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Professional Slate Cleaning at an Affordable Price

Who says slates are a thing of the past? So what if ceramic tiles are the popular trend now. One slate floor among all these ceramic tiles is a treat for the eyes. However, owning slate tiles comes with several responsibilities as well. Slate floors are like that one item of vintage that is dear to you and requires extra care to make it long last. For car lovers, a classic foxy is the source of far more emotional attachment and since it is a thing of the past, it requires more care given that its spare parts are not readily available all around.

Similar is the case of slate tiles. Slates are unique in their colour, texture, design and geographical origin which is the reason why it is recommended to shop extra tiles just in case you need to replace some cracked tiles and still keep the same look. Since slate is composed of naturally occurring stone, it owes its uniqueness to that factor. 

A few do’s and don’ts of slate floors are as below;


Using protective covering

Since slate floors are prone to flaking away with any abrasive touch or due to supporting heavy furniture, it is advisable to place a carpet or a rug before placing any furniture. Since most people are fond of slate floors and do not wish to hide it under the protection of rugs, here is an alternate; carry your furniture around instead of dragging it. As long as the furniture is standing still, it doesn’t add to the wear and tear process much. However, when it is dragged across floors due to any reason, it scrapes away the tile contributing to slate deterioration. In order to prevent this, the furniture should always be carried around from one place to another.

Cleaning spills and stains immediately

Leaving spills and stains unattended adds to the permanency of stains. Moreover, spills tend to soak in the slate thereby becoming a cause of deterioration and cracking. For these reasons, cleaning up spills as soon as they occur is highly recommended.

Sealing Annually

Even though slate tiles are a lot more durable than other tiles, their sealer can wear off more rapidly than other tiles given the frequency of wear and tear. Cleaning and sealing slate floors once a year is advised.

Even though slates are highly durable and stain-resistant, they are still prone to chipping and over time wear and tear. Eventually, every tiled floor requires professional help, and when that time comes, you know who to contact!

Many slate cleaning and resealing services are here to ensure that you can hold on to your beloved slate tiles longer. Like Grout Expert is proficient in cleaning and sealing slate floors, and has just the right equipment to do so! It is common knowledge that abrasive chemicals expedite the slate’s chipping away problem instead of addressing it. This is part of the reason why slate cleaning should not be done at home, or at least without professional assistance. 

Slate cleaning and resealing is a process which does not need to be carried out very frequently, given the longevity of slate floors. Therefore, when the need does arise, it is only reasonable that the task of slate cleaning is left to professionals. 


Our team utilizes only top of the shelf products to give you the promised results. With your choice of company and our choice of cleaning and sealing products, the results are bound to leave you 100% satisfied with our work.

Slate cleaning and resealing is more or less the same as regular tile cleaning and sealing. The two differ in both processes are; the choice of product and the frequency with which they need to carry out the process arises. Sealing slate requires the removal of the already existing layer of sealer from the floor. This removal brings out the original slate tiles condition underneath. To preserve this original condition, a layer of a suitable sealer is applied fresh and the tiles are marked safe from future external contamination and pathogen attacks. 

The reason why most people don’t opt for slate floors is their cost. Owing to their uniqueness, the purchase of slate floors involves spending a huge sum of money. However, the fact that professional slate cleaning and sealing is not required as often as that for regular tiles compensates for this expenditure. Moreover, our customer-friendly quotes ensure that our efficient services fall within your sphere of convenience. Grout Expert prioritizes its customers over everything else, which is why everything we do is customer-oriented. From our services to our availability to our quotes, we assure that your burden is only alleviated through us, and not multiplied.


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