Pro Tips To Get Unique Personalised Gifts In India

Be it any occasion, personalised gifts for loved ones is a wonderful idea.

Be it any occasion, personalised gifts for loved ones is a wonderful idea. However, it is a task to choose the perfect and unique personalised gifts as you have to keep in mind a lot of factors such as the likes and dislikes of the person to whom you are presenting a gift. Besides, you should also consider factors like the relation you share with the intended recipient, their age and sex, the occasion, your own budget etc. So, to make the right choice, here are some of the tips you should remember when you are selecting personalized gifts and wedding gifts for near and dear ones, friends, relatives, seniors, colleagues etc.

1.  Remember the basics

When you think of giving something personalised in birthday or in wedding, especially wearables, think about the colours, size, and lifestyle of those you are gifting something. For example, gifting a formal shirt with the picture of a person who works at an office with a strict dress code, isn’t cool. Instead gift them something that they can use justifiably either at home or office. Avoid ordering wearables in case you are not sure about a person’s size of a topwear, bottomwear, or footwear.

2. Age and sex

The age and sex of the receiver should also be kept in mind. Of course! This does not mean that someone will end up gifting a customised saree to a man.  It simply means that a person’s taste according to his age plays a crucial

role in deciding a personalised gift, and in fact, even the type of personalisation. For example, a wall clock with an image of God may be liked more by a 60-year old than a 16-year old teenager.

3. Your relation to the person

Now, what you will choose as a gift for a close friend might not be suitable for your company’s CEO. Right? So, personalised gifts should be decided based on your rapport and closeness with the person whom the gift is to be decided for.

4. Budget

Now this depends upon point no. 3 too. Many people decide the budget for a gift based on how good their terms with the person to be given a gift to. There may be exceptions to this as some people relate the value of a gift to their own prestige and do not stick to a particular budget. But most people do take into account (other than their income of course) their bond with the person whom they are gifting something personalised. Generally, costly gifts are reserved for those who are close to one’s heart.

5. The occasion matters

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, farewell, and retirement parties—there are so many occasions personalised gifts are chosen for. But can you give any gift on any occasion? Well! The answer is both yes and no. There are some gifts like signature pens, wall clocks etc. which can be given at any occasion. But, on the other hand, there are a few unique personalised gifts india such as wine or champagne glass sets, watch set, and luxury cushion cover set etc. which are gifted on occasions like wedding, wedding reception, or wedding anniversary. Similarly, a coffee mug with the collage of pictures with colleagues is an ideal gift for work anniversary or a farewell party in office.

6. Spellings and fonts

Engraving, printing, or sometimes embroidering (in case it is a surface made of fabric) the names or initials of the recipient is the most preferred way of  personalisinggifts. It is minimal yet chic and makes the gift suitable for any occasion. So, getting the spelling and font right is non-negotiable here. Check the spellings of names of the recipients thoroughly when you fill in details while ordering personalised gifts online. Similarly, use a font which is decorative yet sophisticated, suitable, and legible. For example, Cheri or Bubblegum Sans are good for a personalised gift for children and a calligraphic font suits a set of wine glasses.

7. Order well in advance

It is always ideal to place order for personalised gifts well in advance. It helps avoid last minute rush and leaves room for corrections (if any).


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