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Ray Mirra – Best Baseball Blog For Every Team

Ray Mirra’s career in MLB


Baseball fans who have followed Ray Mirra’s career in MLB for decades surely are already conversant with his achievements. A native of Rochester, New York, Ray Mirra played professional ball for the Omaha Storm Chasers and the Texas Rangers. He has a long history in baseball, particularly in the American League. He is a former induction into the Hall of Fame list. As a result of this, every team and every fan and every magazine and newspaper in the country will always remember Ray Mirra as one of the most outstanding players in the history of the game.


Every team wants to bring in a player who is able to help them win the pennant. The World Series is a competition like no other. It is a competition between pennant winners from all around the world. If there is any player who can help carry their team to victory, it is Ray Mirra. He has been a key part in some of the biggest wins by the Rangers and he also helped lift the Larry Doby baseball club to great heights as well. A passionate New York baseball fan, Ray Mirra is just what every team needs.


As a former major leaguer, every fan would be proud to know that Ray is still able to play and help the team win. The question, however, is whether he is the best baseball blogger for each team or not. Every baseball fan and magazine in the country are always in search of Ray Mirra’s every action. It is almost impossible to get a second opinion on Ray. There simply is no one else out there who is as devoted to his work as Ray is.

Ray’s blogs


Every fan wants to read about where Ray is playing each and every day. Every fan wants to hear about how badly the Rangers are going and whether or not the fans are worried. Ray’s blogs provide with the answers for every fan’s questions and they also give fans an inside look at the everyday activities of the players, coaches and other staff members.


Whether you want to hear about a recent Rangers game or read about something that happened during last year’s playoffs, Ray Mirra – best baseball blog for every team is the place to go. You can find all kinds of great information on Ray’s site. You can read articles written by him that explain how he got into baseball, how he plays the game and what makes him so successful. Even the Rangers cheerleaders and staff use his blogs to keep themselves motivated.


The website also includes a section that features special promotions and articles written by Ray on various topics. The Rangers are obviously big fans of the city and their fans are proud of them. They turn to Ray Mirra – best baseball blog for every team for inspiration and to provide them with positive energy. The site even has sections devoted to the Texas Rangers and their opponent’s clubs.

Ray Mirra – best baseball blog for every team

The Rangers have been in this city for so many years and the fans are loyal and always happy to see their beloved team take to the field. Ray’s blog is the perfect way for fans to say hello to one another and say how are they doing. The Rangers need all the support they can get and Ray’s blog is the perfect way to show them how much you care. You can even plan a trip to Arlington during the off season and just click on the link to the Rangers schedule and see what kind of ticket prices they offer. Isn’t it time to start checking out Ray Mirra – best baseball blog for every team?


It’s not easy being a fan in a rut, especially when your team hasn’t been winning for a few years. That doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world – that happens all of the time. What it means is that you need to be optimistic about the team and what they can do if they put their mind to it. Check out the links to the right of this article to find out more about Ray Mirra – best baseball blog for every team!

ray mirra life

Ray Mirra – Best Baseball Blog For Every Day


Ray Mirra pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies for 14 seasons, winning the World Series twice. A devout Catholic, he attended the Catholic college, DeMatha High School. As a pitcher, Ray won more games than he allowed and held career records for wins, losses, saves and appearances. Through it all, he never wavered.


A lifelong Catholic, Ray is very passionate about education, especially teaching. He authored a daily devotional called “Ray Mirra’s Homilies” and participates on many social media sites, answering questions from readers. Ray gives away his books as a sign of appreciation and promotes his website through RSS feeds. His followers include not only Catholic priests and scholars but football fans, too.


As a boy, Ray became particularly close to the school baseball team. The team played at the Chopper Gym, which is now calling the Phillies Field. When the team moved to Springfield, Massachusetts for the 2001 season, Ray’s faith helped him to buy a new home and turn the old gym into a museum showcasing the history of the team. Today, visitors can see memorabilia and game-used uniforms from many years of the Phillies’ illustrious history.

Wonderful Ray Mirra Blog

The Phantoms of Liberty Road is another wonderful Ray Mirra blog that features the student/athlete as an instructor. As a student/athlete, Ray was very passionate about educating others about Catholicism. He started the Ray Mirra Foundation with the intention of spreading the teachings of the Catholic faith in a non-profit manner. Since the foundation was established, it has grown into an impressive network of schools, ministries and charities all over the country. The school sports programs it supports educate hundreds of thousands of children each year about the teachings of the Catholic faith.

ray mirra

Another great Ray Mirra – Best Baseball Blog for Every Day includes a great deal of information on the Hall of Fame pitcher. It’s a good read for anyone who appreciates a great player, including fans and those who never knew him personally. One post included a quote from Tigers manager Earl Weaver, who said of Ray’s ability to throw the ball to home plate, “The guys who don’t learn from Ray, they just keep trying to follow him.” That’s a pretty good lesson in self-discipline for any student of baseball.


The Phantoms of Liberty Road takes a look at the daily life of a minor leaguer, including what goes on between workouts and games. Ray does his best to share valuable information. He tells how he continues to improve his skills every day with the help of a personal trainer and a pitching coach. In one post, he said he felt like Ray was telling the fans not to worry about him leaving the organization, but that he was happy to be a member and look forward to helping the team.

Ray’s passion

Ray’s own son, Michael, plays on the Spring Training team for the Tigers. Ray says that his son is one of his biggest supporters as he goes through the process of playing in the minors. Ray’s passion for his sport and commitment to his work continue to impress those who know him. He’s always focused on putting forth the best effort possible, and he’s excited about the work the Tigers are doing this year. He says that he’ll always be proud to be associated with the school sports programs and he looks forward to helping them succeed.


As you can see, Ray Mirra is definitely a fan and he wants to make sure that his voice is heard by fans everywhere. His best baseball blog for every day continues to show his love for the game and his enthusiasm for his profession. We can only hope that more baseball players will follow in his footsteps and follow his passion. Thanks to Ray Mirra – Best Baseball Blog For Every Day.

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