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PRP Hair Repair: A Promising New Way to Grow Hair

A healthy grownup will shed an average of 50-199 hair strands a day. The amount is negligible as the scalp replaces the hair strands sooner. However, some permanent hair strands grow long, and you can notice them. When you start losing the permanent hair strands, you can seek hair loss remedy services at PRP Los Angeles.

PRP for hair loss is a revolutionary remedy that helps patients to regrow their hair without surgery. In addition, you can seek the services at the initial stages of your hair loss, unlike the hair transplant, where you need to wait for the hair loss to stop or subside. 

There are several causes of hair loss. The results get noticeable with age. However, there are external factors that make people lose hair faster than others. The effects of hair loss are noticeable when you lose more hair than your scalp can replace. 

What is PRP

PRP is also known as autologous conditioned plasma. The doctor prepared PRP from your blood. They draw blood from your body, run it through a centrifuge where it separates into four parts. The first part contains plasma and red blood cells. The others are platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma, and the buffer zone. The doctor will discard the red blood cells and platelet-poor plasma. Then they use PRP and buffer zone for the second round of centrifuge. The second centrifuge squeezes the platelets into a small section of plasma. 

History of PRP

The term Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) was first used in the 1970s. It is a term that hematologists used to describe blood plasma that contains more platelets than normal blood. 

PRP contains platelets and growth factors. The two components are responsible for the body’s natural healing. When hematologists discovered that, they changed the concept of blood transfusion. They concentrated on using platelet-rich plasma, which gave better results. 

In the 1980s and 1990s, doctors were using PRP in surgeries. They saw improvement in how patients recovered. The blood serum would help in reducing inflammations, wounds and increase new cell growth. It became a central part of cosmetic surgery, skin grafting, maxillofacial surgery, and periodontal surgery.

Later, PRP was added to orthopedics, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, sports injuries treatment, urology, gynecology, and other medical fields. The latest research pieces show that PRP can reduce scarring. You can use it to reduce burn scars, acne scars, and surgery scars. 

How Blood help Hair Regrowth 

Blood contains a growth factor that it uses in natural body healing. However, using raw blood may be ineffective since the growth factors are at normal levels. That’s why it’s wise to concentrate platelets in a small section of plasma.

The blood proteins and platelets repair the scalp and hair follicle cells. As a result, they can produce and host healthy hair. Also, it improves blood circulation beneath the scalp.

When the blood is sufficient beneath the scalp, the hair roots can absorb enough nutrients. The blood proteins are the first nutrients that the hair benefits from. Also, blood circulation brings along enough oxygen, vitamins, and minerals. As a result, your hair shaft will grow thicker and healthier. You’ll also boast a healthy amount of sebum to cover the hair roots and protect the scalp. 

The PRP Procedure

PRP procedure starts by drawing blood off a patient’s body. In most cases, the blood is drawn from the hand. The doctor then mixes the blood with a coagulant. Then they place the mixture in a centrifuge machine. Finally, they spin the blood for a few minutes. 

The spin blood separates into four parts. First, the doctor draws the platelet-rich plasma and the buffer zone. Then returns the sections to a centrifuge machine. The second spin concentrates the platelets into a small section of plasma. 

The doctor then uses the final PRP to inject the treatment area. Anesthesia is optional in this process. However, you can request it if you have a high pain coefficient.

The injections are at regular intervals. You can get at least 20 injections at the treatment area. When you have PRP for hair loss, you will get more injections of the affected areas than other parts of the scalp. 

Who are PRP Candidates?

PRP for hair loss if for anyone suffering from any hair loss. There are no age restrictions on who can have hair therapy. You can start the treatment at any stage of your hair loss.

When you visit PRP Los Angeles at the initial stages of your hair loss, you will witness faster recovery. In addition, the treatment will be cheap since you will have fewer sessions. However, if you have the treatment at advanced stages, you will need patience before realizing satisfactory results.

For late treatment, you’ll need to waif for PRP to regenerate the lost cells after hair loss. It also needs to reconstruct the hair follicles before new hair starts to grow. That means you will need more sessions. Thus, you should budget for more therapy sessions. 

Is PRP Right for You?

PRP for hair loss is the best hair treatment for you. It would help if you were healthy so that you produce a healthy PRP. Some patients are barred from the treatment due to underlying medical conditions. For instance, you can’t have the treatment when you are anemic. Thus, you’ll need to boost your blood levels before the treatment. Also, it would help if you quit alcohol, cigarettes, and blood thinners. 

Let your doctor check if any conditions prevent you from taking PRP for hair loss. They could be any autoimmune conditions, blood-draining conditions, or a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

When you set out to have a PRP for hair loss treatment, ensure you start adopting a healthier lifestyle. Eat more fruits and green vegetables. Ensure all your meals are balanced. Also, stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake. If you were on medication that had blood thinners, you could discontinue two weeks before your appointment. 

PRP for Hair Loss Success Rate 

Over 70% 0f patients that visit PRP Los Angeles report success in their PRP for hair loss treatment. In addition, patients report an increase of 30%-50% of their initial hair count. Thus, the treatment is termed a great method to deal with several hair loss conditions. 

Cost and Recovery Time

One PRP session lasts a maximum of 90 minutes. It costs a maximum of $400. The price can go slightly up or down depending on the choice of clinic and the doctor who will attend to you.

Other factors will affect the cost of PRP hair therapy. Averagely, a patient needs three therapy sessions to achieve satisfactory results. However, some patients will add it to their routine hair care. Thus, after the third session, they have PRP for hair loss every six months. 

The doctors at PRP Los Angeles will advise you on the aftercare in the treatment area. However, PRP for hair loss has no downtime. You’ll resume your work immediately after the session. 

You will start noticing changes in your hair after your second therapy session. The results will keep increasing with each session. If you maintain a healthy hair care routine, you can retain the result for a long time. 


PRP Los Angeles offers the best non-surgical hair remedy for hair loss. You can book your PRP Treatments for hair loss appointment as soon as you are ready for the treatment. It is the best hair treatment method you can have on a budget.

The process does not replace hair surgery. However, with patience, you can get the same natural results you get from a hair transplant. Its success is beyond the topical hair treatment methods available in the market. 

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