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Punjabi Spicy Food Recipes!

Hey, guys, this is another interesting blog on food for you guys.  Punjabi Food Why it is so Spicy? and why do Punjabi people like Spicy food? Punjab is the flavour of different foods. Let’s go and explore the special.

1 Butter Chicken

Punjabi people love to eat butter chicken because it makes their mind fresh due to fresh chicken and butter. That’s why they are eager to eat Butter Chicken.  It is a very tasty and nutritious food that all Punjabis love to eat. It is one of the Spicy food delicacies

2 Amritsari Fish (Non-veg)

A favourable Spicy delight to rest of India by Punjab . Tasty and yummy Amritsari Fish with green chutney or sauce. Fried fish with sprinkling lemon juice on the top of it decorated with onion and coriander. A special dish made of fried fish consumed with parathas or naan.

3 Dal makhani

A beautiful flavour of dal with different spices like black lentils and red beans with creamy texture and flavour with a lot of nutritional value.

Punjabi people all together also others love to eat Dal makhani with naan or roti.

4 Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka is again a special dish of Punjab with a lot of Spicy touches up with fried paneer as a snack for the children available mostly at all the Punjabi and other restaurants. It is the favourite vegetarian dish for the people of Punjab.

5 Pinni

Punjabi spicy food

Pinni, a sweet dish from Punjab made with wheat, jaggery, ghee and nuts with the flavour of creamy vanilla extract.

Sweet and tasty dish. It’s best for providing heat and energy in the winter season because it is served hot. It is a ladoo with a different type of nuts and ingredients. It is one of the best Indian cuisines.

6 Chole bhature

Punjabi spicy food

Chole bhature is nice and tasty food for all the food time whether it is lunch, breakfast or dinner. It is the best food with spicy chole curry with coriander and onion slices. Amazing with lots of flavours and awesome taste.

7 Shahi paneer

Punjabi spicy food

Shahi paneer is another creamy flavour with peas and other ingredients consumed with Fried rice or naan. Awesome taste with yummy paneer made with creamy butter curry with different spices.

8 Punjabi Mutton Masala

Punjabi spicy food

Punjabi Mutton Masala is a spicy and tasty delight with flavours of masala and ghee. Best to be eaten in winter season due to its spicy flavour. It is again a non-veg favourite dish of Punjabis.

9  Chicken Tikka

Punjabi spicy food

Chicken Tikka is another spicy and tasty delight with curd and chutney, one of the tasty dish made from Fried  Chicken. Consumed as a snack with a different type of chutney or sauce.

10 Tandoori Chicken

Punjabi spicy food

It is a spicy and delicious food. It’s amazing the taste, flavour of lime and different spices are ready to be served hot, very tasty delight either consumed with naan or roti.

Hope you guys enjoyed by reading the blog and exploring and knowing about the Spicy and Tasty dishes that Punjabis love to eat at any time they wish to.

Before going to the blog I leave 2 questions and here is the answer to the questions Punjabi people love to eat spicy food? Because it helps them to get the actual flavour in all the food they eat and another reason is scientific that the Spicy food prevents the food from getting spoiled.  Hope you understood the reason and enjoyed the blog. Thanks for the patience of reading the blog fully.

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