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Read This Post to Know the Basic Difference between any Raw File and JPG File

Different cameras used for taking a picture will generally take all pictures in a RAW format reaConverter online.

however, these days quite a few cameras take pictures in both RAW and JPG formats.

Do you know what the differences between these two formats are and which is better? In which format should we store our photos? Let us try to understand all these briefly in this post.

There are these days software available like reaConverter online that can easily convert any raw files into JPG format for proper storing and sharing.

What is a RAW file?

Basically, you can view your RAW files on your computer, and you cannot really call them your image file. These files contain the image like any JPG or PNG file also does, but besides that RAW files also contain the various raw data generated with the help of the sensors of your camera, which is totally unfiltered and uncompressed

By using certain tools like Photoshop, any professional photographer or graphic designer

can get much different visual information from this RAW file. If the raw file does not have enough lights then it can be made brighter, contrast can be increased, etc. 

Differences between JPG and RAW 

Basically when the camera takes a picture then the image format will be in RAW format, which is an image source that has neither been processed nor edited. It will store all the original data captured by your digital camera, where there will be no loss of any information. You will need certain dedicated software for opening these files.

Most of the cameras available these days like any digital camera will do a photoshoot in RAW format, but various manufacturers are using certain different file extensions and formats, e.g. few cameras use CR2 or CRW, and few other cameras use NEF, ARW, RAF, or SR2, formats. 

All these manufacturers will use certain software for handling their RAW image format. JPG is another common format that a few cameras may also use by doing a necessary

user’s settings to do image processing and compression for proper storage on the web.

Why convert into JPG format?

This new format called JPG is one of the most popular image formats and these days commonly all modern cameras use for storing pictures. All computers can easily accept the files from modern digital cameras and can open these image files in JPG format.

While using in JPG format, the users will be allowed to set a certain degree of compression for retaining the quality level. Any best quality of JPG files will be very much close to any RAW files,

so you can consider it as a convenient format for different applications.

Nowadays, you can find much software available on the market that can help you to convert your RAW files into JPG format. People these days want to share their pictures on different

social network sites like Facebook, etc. where JPG format will be needed for uploading the picture.

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