a marketplace is the Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model. The Knowband tech team also promised the administrators of online stores a no-code solution.

In case you have any questions regarding hyperlocal marketplaces, too. If you want to have a brief conversation about building one, you may reach us at

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